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Can you fart and burp at the same time?

sharon c

You can but the noise is deafening and can burst your ear drums!

I can't but maybe you're more gifted than me.

Is this the best question you could lay at the feet of the internet

world to display your amoeba-like lack of intellect ? ? ? ?

Emma B
no i cant

Oh my god can't believe you want to know that!!! I'd imagine so. But gross!!

Definately can, they both come out of different areas and are made of different things.

Think I've done it before, seem to be doing them both at different times anyway. Feels good.....

Susanne T
yes. I've done so, it's not fun.

wait a minute.............





Judy the Wench
I bet you can.....I know I have bosses that get diarrhea at both ends all the time.

kitty fresh & hissin' crew
Very carefully.

Radio Ga Ga 73
Yes but the after affects would be vile!!!

I dont know, but man am i gonna try hard to find out now!!!

Yes, I've done it once or twice, lol.

nope but my son takes special pride in doing so...

yes but have some tissue ready!!!

Yes, I've done it. It's an odd experience.

I've burped and hiccupped at the same time, too. That's just uncomfortable.

Swallowing and hiccupping at the same time is uncomfortable too.

my 7 year old does it all the time and he thinks it funny..

Dave J
let us all know if you succeed! A curry and 2 litres of pepsi later on may obtain desired results!

Oh yes. You are quite close to exploding but its worth it.

I know that i've puked and followed through at the same time.
So probably- yeah!

yes you can

Hate to admit it but yeah I can. It's so gross! I only do it in private though!

only chuck norris can.

Are you planning something?

david m
Dunno: hang on a second or two...................................
Yup, you sure can.

yes, not only do i fart and burp at the same time, i also sneeze and cry and pee at the same time too.

Nay, youd blow an O-ring.

I'd imagine, if you can throw up and and defecate yourself at the same time.

you are very talented...and this question, very intellectual....

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