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Are there any natural sleep aids that have worked for you?
I would love some advice...I have trouble sleeping, this unfortunately runs in the family...i am in my late 20's so i can't take melatonin... any ideas for me?
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i think it's fine for men to take regardless of age... the lady at a local heath food store told me that if you are a woman (pre menopause) taking it will actually stop your own natural production of melatonin, due to hormones. Basically you will have to continue the supplement to have any melatonin in your body...

melantonin is a non addictive natural sleep Aid. Calcium vitamins r also good for resting at night or just plain milk is good too.

Please see my page on insomnia

I had answered a similar question earlier..hope this would be useful...

I was suffering from insomnia, tried various treatments, was prescribed a sleeping tab, but i did not depend on it as i knew it was an artificial way of inducing sleep and u may get addicted to it. Reading books, sleeping early, or not sleeping for two days and getting good sleep on the third...none of them really worked or satisfied me.

what worked on me was I joined myself for a 14 days ayurvedic treatment, which included a daily session of
one n half hour of massage with some ayurvedic oils and herbs.Your Ayurveda Health Consultant will choose a specific herbalized oil that is individually prepared for your condition. You will also be instructed in the technique of Ayurveda massage, which involves using specific strokes over different parts of the body.

It was wonderful..after the massage, my body was relaxed and before sleeping a warm cup of milk with honey...this really helped and my body clock works absolutely fine now..and i maintain it that way so i dont go back to the old routine.

try it out cos' you have ayurveda centres practically everywhere these days...and u cud read about them thru the links below..

I heard that weed works but I can't back that up cuz the smell of it makes me sick.

lainey lain
Calcium or decaffeinated herbal teas like Sleepy time as stated earlier also Green Tea with mint is relaxing. You could also try a glass of warm milk.

Count from 1 to 100 then repeat the count from 100 to 1. Before you reach 50 you will fall a sleep. It works well for me.

Try Zen (trademark)

(I didn't try it, someone else did it.)

Chamomile tea...or lettuce...they work wonders!

Doctor J
Why can't you take Melatonin???? I have read a lot of medical research on Melatonin and do not recall anything about not being able to take it in your late 20's. So.....????

I started taking Melatonin in my 40's, am now 52 and still take it. I don't understand why you can't take it. It works, it's natural and safe!

5 shots of vodka seems to help me

You seem to have a serious problem. I would say.... workout. Exhaust yourself to the extent that you crash into bed. Go for a walk. Climb stairs. Do anything that will physically tire you.

Put on some really nice music. Something like Andrea Bocelli or Bob James. Volume real low, it'll put you right out.

warm milk

I think there's a tea or some kind of beverage for this. Try checking it out at your pharmacist.

its been known that eating turkey makes you fall asleep so get the turkey(no turkey ham)just the kind of turkey they serve on thanksgiving

What works like a charm for me, at least 98% of the time, is a calcimate plus tablet I get at GNC. I take 2-3 of them right at bedtime, it makes all the difference in the world. I also used to sleep very poorly, and while I still wake up a lot, I go back to sleep quickly.

You can drink "Sleepy Time Tea". I sometimes will drink it plain no sugar on nights I can't sleep and if I want to go to sleep a little sooner I'll use two tea bags. Usually it takes about 20 minutes to kick in.

Try lavendar on ur pillow and also try taking a shower with Lavender soap or shower gell. Avoid any caffine before bedtime like tea...coffee...
U can also try drinking some warm milk before bedtime also that works for my friend. Good Luck!!!

Kava Kava is a natural relaxent and has always worked for me when I can't get to sleep.

Hey Keilee
i always find listening to music or reading a book gets me sleepy, so i do that a lot. or just sit in my bed with music or no music on, and go through all my thoughts, then i'll find myself quiet and not thinking anything. that means i'm tired.

Lie down. Close your eyes. Inhale slowly. Hold your breath for 3o seconds. Exhale. Repeat 5 to six times. Tense your body muscles as you inhale deeply again and immediately exhale simultaneously relax your body muscles. Relax the muscles so that you feel weightless. Now inhale and exhale normally but watch your breath as you inhale and also watch your breath as you exhale without any tension. Mentally give the command "I'm feeling drowsy" several times. Remember watching the breath should be done naturally. Don't hold the breath to observe it. Practise this for a few days. You'll sleep.

I think anything with lactose, like milk, works well.

A warm glass of milk or a hot cup of Sleepy Time tea often helps. Also, Calcium supplements with Vitamin D can help. But warm milk is best.

How about 3 Turkey Sand-Witch ( s ) and some warm milk. ??

Melatonin works for me.

Already a lot of good and not so good answers... Don't use alcohol, I did that for years. I don't drink now and sleep better. Stress, is the main thing that keeps me awake now, but only occasionally. Don't smoke either. Feeling secure makes you feel secure in your bed. Do everything to make sure your home is secure obviously. Financial security is important - people do lie awake worrying about money. Emotional security, knowing people care and love you. That's more difficult. But generally speaking you get back what you give out in that department. Obviously avoid stimulants like caffeine in the evenings. When you go to bed tonight. Think about me! A mysterious romantic Englishman - and let your imagination run wild! Even if you don't sleep - it'll make staying awake much more enjoyable. But after a while - maybe 8 hours - you'll get bored with me and nod off! Incidentally, it's 3.05pm in the afternoon now in England. Not the early hours of the morning! I haven't had lunch!

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