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 Eating Boogers?
I am a grow man who still likes to eat green slimy boogers & also my eye crust. I even eat my boyfriends boogers and eye crust. Is there any health issues with doing this?
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 Okay i have pretty much the most random question everrr..?
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 I'm 12 and I'm 5'3and a bit". Am I gonna grow any more?

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by the way i'm a girl....

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Foolishly i was in the sun for too long yesterday without sunscreen.. and now im burnt. really burnt. luckily not on my face cos i had foundation on.. so thats created a barrier as such.


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im not bulimic or anything
but im REAAALLY not feeling good lol.
ive tried my finger and a toothbrush?
but they both didnt work?
any ideas!? :(

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 HELP Please!!!! Suicidal thoughts?
Help Please ,
I am a 30 yr old woman with Multiple Scoleosis . I am having suicidal thoughts I feel very alone , With my disease at the moment I cant walk , cant drive I cant even play with my ...

Can anyone tell me the best footware for jogging?

mum runs, i run, we run a running clubs and have done the london marathon 7 times...

the trainers that have always been advertised at the races and races around the country are N POWER they are really really good as they are cushioned and light... the cushion is vital is it eases joint pain on the knees and it keeps the heel nice and snug... they are just damn good in general and iv tried Nike, reebok (they are second best) puma and theyve lasted me the longest and given me my best perfomance ever and a lot of my best times... they are also used by my friends who are power walkers...

Stilletos are always a good choice ;-) he he he

The best I've used so far is Nike Air max
like running on a cloud
not that I mean to advertise.....

just a girl
trainers that are too small for u it makes u run faster so u can get them off. honest!!!!

Trainers or road shoes. Stay away from high-heels, though.

None, if you are really intrested in healthy jogging try running without any footware in grass this will not only help you in jogging but also help in good blood circulation, i know this idea wont inpress you, but try once to jog in grass bare foot you will enjoy...cheerz.....

Flip Flops

nike air

Made in England
Try getting a pair that's specifically designed for running as opposed to most trainers that aren't actually designed for sport, just for fashion.
I'd definitely suggest a pair of Salomons, they're great running trainers. I'd recommend that you look at the Salomon website www.salomonsports.com as they have their full range there.

Good luck!

more Nike running shoes they are nice and good for activities

georgie f
or go to the jog shop George street brighton

have you tried stilts?

Mick B
How serious are you? If its just something that you do once or twice a week then Asics make the best running shoes. Nike are also good, I have a pair of Nike shox but find them difficult to run with on anything other than a treadmill as I find cornering difficult in them.
If you are getting seriously into it and thinking of competing then go to a specialist who will fit you with the best running shoe for your style of running.

did you hear about the weirdo that ran a marathon in stilettos. would not recommend that!!!! how to break an ankle!!!Well fitted trainers with dip at back to help prevent pain on achilles!!!!

the classic nike air max. light weight, big fat squashy air bubble in the heel and elasticated tounge so the shoe hugs your foot evenly with no pressure points.

Mi Mi
Running Trainers. Go down to your local Sports shop and try a few on. They need to feel light and comfortable on your feet

Esther H
go to any sports shop and get running trainers they'll cushion you're foot which will protect your ankles etc

You can buy trainers that are made for jogging you can get them from any sport shop. They are softer and don't have big soles like the trainers that people knock around in.

[email protected]
I started jogging to lose some weight last year and just went out in my good old classics but I got told to buy something so you’re taking the shock out of it, so I bought some of those Nike shox's and I noticed a big difference and they felt a dam site more pleasant for running in

lead boots

Not plimsoles!!

Saw a programme on TV about Reebok, I had no idea that they put so much research into their trainers. Utterly fantastic.

Chris M
There is no best brand. It depends on which shoe fits you properly. Go to a specialist running shop and they will advise you. Stores like JJB or JD are a waste of time.

Flapjack empire
A really lightweight trainer with plenty of bounce in the sole. Find out where your nearest specialist running shop is. A good one will try different ones on you and ask you to run outside while an advisor watches your Footwork! They'll watch for pronation (turning in of a foot) and advise you on the best ones for you! Everyone's different!

No one can answer this very well without more information. I doubt that you and I would wear the same type of shoe, and one that is great for me may not fit you right. You will need to go to a shoe store and try some. You can also try RunnersWorld.com and look at their shoe search. I prefer saucony shoes. You can look at Saucony.com but you still need to try them on first to make sure you like them and get the right size.

Flip Flops for the comedy value.

Ashton G
Slippers everyone knows that.

Lydia K
oasics and reebok are great..i run regularly and they are great!!mind you nike is good too...best thing to do is go to a proper training shop and they test your feet and your stance to see the best shoe for you depending on the positioning of your feet so get measured up properly..its worth it!!also runners world magazine is great for tips!!have fun x

Before you go and buy a pair of shoes you need to determine how your body works. There are 3 basic types of gait (walking/running) patterns and each one has specific needs that can be addressed by wearing the proper footwear. The quickest way is to look at the bottom of an old pair and see where you are wearing the soles out in 3 places. the heel, under the balls of the toes and the toe area.

1. if you have a very high arch (and don't assume you do) you will see almost no wear on the heel, very little under the balls of the toes and most of the wear on the outside edge of the sole. If this is you, you have an underpronated foot and require a very soft, flexible shoe with excellent forefoot cushioning. Generally, Nike has many brands that fit this type of fot excellently. Most of the SHOX series trainers would be great!

2. If you have a neutral foot you will see wear on the outside of the heel, under the forefoot and on the toe area following the angle of your toes. This type of foot is easiest to fit as most manufactures will work as long as they do not have any of the features listed next.

3. If you have a very low arch you will find that you wear the heel down quickly, have added wear underneath the balls of the feet and you will wear down the soles on the inside of the toes underneath the big toe. If this is you then you have an overpronated foot (roles in too much) and you need a shoe that is very stiff, very wide through the arch and has a darker (usually grey) foam on the arch side running from the heel to the ball of your big toe. You may also have shin splints which is very common in people with over pronated feet. A good brand for this foot is Saucony, Asics (personnaly love their gel 2100 series - excellent shoe) and new balance.

Remember, get the right shoe for your foot. It may cost you more than what you think you should pay but in the end it will be worth it!


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