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 Can any one suggest something to help really bad sunburn?
Foolishly i was in the sun for too long yesterday without sunscreen.. and now im burnt. really burnt. luckily not on my face cos i had foundation on.. so thats created a barrier as such.


 I am being bullied in school. does anybody have any advice for a 14 year old?
This has been going on for years now. I have been sent to all karate places. But i dont want to fight people that really annoy me. And i feel bad for my mom and dad because them always worrying about ...

 Uhh how do you make yourself throw up?
im not bulimic or anything
but im REAAALLY not feeling good lol.
ive tried my finger and a toothbrush?
but they both didnt work?
any ideas!? :(

 What should you do if an elevator starts to fall while you're on it?
Say you're so many floors up. Elevator breaks, malfunctions, etc. What should you do so you'll live through the collision with the bottom floor?...

 I like taking baths in bleach, is that bad?

 Whats wrong with being an 'alcoholic'?
im not an 'alcoholic' but people call me one cuz im nearly always drunk n put vodka in a water bottle for during the day. i still get on with my life tho so whats the problem????...

 Resuscitation or not? What would you want in this situation?
If you were really ill and the doctors and nurses had been trying to treat you to the point that you were enduring uncomfortable interventions but still struggling to make any sort of real recovery. W...

 Is drinking my own urine bad for me?

 Why do I want to smoke when I know it's bad?
I'm only 15 and I just really want to smoke a cigarette. I've never tried it before. Whenever I'm around people that are smoking, it makes me just want to smoke even more. I know it...

 Can you donate blood if you have a tattoo?

Additional Details
oh and for everyone who's dogging on me because i have a tattoo, it is a very special thing to me and it has ...

 Why do mosquitoes bite only me?
Every summer I have mosquito bites. I sleep in a room with 2 persons and the next day only I'm covered by these bites the others have not even one.Why? And is there something that can prevent ...

 Do you prefer and shower or Bath? and are you male or female?

 Can you fart and burp at the same time?

 HELP Please!!!! Suicidal thoughts?
Help Please ,
I am a 30 yr old woman with Multiple Scoleosis . I am having suicidal thoughts I feel very alone , With my disease at the moment I cant walk , cant drive I cant even play with my ...

 Help me(13 year old) suicidal?
okay im lightskinned have blue/gray eyes long hair and dimples and im 100% black but everyone in my school is always calling me white girl and picking on me..how can i have darker skin because when ...

 How can I prevent skid marks in my underwear?
When I use the bathroom I throughly wipe myself however by the end of the day I discover a long brown line in my underwear. How can I prevent this? Could I be wiping the wrong way or could there be a ...

 What time do you like to get up?
if you did not have to get up at a certain time what time would you like to get up at......

 Dieting is stupid, do you agree?

 Do u prefer showers or baths?

 Im thinking about doing Ectasy for the first time and..?
Well it goes like this.

Today i walked into school adn a really good friend of mine (who has used E many times) ask me if I would like to "roll" with him, which means take E ...

Are little tattoos on the back of the neck attractive?
I want one with a cross and a hibiscus flower and Joshua 1:9 written on it...

Nope, not attractive at all.
Picture what these things are going to look like once your 90 years old and you have to stretch all the wrinkles out of your skin to see what that old faded thing used to look like.

attractive yes, mainstream opinions will be mostly negative because of prejudgement just because you have a tattoo. So if this is something you worry about, wait and make a decision after you think about for some time.
Another thing to think about is....try getting a temporary tattoo or henna tattoo and see how people react and if you like having it or not...good luck

Not when you get old and your skin is wrinkled.

hahaha "tramp stamps" funny stuff
I think they exhibit a distinct lack of class.
But who knows, maybe it'll look good on YOU.

I think so, because there not that noticable, but then again u kno that its there. It'll be cool lookin.


How tacky can you get?
Tattoos are awful on girls, so trashy.

no go with the shoulder


not really, not attracive.

The tattoo sounds really cool, but not on your neck. That looks too prison gangsta looking. Why don't you get it on the small of your back or right around the hip/stomach area better? Just make sure you have a good artist, and the right colors.

Don't do it - they're not attractive. Do it somewhere discrete that can be hidden by clothes. And besides, do you really need a tatoo to show your religious beliefs?

for girls well yeah

dani may
thats where i want my next tattoo


they may be attractive but not for everyone...and it doesnt suit on everyone too



tramp stamps

God no. Tatoos are so myoptic. If you don't know what that means then go ahead and get the tatoo.

I do not find them attractive


You should not get a tatto to attract some guy.... if that is why you are getting a tatto then it is a tramp stamp. On the other hand if you are getting a meaning full tatto, such as, a cross or a picture of you're mom then it's not a tramp stamp. It all depends on what you get.

Doesn't it say in the bible that the body is a temple and not to defile it?

Think of what a tattoo will look like when you are old. It is not a pleasant sight let me tell ya!

No they are not attractive and if I was an employer I would not hire you. If you must get one get it somewhere that won't show.

i think at the back of the shoulder. Choose a buterfly shape.

If it's done correctly and it's tasteful, and it gives people an excuse to holler'.

No tattoo is attractive. Tattoos are associated with being in jail. Only low life people get tattoos.

ms osagesacramento
depends on what you find attractive. I do not personally think so myself but if you do then great. I think it looks tacky.

In an ignorant, uneducated way possibly

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