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Any cure for depression?
Apart from loads of tablets that literally turn one into a zombie



YES Alcohol...



Russian CBR
go out. and try to have fun.

There are anti-depression pills!



The "tablets" they have nowadays don't turn you into zombies at all. Therapy and using my lightbox are the only other reliefs I have found.

try to find something to do that makes u happy
and music always helps

Sara :)
a slap round the face and sweeties

alcohol and drugs make you look like an arsetard

get over yourself

keep a positive attitude (im serious i no what ur probably thinking) ppl say that ppl who have positive attitudes live longer and obviously help depression. And if ur sitting at home curled up in a ball that doesn't help GET OUT! date, take charge of ur life!!

there is no real cure for depression, im on pills but they don't work for me at all. you just hav to make the best of everything and hope that something will come good out of it.

yes there is always a cure!!!
think postive!!!give reasons to be thankful!believe in yourself and dont take no for an answer!!!!be more open with yourself!talk to a doctor if you dont have anyone to talk to.
start working out and join a group,club, or sport OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOME!or just hangout with friends

Try to start doing some yoga exercise, jogging or walking that work for me it's really tired me out and don't get depress anymore....Trust that God send you a solution soon..But here are some really good tips...ignore the bad ones...

not all pills turn you into a zombie. if they did, then you're either on the wrong pill or wrong dose. there's also counsling as well as herbal meds... it all depends on the person

Exercise could really help you and DANCING is good too ! GOOD LUUUUUUCK ! ; D

yeah, there is a cure for depression, first u need to knw what the cause is? is it because of a lost love? or job? or family problem? or something else??

i would try to help u out...but tell me what exactly you are facing

Sometimes depression is caused by a hormone imbalance for which there is medication. If you are on medication please do not drink alcohol or it will destroy the effects of what you have been prescribed.

Exercise and keeping occupied plus positive thinking would be a big help.

Well I certainly hope you aren't clinically depressed. That's no life...but there is hope yet...you're asking right?
ALl I can say is that members of my family have been depressed and some have had to turn to temporary prescibed drug use but I choose to look at things a bit differently. When I start to feel down and get those little feelings of inadaquicy or the inability to move forward I think of things in life that I would be much worse with out. I have a three year old and can't imagine letting myself get to a point where he couldn't depend on me for all that he needs to survive and become a full functioning adult. Before he came along when I did feel like there was no point to anything I did I always looked at things I could maybe do for someone else instead of myself. Sometimes it's thinking of yourself all the time and how things aren't working out for you that are the reasons for the way you feel. When you think of how your life can effect others is when you really realize your worth.
Try to go help out some where for a day or two. Try a few places because I have found that some people are actually hard to help. Go to a shelter, try to raise money for a cause, visit an elderly neighbor, collect toys for children who have none...do something. Maybe you ar in a rut at work. If you are able switch it up...find a job that will give you, you back. Spend a little cash on a trip for just you and you spirit. THere is a book called The Secret... I know I know Oprah's book club loved it. I really enjoy this book. Really all it has to offer is a little change in perspective and a daily reminder to change the way you think about things in general. Just pick it up and check it out. You really just read about a chapter a day until you start to think a bit more positive then before and you'll see that this daily reminder will become a part of your over all nature.
I gotta run, at work. Keep us all posted on your progress.
and eat chocolate....the good stuff... it's worth it.

Lola S
therapy and counsellings and getting your life on track by solving the issues you feel depressed upon anything is possible without the use of drugs
try natural remedies acupuncture ,yoga , exercise try having time to reflect upon good things, and like someone mentioned take walks stay in contact with friend and dnt be afraid to open up to people you trust the most. they are sometimes the people who keep you going and their advice counts as they care..

all the best of luck.

It depends on the type of depression you are experiencing. There are two basic types that I'm familiar with; Episodic depression which tends to be of shorter duration, weeks to many months. Then there is unipolar chronic depression which tends to last a lifetime.
For episodic occurrence diet, exercise, short term therapy and drug treatment while in therapy usually get the individual through the episode.
The latter form of depression is not so easy to deal with. Unipolar depression usually will require some sort of medication to normalize the the chem imbalance that is causing the depression. One really need a sound diagnosis as to the type of depression they are experiencing. Please see a psychiatrist and work with them to develop a plan that best fits your needs.
Good luck and remember the even the most chronic depression is survivable, it just takes hella work,

Non-educated delinquent!
keeping busy works for me!

tipsy pixie
Exercise, therapy and a good diet. Try to resolve anything underlying you feel may be causing it. Hope you're better soon.

There is no real cure but the medacine does help in a way with the chemical inbalance in your brain but try to find a hobby or something that will keep your mind occupied with something else.

*gone forever*
well,i find that going for a walk helps temp.but its hard to do without drugs also ,depresion comes and goes for most people so i'm sure you'll be fine.

excercise is just as effective for mild and medium depression. unless you are totally destroyed so you don't get out of bed even once all day, you need excercise.

if you are lonely, you need people. join clubs and sports and stuff.

David S
There is no cure for depression. Only treatment of the symptoms, and counseling. The medical establishment knows more about it than ever before, but a medical cure remains far in the future. One of the best things you can do, however, is to be with people and remain physically active.

It one sentence and no one actually reads your question. Something BESIDES pills people....

Keep busy is a good one and so is music. Positive music, keeping positive people in your life, doing positive things and things that make you feel good. Fine activities that you enjoy and throw yourself into them.

Hobbies. Depression tends to come from deep boredom these days. The Doctors don't really bother with people with depression anymore, because they just... can't be bothered. They know that someone who comes in with 'depression' is most likely just bluesy or bored - but it's easier to give people pills, and shout 'HORMOANAL IMBALANCE LOL!'. They do this because alot of people who come in with 'depression' like to believe they have depression.. you know the type.

Get a hobby, get some exercise, lose weight if you need to lose weight, put on weight and muscle if you need to, set yourself a goal.

Failing that, stick the song 'Days of the Phoenix' by AFI on your MP3 and go for a huge walk somewhere you wouldnt normally go, then I dare you to tell me that you can't take on the world.

Also, ask yourself, are you really getting what you want out of life? There's more to life than a 3-bedroomed home and a 9-5 job, you know.

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