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i am always very tired and i do get enough sleep..my eyes will burn and everything cause i am feeling so tired


Chesh »
Can you have 2 or 3 differnt colours in eyes or not?
people say i have pretty eyes and say that they are unusual and rear i. in the middle they are dark blue and turn a bit puple in the middle and grey on the outside is that rear mum says i

Only 3 colors? I have 32 bit true color.

yes you can

Thanks to Yahoo Answer I am learning, I should think so

The purple and grey sound like the effects of having very, very light blue eyes. In the middle, the concentration of blood vessels in an almost colorless eye will typically appear purple. A greyer purple is common around the outside of the iris. Not to gross you out (because these colors are usually considered quite attractive), but you are basically seeing the blood that flows through your eye instead of actual coloring in the eye tissue itself.

More generally, though, different colors do often appear in people's eyes. Golden and amber bands often appear near the pupils of green-, amber-, and (less frequently) brown-eyed people.

My eyes are hazel. Around the pupil is brown. I have 2 colors for eyes. Possible to have 3.

E'ntellignet Thinking
I do I have green, blue, and a little brown orange clolor.

scooby do
i have 3 eyes people say thats rare

erm the purple sounds rare, but i dont think its rare to have more than one colour

mine are kinda grey, with a blue-grey ring round the edge...and in the middle theres a kinda yellow sun looking thing round the pupil!

Yes you can

I also have multicolored eyes. Mine are more of gold, green, and blue.

Mine are green and yellow towards the middle

That's not entirely unheard of. My gf has eyes that are blue in the middle and green on the outside, sometimes more one than the other, depending on her mood and what she's wearing.

Most people actually have a range of colours in their eyes which blend to give the overall hue of the eyes. It's not that uncommon to have eyes of different colours either, with maybe one eye brown and the other green.

its not common

Yep, think you'll find most peoples do if you look close enough, mine are green near the pupil, turning blueish, then greyish at the edges.

I agree!

It's unusual but not impossible. Look in a mirror and see what you think, rather than your mom telling you.

a friend had one blue and one green

My eyes are a gray-ish blue with a darker blue around the rim...plus if you look at them from the side, they look green. They can also look green or more blue than gray depending on what I wear. Makes it difficult to fill out a form that asks for Eye Color, though, doesn't it?

yes and no. It sounds nice though. Mine used to be similar, but my purply blue rim was around the outside edge. I got older, but they still look similar.

never heard of that shade before.They must b rare. As long as there r no eye problems, then it should b ok

yes,I think it is possible,I have blue/green eyes,sometimes they look blue,sometimes they look green.people also say I have pretty as they are unusual

yes you can,i dont know how but you can have different colors of eyes. i knew someone before who had 1 green eye and 1 blue eye.

you have what is known as "hazel" colored eyes.


Amai L
yes i do

yes, most people do

yes you can, that's not rare. I know a girl who has a brown and green left eye and a blue and grey right eye.

Yea you can have different colors in your eyes. My eyes have dark blue around the outside and are greenish/blueish in the middle and have a gold ring around the pupil..

that's not weird.
well i think that's cool to have 3 different eye colors.

wel i m in luv wid ur eyes can we meet. k wel different colur do not suit evry face thy r particular face 2 face but if u r having it naturally thn it might also luk gud.

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