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Can any one suggest something to help really bad sunburn?
Foolishly i was in the sun for too long yesterday without sunscreen.. and now im burnt. really burnt. luckily not on my face cos i had foundation on.. so thats created a barrier as such.

aftersun isnt doing anything..

anyone suggest any lotions?
Additional Details
*just wanted to say thanx to everyone whose answered, came thru quickly and you have all helped!!!*

u can use oceanpotion at walmart.

If it's really bad, see a dermotologist. If you have second degree burns, you run the risk of an infection. I fell asleep in the sun when I was younger, and that's exactly what happened to me...lots of infections and skin scarring.

Feel better.


Vitamin E gel works well or Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera! A lot of Aloe Vera!!!

Apply an aloe-based gel to skin, then a cold compress to reduce swelling and redness.

Blondie girl
I looked up some stuff on the net, so, here's what I found. I have used Noxzema and that seems to help cool the skin. I hope this helps and I hope your skin feels better soon. I know all to well how that feels.......ouch!


Listed below are some treatments that may reduce the pain associated with minor skin burns.

• Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen can help relieve sunburn pain. Avoid ingesting Aspirin internally; Aspirin dilates blood vessels and can make your skin hurt more.

• Anesthetic creams and sprays contain Benzocaine or Lidocaine to cool sunburn, but consult your doctor if the burn is severe. These substances can irritate a severe sunburn.

• Use Antibacterial and antimicrobial soaps and antiseptics to prevent infection.

• Aloe and/or Calendula based products soothe and cool sunburned skin.

• Moisturizers keep your skin from drying out and tightening. Avoid oil-based products and ointments.

• Cortisone cream applied several times a day (especially on the first day) may reduce swelling.

• A general skin moisturizer such as Noxzema™ can be applied to sun burned areas to cool and soothe the painfully itchy malady. Baby oil is a good moisturizer but don't use it in the sun; doing so could result in more severe burns.

• Soak in cool bath water mixed with regular vinegar. Or a cool bath enhanced with baking soda may also help with pain. Avoid warm or hot showers; they can cause a stinging biting sensation that may result in more distress for your skin.

• Topical Anesthetics such as Cool Blue™ kill the pain of most sunburns for a limited time.

• Aspirin dissolved in water in small doses may be directly applied to affected skin areas.

• Unguentine™ is used to treat the ache and itchiness of sunburns.

• Mycetracin™ or other multiple healing ointments may help to speed healing.

• Some vitamins may be used topically or taken internally to aid the skin in healing after a painful burn. Vitamin E, one of the antioxidants, can be taken regularly as part of a daily Vitamin and mineral supplement or spread as in an ointment on sunburn. Vitamin C is another antioxidant that will help prevent severe damage from sunburn and shorten its effects. Selenium is a mineral that will help fight sunburn.

• If you have a sunburn, use a sunblock product while outdoors during the day and thus prevent further damage to your delicate skin. Now available in designer colors, Zinc Oxide Ointment, which blocks the sun's rays completely, will protect the skin from sunburn. Additionally many sunscreens include Zinc Oxide as an ingredient. These provide more protection than sunscreens without Zinc Oxide. Be sure to read all product labels thoroughly.

Get yourself some body wash and lotion that have aloe in them. If you don't want the body wash at least get the lotion. It will make the burn feel so much better. Good luck.



Ok, this will sound weird, and you'll think Im joking, but I swear on this.
As an Aussie thats spent pretty much my whole life at the beach, Ive had my fair share of sun burn.
Grab a tomato from the fridge, and cut it into slices. Gently rub the cool slices over your burnt skin. Lol, probably best to do this in the bath or something, can get a little messy. Dont like, smash it onto your skin or anything.
The acid and sugars in the tomato help to sooth the skin, and also promote it to recover. They contain a heap of anti oxidants too, and can help ease a little of the damge to the skin cells.
Rinse it off in a lukewarm shower and apply a nice, cooling aloe Vera gel. Us the Aloe often,it will help to ease the heat of the sunburn, and moistuise your frazzled skin.
And last of all, drink lots of water. Both your skin and body needs it after being burnt and dehydrated.

aloe vera and prayer (jk)

try aloh vera

palmer's Cocoa butter....or vichey after sun lotion both work like a charm

Aloe lotion, it's soothing and will take away the burning.

aloe vera

Ginny Lou the Peachy One
Aloe is the best thing for a sunburn.
It's soothing and it helps the healing process.
I hope you feel better soon!

Aloa Vera

aloe vera gel-put it in the frig or freezer for a bit to make it cooler.

I would say aloe lotion it worked the best for me, plus it stops it from hurting when you put clothes on...

aloe or white vinegar (yes that really does work). Also try taking some Aspirin or ibuprophren. Not Tylenol. That won't help.

Aloe Vera

White Vinegar. It lightens up the red and takes away the sting. It smells bad but it really works!

Aloe, but make sure to check the label, the closer to true extract the better (meaning less auxiliary ingredients). Also avoid aloes with alcohol as and ingredient as these can overly dry and sometimes further the damage (not really a big deal at all, just something that if you can avoid, avoid it). Also pure Vitamin E (the liquid kind in a bottle) can be helpful in repairing the skin and re-Moisturizing.

aloe vera but next time use Sunscreen so your risk for cancer does not go up the more sunburns you get the more likely you can develop cancer so just watch out

artsy got it right it will take the burn out and the redness although it will smell pretty bad.

aloe and oatmeal baths. get a 100% aloe lotion and it should ease the pain or you can get an aloe plant and break the "leaves" open and rub them on your skin.

Aloe Vera!!! It feels really good, and it naturally heals the skin because it comes from a plant. You should really try it, it workes great!

you could go to a doctor and ask him/her.

go to QVC's web site or interactive and get hold of SBC's aloe vera gel, and then you will be prepared for next time.

For sunburn, you should use Aloe Vera gel to soothe the pain, but you can use Calamine lotion or Hydrocortisone cream over-the-counter to alleviate the inflammation and redness. Apply at least two to three times a day until redness and inflammation dissipates/improves. If it's an oozing sore, I would stay away from Benadryl cream and go to the physician immediately. If you don't see the symptoms getting better in 3 to 5 days, make an appt to see your dermatologist.

Make sure to use Sunscreen from now on. I recommend SPF 30 at a minimum and wear lighter colored shirts, since darker colors attract the heat of the sunlight. And of course, if the topical agents don't help with the pain, you can take Tylenol or Motrin to alleviate the pain.I get this question all the time at the pharmacy.

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