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Are you going to be an organ donor?

i would if i could


Of course I am, when you die you have no other need for them so why not? When you die you don't need them so give them to someone who does need them, someone living. Being an organ donor can save someone Else's life. So think of others when it comes to organs, yours could save an innocent person someday.


Yes..atleast my eyes..but only after my death..lol

:)Believe ~ Love:)
not yet

Melissa D

yes. im not gonna need them anymore.

I would like to do that but I think my disease process and medications rule me out as a candidate. I even had to take myself off as a bone marrow donor. Go for it. You can really make a difference in someones life. Have a great day and my hat is off to you.

bunny baby
yes! when i die i wont be using this organ anymore so I'm willing to donate it to anybody might be needing it.who knows i might save someones life.

Yes.....you're not going to use those parts...why not let someone else?

once im dead tak ewhat you want. i dont need it where im going.


most certainly... they can take all parts of me, anything they want... it's just a shell... and it would decay away anyway... in the ground!

I just hope I can give something healthy. I have fried way too many parts of my body to be of any good to anyone! lol

I am a proud organ donor.

i am one

yes what am I going to do with body parts when I am dead? Chit I be done with them let someone else use them!

Yes. I don't need my organs when I'm dead. They might as well go to someone else who needs has a real need for them.

That is the best thing. This only helps mankind, while saving lives. When you're dead, you obviously wont need them anymore. Everything doesn't exactly stay intact when you die. When your body is in the morgue, they cut you open and examine. Your blood is also drained out of you when you die. When you die, your body isn't just automatically put into the ground. So to answer your question, yes I am an organ donor.


Comfortably Numb
What would I need any of it for?
I mean seriously. Now matter what someones religious beliefs are, NOBODY needs their body after they are done with it.
Most religions talk about some kind of "soul/spirit/aura/whatever" going to some place or another, but nothing requiring a body to gain entry.
If you think about it, those who don't donate there organs, etc are just being selfish. The good that comes from organ donation is boundless. There are people DYING on lists waiting for someone to donate something. Well perfectly good "stuff" is being buried or burnt, people are dying.
Many jurisdictions know have "Assumed Consent" meaning when someone dies, in a manner that organs are retrievable, it is assumed that they consent to donation. Unless there is proof otherwise. I support this concept and am glad I live in an area that recently started this program.
I have carried a signed organ donation card in my wallet since almost as far back as I can remember.
Just one man's opinion.

Shine On

No, I plan to stay intact.

Silly chick
Hell no.

yes, cause if iam not using it then someone can have it if it is usable.

Lil D
I have been for 14 years. Over the years many people in my life have needed transplants. Once I saw the impact a donated organ has on a family I overcame my fears and decided to let 'em have it.

Absolutely. If i ever had a problem and needed a transplant of some kind I would hope there was someone kind enough to sign their card. Aside from that just knowing that someone will live because i could not is huge. I'm not saying that everyone should be an organ donor. For reasons of selfishness or religious or even personal, its not for everyone. Most people even just forget to sign their name. What ever the reasons are for some people, We should be supportive. I proudly sport my Jane Doe on my donor card. Do you ?

No I know it is a great thing to do but its kinda creepy to think of someone else with my body parts

Michael B
Yes and proud of it. To give up good organs is a shame. Nothing more noble than giving something back when you die. It is only the selfish and greedy who would never give.

Yes,if i can help,i will.

s H a n a
Want or not all depends on the individuals, there is no right or wrong.. U cannot say a person is selfish if he don't want to donate his organ.
Well, i think this is not good idea as who want to be incomplete after u are dead?! But let's say if a person especially a child(i will not consider an older person) is in urgent need of an organ and only mine can help her get through and resume a healthy body, i would say YES, TAKE MINE! This is regarding of another young life, if i can help her to rekindle the hope of her life, it worths it!
And surely this is on the condition of not harming my own health or i'm dying soon what..

well YES....if anybody wants my organ when I'm done then they can have 'em

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