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Butt stuck to tolit seat?
okay so i took my laptop to the bathroom. and my little brother but superglue on the seat. and i cant stand up. what should i do?

You cant be serious.

OMG! that is so funny. lol =)

Metal Princess

Here are some really good hints that even you can use cause you are in the shitter.


Hailey C
HAHAHAHAHAHA if i were you i would ummm... i dunno. but when you get off of there i would beat the F****** S*** outta that child.. GOOD LUCKKK haahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

are u serious? call someone for help.

yell for your mom, have her go buy super glue remover, while you're waiting play internet games, get unstuck, get your bros ***!!

were you going to play yahoo games while you pooped? Awesome idea. I should keep that in mind for next time I need to #2.

Oh, dear, I have no idea! (Sorry to say, I laughed for like a minute before I could respond)
Is the door locked?

Ty M
Call 911. Or get fingernail polish remover itll take it right off.

Learn to spell while you are stuck there

Anita Life
Wonder why you are surfing the internet on the loo?
What were you browsing for???

"best ways to druk 'n drol..."

Scream, Shout, If you have your phone call someone! You poor thing, brothers! lol

ahhahahahahha omgg...give high five for your brother for me plzzz! ahahha, classic.

you have to use a lot of force to stand up no matter how painful it is. do not think of any skin that may peel while you are trying to escape from that particular problem. i have tested it and i got my fingers back to normal.

holyy sh iit thats funny. the even funnier part is that your on yahoo answers stuck to a toilet seat and the best thing you can do is ask people you donteven know to help you.

Do not attempt to tear or force apart the glue. This could rip your skin.

Apply acetone-based nail-polish remover to the area. The acetone breaks down the bond.

If there's a lot of glue on your skin, soak the skin in nail-polish remover to dissolve the bond.

Clean the area with soap and water after removing the glue.

If you don't have nail-polish remover, soak the affected skin in warm, soapy water.

Slowly roll the skin to work the bond apart as the warm water soaks through. Continue doing this until the skin is free of glue.

ii guess you shouldd email somone now. haha good luck dude.

yo, you stink son! lol. Call 911.

Nail polish remover or warm soapy water and a lot of patience!

is there someone in the house you can call for help? i guess you're screwed until someone comes, aren't you? is there someone nearby (who's email you have) that can come to the rescue? i'm not sure if it's possible to email 911...?


first put ur laptop down then try to wiggle really hard but dont stand up completely it will hurt.or try to twist your hip like ur dacing then try to shake ur whole into to mabe it might help

Enjoy the fact that you dont ever have to get up to go to the bathroom?

I dunno...see what the superglue bottle says about removing

hahahaha call the butt doctor heres the num.

OMG emergency I better ask Yahoo answers.

Who brings theier comp to the toilet!, cut off ur but

i guess you sure are lucky your brought your laptop in the bathroom with you so you could post this question to hopefully get some kind of justifiable response.

I'm sorry but you made me lol. If you are serious just yell for the little guy to get help. ROFL!

LOL, you put a tampon in your butt and now THIS? LMFAO.

First you put a tampon up your butt, and now you are stuck on the toilet?
I think this is just a joke..
(Read his questions in his profile)

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