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Can i just walk into a hospital and get ask for an x ray?

god knows and sees else Yahoo
A doctor has to use it as a diagnostic tool with a good reason, exmple, I have pain in my stomach for 3 weeks, I feel a lump.
Different xrays look at for diffrent tissue and conditions,
Cat Scan Soft Tissue like the Sinus
X Ray, likefor Bones
MRI Nerve endings
Nuclear Medicine-where does the isotope go to
Ultrasound- Image new babies

No, it has to be ordered by a doctor.

How do you mean? If you have an injury that you think needs an x-ray you'll need to go to either your GP or A+E depending on how urgent it is. You'll be examined by a Doctor and they'll decide if you need an x-ray. It's best to avoid shooting radiation at people if it can be avoided.

You'll only get an X-ray by prior arrangement with a GP. It's not a walk-in/drive through job!

no, u need doctor's order

No. You'll need a physician's referral. Likewise, your insurance won't pay for it without prior approval. Unless of course you're brought into the emergency room with some injury that requires an x-ray. Then you're good to go.

No, a doctor has to order it and state the reason for it. They cost money to do and its not good to be exposed to them without good reason.

♡ M. Shadows ♡
Um, no, do you think something could be wrong? Talk to your doctor, theyll recommend one if they think its necessary..

sorry but no. you need a referral from your doctor

Why yes, of course. Only thing is if you have health insurance, they will require a doctors prescription with a possible diagnosis on it in order to pay the hospital bill. If you do not have the prescription you will be required to pay the entire bill yourself.

Normally you have to be refeered by your GP but in the case of going there as an A&E (accident & emergency) patient you will be told by the on duty doctor if you need an xray or not.

Yes, just go Emergency Room, however you will need to provide the Doctor will an reasonable explanation as to why you want one. They will need to know why not only so the X-Ray tech will know what they're looking for, but to justify it to the insurance company. If the doctor does refuse your request, just keep going back and asking, like everyday, every other day. The magic number is 3 here, go to the ER 3 times in a row (in a brief time frame of course) with the same condition they'll start taking you seriously. The key to getting what you want is persistence.

fairly smart
Nope, they have to know why, & have your ins card & ID & have a doctor look at you...hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Only if you go to the emergency room. And then a Doctor has to see you and order the x-ray.

Hospitals do not do xrays or other testing based on a patient request. You will need a physicians order first, sort of a prescription for testing.

Sexy Red
No you cant,you either have to be referred by your gp but he has o examine you ist,or you go along to casualty but have to be seen by one off the A/E drs and its there dicision weather you need one ot not.

Ramona H
There has to be an indication for an xray. If you have some acute problem going on, you must be evaluated by an MD and he will decide
if xray is need for the diagnosis...

Ana GG
It has to be your doctor to recommend one.... only if you go in with something thaty is probably broken

Not unless you go to A&E with a suspected broken bone or fracture - you would need to be seen by a triage nurse and then possibly a doctor, who, if they believed there to be a break/fracture or something else that required it, would send you to the x-ray department there and then to have one done.

I don't think so, but I know a for-sure way to get one. Gasp, crawl and clutch your chest, then pass out -- they'll move you to the front of the line.

Yes, if you tell them you may have broke a bone and act like you are in tremendous pain. But if you don't hurt anywhere, its very unlikely.

Fu Manchu
No, it's probably expensive to use, so they will want to make sure that there is a good reason for you to have one...

if you complain of severe pain in a particular body area (and you wince when they touch the area) most likely they will do an x-ray.

but if you just say "I'd like an x-ray, please", I doubt that will fly.

if you are in England then the answer is no if in USA so long as you have insurance then I imagine you would get all you asked for as long as you could pay for it

Yes and no. Reason?-The type of xray to be done on you depends on the order of a trained doctor who will decide what type of xray is needed. The procedures are many and varied. The results of the xray he /she thinks will give the best answer to your problem will make the most sense to this trained professional.

No if you didnt bring with you a doctors order.A doctor' order is a written request as to what kind of xray they need. There are different types(ultrasounds, MRI, PET, angles, multistep series that involves dyes etc)

Yes, if you come into their emergency ward and the doctor who looks after you will order an xray

russell B
The only way to get an X-ray is via a Dr's request. It has to be medically justified due to the radiation risk. It's only used for suspected fractures that way and then not all. It depends how serious the Dr thinks it is before ha will refer you for x-ray. It has to give some value opposed to the radiation risk. That is there has to be a benefit in doing to your health. Some fractures are not x-rayed for as even if the Dr knew about it there's nothing to do for it i.e. no intervention. Like ribs are not commonly x-rayed for unless there are other problems like a pneumothorax.


No i don't think so unless they suspect a broken bone. Otherwise your GP will have to refer you.

Yes you need to go to Accident & Emergency Department.
You will be examined by a doctor and then if he suspects something wrong he will send you for an XRAY.

yes of course you can. whether you get one or not depends on other factors.

[email protected]
No. you would need to be examined first by a doctor, if he feels it is nessasary, he will send you for one.

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