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 Can any one suggest something to help really bad sunburn?
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 Uhh how do you make yourself throw up?
im not bulimic or anything
but im REAAALLY not feeling good lol.
ive tried my finger and a toothbrush?
but they both didnt work?
any ideas!? :(

Best ways of avoiding and treating mosquito bites?
With the long evenings and plenty of BBQs, I tend to get bitten a lot. Mosquito sprays don't seem to work...are there any other ways of avoiding bites and treating them when they occur? Antihistamines are one option, but I'm interested in natural remedies too please.

best way is to use avon skin so soft works wonders on midges try that

syed sardar ahmed
Before evening burn Cotton west and closed windows doors you see til morning no mosquito OK

make shield of your he-man

there is a spray from avon called woodland body spray it is not a mossie spray but they hate it.Try it you wont be bitten.

Mandy H
Avoid mosquito's

Mystical Mamba
take a packet of Garlic tablets and dont use a lot of purfume

I suffer badly from mosquito bites and have to get an anti biotic gel on prescription fo them.

However since I have been using a roll on from the chemist called jungle formula I have'nt been bitten. I put it around my ankles, down the sides of my arms and across my chest, especially before going to bed with the window open. It works for me, but my partner does'nt think much of it.

You might want to try it

when i went abroad last year it was very hot e.g 40 degrees what i did was put insect repellent gel on it worked for me..

basically one night i didnt put it on, in the morning i woke up with loads of bites.

I noticed when i put it on nothing happened too me, the gel tastes fowl so they dont want to touch you.

Makesure to buy gel as it works best and spread it on your arms, hands, legs wherever is revealing, also put sum on ur face aswell.

There is cheap repellent you can buy which will work just as aswell.

its a privaledge to live in the uk lol

takecare x

stay away from them.

long sleves and pants preferably thick material

I have heard that if you eat marmite before you go on holiday they wont bit you as they do not like the vitamin B in it. Or just take vitamin B

Taffy Comp Geek
lemon juice

Marmite...MMMM..! you eat it, they hate it

Try covering the exposed parts of your body with a solution of one part natural lemon juice to three parts water. You will have to keep re-applying during the day, but as the night air cools you down you should be ok. You will also find that the lemon juice will give your skin a deep clean as well

rap a mosquito net round you?

Van der Elst
Jungle Juice - Available at Chemists

buy a mosquito net from a super store. it is like small square box of net and you put it around your bed. also if you are not quite fussy you can have a little message with musted oil around the body parts those are not coverd during sleep. Mosquitos hate musterd oil smell and they will not even come near you. and this oil is good for skin and bones.

man of kent
In South Africa they sell an aerosol spray 'Peaceful Sleep'.
very lightly spray all bare skin, and (socks!)

Of course you always use the traditional method. Bear fat and lamp black mixed and applied all over the bare bits.

yes buy mosquito coils from me!
(search for my username MJ_junkie86 in the community part of ebay)

i used these in kenya and i didnt get bitten, and they can be used inside and out!
u get 100hours worth of coils!


thats an easy one,,stay at home

I find drinking plenty of Milk keeps them away....cadburys crunchie bars with the milk seem to work even better. The will still fly near you but won't bite......My mates didn't believe me but they tried milk and crunchies for breakfast and never got bitten either. Try it and see how you get on...

Mosies hate the smell of lemon, when on holiday i fill a net with cotton wool and soak in in lemon juice, since doing this ive never been bit on holidays again.
I would say maybe garden candles that are sented citrus.
Use a perfume that smells of lemons
See if u can get lemon spray for ur clothes
Hope something here will help u

When I have been away on holiday to Cyprus we were recommended a mosquito repellent, called 'Jungle' This is the best spray/liquid money can buy. We were not bitten on the holiday whilst wearing this repellent.

citronella oil. the only drawback is its smell.

Doctor John
Theydon't like to bite you when you are smoking. Another great benefit of a glorious pastime!

jenny s
well i use a candle and it seems to work but if they get past that I use baby powder or lotion.

i did two summers in upstate new york and knew there was gonna be mozzies.
i was advised to take vitamin b11 for a couple of months before i went so that i wasn't tasty enough for them.
all the campers turned up with bottles of Avon's Skin so Soft. as far as i know, nothing works better.

Christina K
Does not sound like you are in the UK if your even considering BBQs at the moment, but if you are eat marmite sandwiches, sound gross but it apparently comes out in your sweat and puts the little varmints off.

Miss RoZy
Avon SSS (Skin so soft) body spray is wonderful. It was recommended to me years ago and it works

Avon SSS......http://www.avon.com
this oil is amazing, keeps mosquitos off of u and the whole yard. Also runs ants and flies off fast from picnic tables.

Hey up hunny.....
Sadly, you can't avouid them biting you. They will do that no matter what, but what I can suggest (and it was the suggestion of my mid-wife when I lived in Malta) Is to drink Tonic Water, It contains quinnine and although they may bite you, the quinnine will repel any reaction to the bite and it is non-medicinal.....Unless you take it with a little gin or vodka, that of course WOULD be purely medicinal!!
Honestly, all I can tell you is that is works for me, it works for everyone else I have suggested it to and hopefully it will work for you too. I still live abroad, just not in Malta and have not taken anti-histamines for years.....Try it. It is cheap and anything is worth a go.

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