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Did I overreact here?
I was visiting some friends this past Saturday night. We were sitting around a table drinking and talking. I was drinking a bottle of wine. For some reason, as part of a joke, one of the guests grabs my wine bottle by the open end. I took the bottle and dumped what was left into the sink. The guy who grabbed it is still offended. My reason for doing this was because he's a slob. He rarely bathes or does laundry. Some of my friends have complained about his odor. I know that he doesn't wash his hands after using the bathroom. I knew it wouldn't have KILLED me to drink out of that bottle afterwards, just the very idea. . . I know many people who would've done the same thing.

Brandon W
if you dont want to do something dont doit, GO PACKERS!!

you should have done it discreetly, if possible. even stinky people have feelings, and they consider their dirty-ness level normal! thats why hes offended. maybe you should have the talk with him... y know... about hygiene, etc.

Yes, you did. Try to make up and apologize.
Just take him slow and try in a good way to ask him to keep clean maybe it is not his fault.

You did what you felt was right. How is he ever going to get the message that he's offensive to others if everyone's polite to him?

we are surrounded by germs. u sit on a bus , someone sneezes and the germs travel through the bus. he is upset because u evidently find him so offputting and disgusting. im surprised u chose to stay in his company that evening. lol

♥mikayla ®
I don't blame ya

yes u did

You probably did over react but you have made your bed now you have to lie in it.
What you did was incredibly rude as was what he did to make you react the way you did.

I would just tell the truth to him. just say " you stink take a bath"

why do you and friends invite him

Bryan O
u ad evry rite 2 do wot u did mayb itll teach im a lession.

I think it was unsanitary for you to be drinking out of the bottle...that's just gross....next time use a glass.

Dave V
no not really because you can send a message to him to get better hygiene standards and have a wash!! and then people will not think of him like that

Well whenever I have a problem with someone, I take a non-violent approach and use humor to jokingly get a point across. If the guy you're talking about was a good friend, you should have just laughed and said: "Dude, you just pissed and then touched this. I don't want your piss in my mouth!" And still smiling you should have dumped it out, shaking your head and laughing.

I doubt he'd be mad with that kind of reasoning.

In conclusion:
No, you didn't overreact. You just didn't make the BEST possible decision.

By the way, your friend should get over it. No one holds a grudge on something so simple. If it makes you feel better, it's not too late to use humor to make the situation better...

Medicine Woman
The alcohol in the wine would have killed the germs when the wine came out of the bottle. You over reacted. Invite him to have a drink with you if you want the friendship to continue. Say nothing about what happened unless he brings it up. Then you will have to come up with a reason you did what you did. Make it believeable.

if you did it in front of him then yes it's rude under etiquette. You should not bring up someone's hygiene in a way that will embarrass him. The better way would be to either open another bottle letting him drink the rest, or ask him not to do that.

Big Hair S
it wasn't necessarily wrong to do that but it was rather offensive to the guy. you could have just casually stopped drinking and set the bottle to the side and dumped it out later.

nah you didnt

Dumping out the bottle might have been overreacting a bit. I would have just given the bottle over too him and said you can keep it :)

I really don't think you overreacted. I most likely would have done the same thing you did.

Well, honestly you could have been a little more discreet about it. If you didnt want to drink after he had touched it - maybe I understand but to just pour it out was a little rude. Why didnt you just give it to him and get something else?

You overreacted -- if you didn't, you wouldn't be asking this question.

Manners are designed so that everyone is comfortable. You have every right to not drink the wine if he really is the slob you make him to be. And I believe you are right to remove this potential hazzard from other guests.

However, there are more tactful ways of dealing with this issue. You could have reached for the bottle, started to pour yourself a refill, noticed some phantom 'cork' floating in the glass and made an excuse to go deal with the issue in the kitchen without making a point of embarassing your friend. That would have been the kind thing to do.

However, since he IS your friend and he is still upset, perhaps you could get off of your High Horse, apologize for the breach of ettiquette, and gently tell him the reasons why you did it. Begin with the health risks of not washing hands after using the bathroom as a beginner -- that can lead to hepititus or other lovely byproducts (care for some fecal matter with your entré?). And, perhaps he is unaware of how his actions are affecting the group dynamic. If you are grown up enough to have friends, then you need to deal with them accordingly.

Best of luck with this.

Dr.G (whose friends appreciate the fact that he speaks the truth, whether they want to hear it or not)

You could have just cleaned the top of the bottle.
Or you should tell pigpen to clean himself up before he comes over next time.

Life is Beautiful.
You should have just put the bottle down and not drank from it anymore.

By pouring it out in front of him that was kind of saying, "Ew, you're really disgusting".

Mason's Mama
If you thought he was nasty and that he probably had tons of germs all over his hands. (since he doesn't bathe, I doubt he washes his hands after he uses the bathroom) I don't blame you. I would've done the same thing. That was just rude of him.

I don't think you've over reacted... I mean, If it was me, I would have just not had anymore to drink from that bottle rather than get up and dump it down the sink. I guess it comes down to whether or not you cared that you offended him.... I mean, has anyone ever talked to this guy about this grooming and cleansing issues? LoL. Why doesn't someone tell this guy he's dirty?

Maybe you have offended him. You made him feel like you are to good for him and that he is a dirty unwanted guy. Maybe possible he is but who are you to judge him??? You both are overreating... here is what you should do: build a bridge... AND GET OVER IT. :)

With that being said, I hope you two work things out.

good luck :)

No what you did is cool...tell the idiot "next time why don't you just piss in my bottle"

I agree with #4

✿∞Recklessly Amazing∞✿
No, I would have done the exact same thing. I mean, just the thought of drinking into that same bottle where his gross backwash was... eww. dont' feel bad, maybe he just needs clean up his act.. literally.

queade d
You might want to research the hygiene hypothesis, you may be a bit too concerned about germs. However, if it really bothers you, next time be more discrete. Just stop drinking and when you get the chance, pour the wine out. He was probably embarrassed and a bit humiliated. Why is he so dirty? He may need a friend to help him become more socially acceptable.

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