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i stupidly got into to smoking weed and straights and stuff like that and im only 13. its stupid i no but as much as i wanna get off it is as much as i like the feeling of just being relaxed. its so depresin that i do it but im not an adict cause i never ever brortght any from a dealer. what i would like as an answer is not jus drugs are bad b.b.b.b.b.b but some advise about how de f***k i should get off it !!! HELP ME !!!!!!!

Delora Gloria
Your doctor might help. Your parents would probably help. If you are afraid to go to them, try talking to a teacher or school counsellor, or a preacher. I'm concerned that you consider yourself an addict. How long would it take for you to go without it in order to not be addicted? If you stopped today, what would happen? I think you would live, although you might not have a good time. Then you could go again for tomorrow. Take it one day at a time. And get help. It's out there.

quit smoking all together its the only way

Since it is virtually impossible to become addicted to pot, those who say you are an addict are feeding you lies and you should ignore them. Do you like smoking pot with your friends? I bet your parents did when they were young. It's normal. Just don't get carried away with it. Don't buy if your friends supply. Yes it is illegal but so is speeding and just look at the gauge when you parents drive. Does that make them criminals? Well yes it does. If you really want to get off it, change friends because that is the ONLY way you can stop. Peer pressure is too great at your age so make a choice and time to grow up, it's your life.

call a drug hot-line which you can find at the beginning of your phone book...don't hesitate to get yourself into group therapy as well at your local hospital....needing or wanting it is an addiction not the fact that you buy it from a "dealer" or not....use your faith to get you through and then let your parents or a family member you feel confident with, know your situation and get yourself the help you need before you fall too deep....I'll pray for you and hope the best for you....i come from a family of "dependents"...it is the ugliest thing you have ever seen and believe me, you don't want to live a life like this...Good luck to you...Remember somebody else out there will benefit from your honesty....

best thing to do is to cut down, then gradually stop. its all about will power!!

moira m
it doesnt matter that you havent bought it from a dealer, you are addicted if you cant stop taking it, do you take it alone or with friends? if it is with friends then you could try spending less time with them. are your parents understanding? if so you could try talking to them, im sure they will be glad you told them before your problem gets any worse, and it could get worse, the longer you take it the harder it is to stop
good luck

I went through the same thing cus it was the only way of relaxin me. i cud suddenly quite wen i met a girl hu relaxed me on her own, didnt need it any more so with abit of will power i managed. just find sumthing more helthy to make u feel better and its eesier to go cold turkey

You can be addicted to anything even water if you takei t all the time your body becomes used to it. Your finding it hard to quit the smoke because your body has become used to the the way you feel when smoking. I have a way of changing your habbits.

First of all don't smoke.
When you feel like a smoke either:
1. Run until you are knackered.
2. Buy yourself something amazing.
3. Write down how you feel, write a list of the reasons why you want to stop and why you know it is bad for you.

I used to smoke pot. I started when I was 13 and quit when I was 18. If you really wanted to quit, you'd just quit. I did. It's not hard. Just replace the time you smoke with something else. If you smoke when you're bored, get a hobby. I quit and never looked back. I used the same technique to quit smoking cigarettes, drinking, & caffine.

if you look around in the phone book every once and a while they have a drug help line. If you can't find any help there go to one of those suport groups they may seem realy silly but truth be told they realy work. ask everyone for help from your parents, to your school police officer, it is a good thing that you are trying to get off them now, but just do not start other things to help get rid of the issue that you alredy have and it will only make it harder to stop with the one that you currently have.

Any way that you take to stop smokeing weed is good just as long as it is not takeing you to other things, take your time with going through with the process it will take time. And know that if you do have times when you mess up and something happens, no one person is perfect and gets something done right the first time we all make mistakes.

Good luck I will be cheering you on as you work for your goal of being drug free!

start by telling ur parents then ask if u can play some sports when i wasw 10 i found out my brother had the same problem so dont worry he is no longer a drug addict and u can get over it to just start by not hanging around people who do drugs and make sure u are always busy so that way u never have a chance to smoke weed and eventually u will be over weed

tell your parents thy will understand,you have got to stop.they wont understand if you don't talk to them.

Are you kidding me. Your gonna be smoking for awhile. If you wanna stop, then stop. If not then you smoke. Its all mental. Mind over body.

The 3 postmen of the apocalypse
Make yourself WANT (actually really want) to stop it, then it' easy. Find something else to do regularly.
DON'T think about rehab - it's only weed when you think about it.

listen, you don't have to buy the drugs personally to be an addict.
chances are you are not yet an addict, but are on the way to becomming one. i don't know what kind of relationship you have with your parents, but i never had the kind that would make me feel comfortable telling them all about drugs--look in your phone book for narcotics anonymous--they can direct you to help and you can do so without having to "out" yourself to anyone.
good luck.

