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 How do i make my eyesight bad?
I know this sounds really dumb but i really want glasses. and no i dont want to get the plano ones. can someone please give me some ways i can make my eyesight bad....

 Will I get sick?
2 days ago, I dropped my cellphone in the toilet and I quickly grabbed it with my hand. Right after that I washed my hand with plenty of soap and hot water. Also I used hand sanitizer every time I ...

 How to calm yourself down when your mad?
i sometimes get really mad that i just start punching everything i see what are good ways to calm myself down i already tried the counting from 1-30 but that just gets me more mad and if i get mad ...

 Is it bad to eat salt?
I mean like ,just plain salt, sprinkle it in your mouth....

 Can a medical person please answer: do you poo when you die?
I've only seen one live being die. She was my poodle and when she died, she pooed. But whenever, I see murder stories on T.V., there is never any poo in sight. Is it only some and not others? ...

 What food or drink is good for constipation?

Additional Details
I am on antibiotics and it is causing it to happen....

 What would happen if I blew my nose and used the same tissue to wipe my rear end?

 HELP!!! Bulimia.?
I am bulimic. I have been this way for about a year now. About an hour ago, I was purging and I vomited up blood. Is this serious. What do I do??? My parents don't know I am bulimic and I can...

 Can carrots turn you orange?
I've been eating a lot of carrots lately, and I've noticed that under certain lighting, my skin looks BRIGHT ORANGE when compared to others. In sunlight it is difficult to see, but when I�...

 By huging or by kissing can she become pragnent?

 What is the most deadliest substance to drink?

 Can i just walk into a hospital and get ask for an x ray?

 Should I stop smoking?

 What does it feel like when you faint ?
Do you have any warning or advance signs, are you in any way aware of your surroundings, does it cause you any physical discomfort, are you afraid of it happening again ?
Never fainted, just ...

 If my Friend was to tell her therapist that she had a suicide note and plans what the therapist do?
she is 24 and dianosed with bi polar and dsevere ...

 Am i weird for this?
I'm always wearing a black band t-shirt and a hoody and half my friends say i dont wear enough color while the other half who are goths dont say anything and i feel like i should start dressing ...

 Am I a complete idiot?
When I got to work this morning I realised that i was wearing two different shoes. they were both black though....

 Better off dead?
Why is it when everything seems to be going fine and one is just about to get everything straight. **** happens, finances totally get obliterated (despite saving literally thousands), and that great ...

 Killing myself?
What would be the easiest way to kill myself with minimal pain? I don't wish to live anymore, i have no friends, no money and just got dumped, so i don't see the point anymore.

 How to make yourself sick without making noise, attracting attention and how to get rid of the smell?!!?
(I need to lose weight and nothing else works...)
Additional Details
Yeah, ye are probably all right.... Thanks, ...

Are you addicted?
to anything, oi doesnt have to be booze drugs or smokes.

Mime and thinking how good I'd be at pole vaulting.

kevin m
yes, Pepsi Max :-(

Q and A

yep ebay!!!

the internet and chocl8, thats good stuff lol

I've actually been addicted to Afrin Nasal Spray. Couldn't breathe at all without it.

Yep....caffeine (Diet Pepsi and Starbucks Mocha). Also Yahoo Answers! LOL

Everyone is addicted to something, be it working, cleaning, television, the computer, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, shopping...
I am addicted to MySpace. I admit it, I am a junkie. Hehe. I smoke, but that is more of a physical addiction rather than a chemical addiction for me.

coffee, cigarettes, food, diet coke. I think I have an addictive personality. Or, as Freud would put it, an oral fixation.

biscuits i cant have a cup of tea without one

captain jack
yes, addicted to this site!!!

Tracy J
yeah food i love it, am a really foody i live to eat not eat to live

addicted to chocolate big time!

Im addicted to this site, oh and shopping.

Yahoo answer and reading

Hunny Bun...
i am addicted to playing none stop with my cats, oh and this bloody site,

I'm addicted to answering questions on Yahoo answers.

british bulldog
msn, internet n playstation

I'm addicted to blink-182 and cheese pretzels :D

diet coke

Yes, Tea !!. i must have about 15 cups a day ?.

music. I have to listen to it all the time no matter what im doing. I een watch tv with sound off, subtitles on and my music on

Yes caffiene as in cola's. I am probably not addicted truely but I cannot leave them alone.

I'm addicted to Yahoo Answers....... once I start I just can't stop.

[email protected]
I am addicted to wiesse. Good German Beer.!

Fabe says vote 4 change!
I'm addicted to checking my email every 10 minutes..i just can't help it...and to my cell phone...can't even go to the bathroon without it...

mrs mac
I am an ex addict. Computer games was the thing that done it for me, no kidding. I would sit up all night, I was so bad my joy pad had teeth marks on it. My kids now have a ps2 and i dread them asking me to help them. Don't want to go there again.

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