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Gwen S
Can i get a clean urine test in 14 days if i smoke marijuana?
drug test

i have heard of a drug that you can buy that cleans out your body in about a week.... but i know nothing about it or wear to get it.

angel *♥*
not yet...give it 2-3 weeks. my man waited for 31 days for his and still failed

Carmen H
no, but why would you wanna smoke it anyway?

nope i think it stays that way for like a month in a half look it up

and why smoke?????

Don P
nope at least a mth with constant water..soda etc...good luck


The Mysterious One
Get real you dope! You smoke the stuff and don't even know what it is doing to you or how long it sticks around!! People should smoke you cause you are a dope!

Susan W
Go get some Goldenseal,it taste nasty,but it does work.


Why smoke that illegal stuff at all if you are subject to testing. If you are a heavy user the answer is no. If you use rarely the answer is maybe. It takes an average of 14 to 21 days for mary J to be gone unless they do a test of your hair and there it stays for over six months. Please stop with the drugs permanently.

Tarek W
How much did you smoke??

If it's only once or twice maybe but otherwise...your pretty screwed

trevor k

Marijuana stays in the system about 30 days.

Adriana V
No. that won't work. (i've tryed)

★ La Dolly Vita ★
Nope. It stays in your system for months after you smoke it. If you don't smoke it for a month or so before your test there will only be small amounts in your blood so you could argue that you have some friends who smoked it with you in the room so it was passive... but 14 days.... I'd say your going to have a bit of a problem.

Mitchell L
30 it clear it of your system with tons of water and thats if your normal size

GOD is good
well its possible.if you drink alot of water like gallons each day.and icetea works good.oh and Cranberry juic.my boyfrien got clean in a week with the arizona icetea!
hope i helped!

the only way you will get a clean urine drug test is if you get drink a solution that you can get the gnc store i don't know the name never have use it but i have hear about it, otherwise you will fail the drug test, good luck...

well anything is possible, if this is for a job your rolling the dice, anyway i have always heard that drinking shot sized amounts of vinegar will do it, but you should know this has not been proven.

Ms. Q
Yes it is possible. Trust me. Drink lots of water and get as much exercise as possible. Try to drink as much as you cant without getting a headache or feeling ill. My best friend smoked for 15 years and cleaned her system out in 2 weeks just by drinking lots of water and flushing her system. I must stress though, you can die from drinking to much water in a short peroid of time. So if you start getting the chills and a headache, it's time to take a break.

Good luck.

It depends on many factors such as amount of body fat you have and how much you smoke.
For people with small amts of body fat they will test clean earlier than people with large amts. If you only smoked once or twice in the last month then it is possible you could be clean in 2 weeks. For those who smoke daily, they are more likely to test positive for 30-60 days. There are also cleansers on the market. You can also buy a drug test kit at the pharmacy to see if you show positive for THC.
Geez, don't listen to the products of the D.A.R.E. campaign, they are all still in the 6th grade, get real facts.

um...yea. easily. urine test is the easiest to pass. there are so many purification/flushing products out there. you can just exercise and drink water like crazy too. i passed a blood and urine test in 4 days.
don't worry.

It is possible but very unlikely. If you only have 14 days, drink TONS of water, and some things like prune/Cranberry juice because those strongly clean out your immune system. Generally it says in your system for about a month, but if you try this like crazy and if your urinating in a pretty bold-yellow color, your system is doing a good job of cleaning things out. Good luck!

You should definately learn from this though and give yourself more time to clean your system out next time...


I work in a lab where we test for jobs, ..if you drink one glass of o.j and apple juice, mixed together, ..nothing will show up on your test.......thats a little trick!

yeah drink water like crazy or if you can sneak a clorox bleach pen in, put in a few drops in your urine.

Ayami Shinigami Ani <3
It doesnt take a month like the other guy said. Its different for different people. It stays in your fat cells. Some say a lot of pomegranite juice works. Try that but i still wouldnt rely on it

No it takes at least 30 days. Some industries and law enforcement (at least where I live) are switching over to blood testing due to some clever ***** who manage to substitue others' urine in tests. So if your livelihood or sport depends on testing clean, your chances of passing a random test are not good.

Yes, you'll have to put in work though. You'll need to stop smoking it first off, then start jogging on a daily, drink plenty of water. Cranberry juice and/or Niacin is a big help. Although if you choose to go the Niacin route, you'll need to keep active, if you're not active you'll start itching like crazy. Good luck.

it depends on how often you smoke. If you rarely smoke, it can be out of your system in about 10 days. If you are a regular smoker it can stay in your system up to 45 days.

Yes. To be safe, drink lots of juice and water. Also, don't do the test when you first wake up. If you have to, wake up early and drink drink drink water and juice.

Depends on your body and how often and how much you smoke.

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