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Can carrots turn you orange?
I've been eating a lot of carrots lately, and I've noticed that under certain lighting, my skin looks BRIGHT ORANGE when compared to others. In sunlight it is difficult to see, but when I'm indoors I have an odd orange-ish glow. I eat about a cup of carrots daily.. but with my low body weight (98 pounds) is this too much? Is it bad to eat so many carrots?

Jack Frosty
I think the only way carrots will turn you orange is if you liquify them and pour it all over your body.

Well I drink lots of fresh carrot juice every day its my fix and firstly I can see very well in the dark as its rich in retinol, also I have a great tan without the harmful effects of UVA.

Lisa C
A cup of carrots won't do that. You'd have to eat like a truckload to have it affect your skin like that. Besides, if you were overdosing on Vitamin A, you would have vision problems as well.

YES this is possible. Just cut down on the carrots and it should go away.

its not bad to eat carrots they help with your night vision and if you do eat enough it can make your skin have a organshse glow

Yes it can. Its bad to eat to much of any one thing.

no it wont but it good for you

yes. eating too many carrots will give your skin a yellow-orangish tinge.

Actually, yes they can give your skin an orange/yellow tinge, if you eat enough.

Yes i drink lots of carrot juice and i have an orange complection. Its all the Vitamin A i think.
Can i call you OJ? or maybe not.

lisanielle t
no carrots do not make you orange but it might be from you eating so many at a time even though people tell you that eating veggtables are good for you which is true but you should never eat alot of any thing

you answered your own question. If you eat other things you wont have this problem. Its from a pigment in carrots. The same thing happens with beats. Don't try it.

Yes, it is possible and has happened to my neighbor. Take carrots out of your diet, and eat more than one thing!

william c
no carrots are good for your eyes call me @ 662 643 9138 after 7 pm thanks bruce

Its true it can happen

rich h
YES, and you aren't the only one! I remember seeing an interview with Danny Bonaduce where he said Susan Dey started turning orange from eating so many carrots (anorexia/bulimia thing going on) during filming of Patridge Family back in the '70s. Here's a snapshot of it:

"During the run of The Partridge Family, Dey had difficulties coping with fame, and she suffered both bulimia and anorexia. Her weight dropped to just 92 pounds, and she stopped menstruating. Her fingers occasionally turned orange from eating almost nothing but carrots. In 1971, during the program's second season, she wrote an article for a teen magazine titled, "How I Licked My Weight Problem," but the article was about how she had successfully lost weight. Eating disorders were not yet common knowledge, so when viewers worried about Dey's skinniness, they often wrote in wondering whether she had some form of cancer or wasting disease. She has said it was only when Partridge Danny Bonaduce saw her in a bikini and grimaced, "You look disgusting," that she knew she had a problem."

Maybe not a bad color scheme for Halloween, but not especially attractive on for the rest of the year...on Earth.

You SURE there isn't something else going on? Carrots aren't bad, but bulimia/anorexia is. Perhaps this is a symptom, and not the whole issue.

Yes! the carotine can cause a slight change in your skin pigmentation but only because of high doses. Anyway, I wouldn't worry too much, just think about those that eat too many blueberries LOL Seriously, you need to cut down on the carrots as you can overdose on vitamins.

jessicah b

yes if you do eat to many carrots you can turn orange I would stop eating the carrots until the orange tinge in your skin leaves and then if you go back to eating carrots eat less than what you have been eating.

Melissa S
It is the Beta Carotine in the carrots. You are showing a toxic reaction to it! Go to the doctor now .

Go here if you don't believe me:


I like an orange glow now and then..


george s
you need to cut down on your carrots.. you're getting too much beta carotine...

that's toxic... it's like getting too much vitamin C or drinking too much water...

don't do that.. cut down on the carrots in eat some other veggies.. maybe an apple or two.. then some broccoli..... hell eat a Artichoke they're great.. so on.

and put some fruit in that... don't over do it on anything remember all things in moderation even the good stuff.

in theory yes they can, they contain Beta Carotene ( hence the name carrot).Body processes this to convert into Vitamin A, but it will also make your skin darker or a tad orange if you eat a lot. It's harmless, but you can in theory overdose on vit A & it can make you poorly, not a lot of chance though from carrots! A lot of self tanning tablets (esp the herbal ones) contain Beta Carotene.

Cockney Hustler
Yes it can but you have to eat loads also Sunny D orange Juie can turn you orange but on like around you jaw line type of thing

Yes carrots can cause your body to have an orange color. You need to balance your diet and not eat one vegetable. I am not sure how old you are..but 98 lbs sounds very unhealthy.

It can happen, but usually to babies. I turned orange when I was little. A cup of carrots a day doesn't sound like a lot. You might want to get checked out by a doctor to be sure. Or you could just stop eating carrots for a week or two and see if your skin goes back to normal.


very much so

Actually - yes - the betacarotine build up in your system and turn skin orange. This happened to my son when he was a baby, and the doc said it was pretty common, as babies LOVE carrots and yams and peaches and nectarines -- all of which have betacarotine in varying amounts (more in the veggies).
Also, Vitamin A can be overabsorbed, so please be careful!

John Reid
Yes, eating too many carrots can turn you orange. The beta-carotenein them is what does it.
Careful here, you may also be getting too much Vitamin A. Better back off from the carrots.

Tanning salons, also, turn some people orange rather than tan, but they don't seem to notice.

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