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K .
Calling in sick to work Thur & Fri...what excuse can I give?
I want something new, besides the ol' "I have a cold," or "My head hurts," or "I have food poisoning."

Anyone got any new brilliant ideas that would cover me for 2 days?
Additional Details
Just to clarify, my not going in will not cause anymore work for any of my co-workers. My work will just be waiting for me on Monday.

I do NOT call in sick alot, I just wanted to be creative, and spend time with a loved one who will be off work those days. :)

Just wanted to be creative.

It's MEEEE!!!!
gradma sick
say something unexpected came up or say u hav to go to the doctor
My car got stolen, just hide your car for a few days.
stomach flu
Root canel

god nose
Tell them "my head hurts, my feet stink, and I don't love Jesus", that should get you off for a week!

"The voices in my head are holding me hostage."

May God bless and keep you.

if u really have no reason for calling off, then don't do not just (pretend) somethings wrongs because when something really is wrong, no1 will believe u, it's called crying wolf

i hate stuff, stuff really sucks

i called in dead once. the boss didnt think it was funny

My dad always use to tell me to say : " I have it coming out both ends ..." and they usually dont want to know anything more..

Poison Ivy or allergic reaction. Poison IVey may not clear over the weekend... but an allergic reaction would.

The Main Man at Yahoo
Tell them your quitting for 2 days to take care of some personal busines and youll come back to re apply for the job.


Death in the family and have to fly out of town/drive

A S S is bleeding?

If you have someone call in & say you died, that will buy you 3 days. LOL.

Stomach virus. It kept a coworker out for about that long. But be at home in case your boss calls to check on you. Or if you dont answer, call them back later and say that you were on the pot.

why don't you just make better plans so that you can request the days off in advance. Then you don't have to stress on how to get out of it.

The best thing to do is call and say that a close aunt/cousin has died don't say your mother/father because you don't want them to come to the funeral! And make sure that you say it's out of town, but not too far only about an hour drive.

explosive diarrhea....

kevin ? gent
i feel lazy to day so i'm not coming in
ps i want the sack

a close relative had just passed away.

momma dog
Sounds like you call in sick a lot..... perhaps it would just be easier to actually GO TO WORK.

They're not gonna believe you. Give it up.

Rash on your privates.

call in dead!

Michael B
I'm having problems with my eyes, I cant see myself coming in today!!

A dear family member is haveing heart bypass surgery

heather d
here are some that i have used

1. pink eye. clears up within a few days. if you want added insurance then when you come back to work touch your eye with your finger and rub it around some to make it all red. it burns a little but hey, its better than losing your job. plus its so contagious noone will want to be near you.

2. my roomate is collapsed outside my door screaming and holding her stomach. i have to take her to the hospital as she does not have a car and her parents are M.I.A. when you come back tell them her appendix ruptured but they removed it and she is doing well

3. i was jogging and a bug flew in my eye. it started burning really bad and i couldnt get it out. i went to the doctor and they said it was behind my eye so they had to get it out and now i cant see they reccomended bedrest. (i didnt actually use this one, my co-worker did) i though it was kind of dumb but it actually worked.

4. tried and true is the good old im puking and/or had diahrrea so bad i cant leave the bathroom. or something else contagious like strep or flu. as long as they dont ask for a doctors note

hey, you wanted creative

Call in and say either #1. your water line busted somehow...and your kitchen is flooded...

or your central heat and air messed up and your having to stay home to let them in to fix it???

Family emergency and if they ask whats the emergency, just say its personal and dont want anyone at work to know about it. Its avgue and you can use it forever. I use it whenever I I have to work weekends, yet I haven't been fired.


Quarter Midget Mom
As a manager, the most creative excuse I was ever given for calling off was head lice. (Who is going to ask you to prove that????? )

This guy (18-20ish) called in & said that his sister was sent home from school with lice & that they had found some in his hair also. He needed the time off to get himself cleaned up as well as helping his parents wash all the sheets,blankets, spray down the furniture, etc. After being totally grossed out, we all felt really sorry for him...UNTIL his mom came into our work & one of the girls asked how things were going with the lice...needless to say, his cover was blown & his mom was mortified. BUT if we hadn't seen his mom, he would have totally gotten away with it.

Homeland Security detained you at the airport.

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