Are your parents helpful understanding people? If they are then by all means tell them about the pot and ask for their help. If they are understanding they will lend you the support you need. You will be surprised how smart and understanding parents can be.

Dude pot isnt bad, but if your 13 itll make u stupid. Its also not addicting, your overreacting. Calm the f*ck down. If you want to stop smokin pot, then, stop. Its not physically addicting.

[email protected]
Thats a tough one, and there is no clear cut answer i can givew you ;however, This organization have some great information and can help you decide what you want to do next to get some help.

Firstly, don't take any notice of the other respondents moronic replies. I am a substance misuse worker of ten years and was, prior to this a dependent poly-drug user for over 20 years. Only you know if it would be a good idea to tell your parents. If you don't feel able to (or even if you do) there are youth services that you could access to get help with your problem. You could ring the National Drugs Helpline on 0800 776600 or alternatively try going to the Drugscope wesite and looking for help via the helpfinder. Or find out where your local community drug team is- they won't be able to work with you themselfes but should be able to point you in the right direction. You won't have to give your personal details to anyone who you speak to. You are far too young to be risking making life very difficult for yourself-do get some help. Good luck

yeah Im 13 it took a wile for me to get off of it.

You want to relax? Try meditation. Play a nice sport. Listen to classical music.

Look at drugs as a stupid thing and it will wear off.

Take help from parents and ask them to get professional help for you. Don't think you will be able to kick it all by yourself. Your parents will be your best help.

she wolf.
ive smoked weed for many years now, from when i get up to when i go to bed, firstly, the tobbaco is the most addictive, the relaxation you get with weed can be got in many other ways,seems like ur bored, or stressed, they are what you need to resolve, the weed is a form of self medication,that you can stop, but as with most drugs its a mask to problems, not a cure, the problems wont go away with weed, just that your too chilled out to give a sh*t , you are using weed to help u deal with whatever and im with you i know where your coming from .....I chose to stop when i had a bad time in my life, i stopped for 2. 1/2 yrs, because i chose to stop, it wasnt hard at all. its harder to stop when u dont really want to.So the most importantant thing of all about stopping is that YOU really want to. good luck, save your money and get something you really want with it, i know you said you dont buy it .... but you will ,so that was a quick look to the future. take care all the best

dont do any the feeling will go with time but if you take more you lose it is addictive!!

seek adult supervision and help

Try telling your parents about it and asking if you could be put in rehab.

Congratulations your spirit is still able to respond in it's own defense. From hard & extensive personal experience, taking drugs anesthesizes the soul. You are a conscious soul brother. By your taking drugs ( yes - alcohol is a drug ) , what those unaware sense as relaxation, feeling fine & groovy, they are simply becoming stupified. From there depending on usage one then becomes less conscious by degree until the state of unconsciousness is waiting. Saddly from there, the next step is loss of life itself - which is nothing more than the extinguishment of the soul. If you are lucky, you will accept this as truth. That coupled along with the realization/understanding that you, as an ensouled being, it is your true purpose in this very life, having the exhaulted status & supreme gift of the human birth, to develop higher & higher states of consciousness - not to purposely seek ways to decrease it or defile it. Sly & the Family Stone told us that they wanted to take us "higher" - higher states of conscious awareness is truly where it's at - as opposed to being stoned out, unaware, unconscious & dead. Good luck on your hopeful assent to HIGHER, HEATHIER & HOLIER life.

i think the best thing is to try to cut down.cut down more and more each day until your off but if that doesn't work Tell your parents

Lydia R
Learn to meditate. It's a grate alternative.

You're lucky that its just an emotional addiction. Other drugs a physically addictive too. Take you experiences now, as a reason never to do anything harder, not even once!

[email protected]
tell ur doc.my bro just stopped afta 10 plus a day,you will get mad dreams at first ,this is ur brain waking up ...doc is the best thing ,it does ur head in ,people think it relaxs u ,it bad stuff trust me

The only way you can get off......starts with you. You really have to want to stop. If you're only half-heartly comitted, then you won't stop. You have to have a lifestyle change.....starts with changing your friends if they do it.......and quitting cold turkey. Again, all this depends on if you REALLY want to stop. Also, you need to consider the guilt by association thing.......if you're with people who do drugs......even if you're not doing drugs....everyone is caught.....you're guilty just by being with them....whether you think that's fair or not. That is why I said you need to change friends. Think of things like this......the choices you make while you're young,,, will affect you for the rest of your life....think about all this......and make your decision and stick with it. best of luck to you.......by the way.....it worked for me.....and I was on weed for years........

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