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Am i weird for this?
I'm always wearing a black band t-shirt and a hoody and half my friends say i dont wear enough color while the other half who are goths dont say anything and i feel like i should start dressing more girly but i dont really want to. i like regular t-shirts but do i need more color?? im so confused lol!

I think you're just fine as is. Perhaps, I'm weirder than you are. You see, I also wear a lot of black and to top it off I always wear a black jacket all year round.

You should wear what you think is the best for you ! I liked wearing tons of pink ! People talked but it made me happy and thats all that matters !

dress the way you feel comfortable in ,unless you want to see if you like another style.

Wear what you like. Easy to say I know when friends keep on and on and you begin to question yourself (like you are doing now) still, try to stay true to your style as much as you can. Best.

instead of worrying about them why don't you try doing what you want to do. Quit being a follower and be you.
Yes you are weird in answer to your question. I can look back if I had a decent body and was a girl I'd have some cute clothes and enjoy life. Get my nails done and be me....break the mold...swim up stream...dare to be different.

Wear and enjoy clothes that you like. Thanks for posting your question.

i once asked myself this same question. i thought to myself, it wouldn't hurt to try a little more color. i havent changed for anyone but myself though. i'll admit...i LOVE my bandshirts and my jeans and especially my hoodie, but i throw a little color in there every now and then. but if your going to mix it up a little bit.....do it for yourself.

othing wrong with black. remember black is the only color you can ware a whole outfit with and not look weird. think about it. if you wor all read you'd look like the cool-ade man. but all black perfectly normal.

Ask us again later from that future prison library!

You should look at why you only wear black. If it because you like the way it looks on you then you are not weird. If you are making a statement about yourself then you are not weird. If you had a different color shirt on would it change who you are? Having only one color to worry about makes it a lot simpler to get dressed and get out of the house. Also I have known other teenagers who only wore black and when they got older they started to have a very sophisticated wardrob including many styles and colors. Clothes are great to experiment with different looks and can easily be traded or thrown away when you want a change. Have fun with it.

Paul Rules
wear what you want... if people want to change you then they aint real mates

You're fine how you dress. I mean, you could change your clothing a little bit if you want, but you will always want to dress how you do now. If you are going to change, start out small.

Wear what you want to wear.Tell them to like it or lump it.

you should be the way you are that makes you feel better. you do not to pretend anything. don't worry about that.

A little color never killed anyone.

if you're confused, it seems at least part of you is unsure whether you are wholly devoted to blandness.

if you're able, visit places where there is plenty of color -- autumn in New England is supposed to be pretty, but that may not appeal to your aesthetic taste.

it's better if you can perform such experimentation without any goth pals to whom you might feel obligated in some way, and you don't want to take along anyone that's trying to proselytize for color -- but you want someone available that's comfortable wearing colors, that can blend-in socially, that you can trust to give you honest answers.

personally, i like colors -- but i went through a period in which i wanted to wear basic black (sometimes with a very little grey). black still has a place in my wardrobe, but most of my stuff is a solid color or very conservative stripe. on the other hand, i've also got some "Hawaiian" shirts.

there are 2 types of comfort when it comes to clothes: the more obvious sort is how well the clothing is tailored to your physical form, the "feel" of the material, if it's close in the appropriate places and sufficiently roomy, etc.

all that is important when you're buying, and it is influential in whether you'll be able to pull off the presentation -- and that's where the more important version of comfort comes into play.

your clothes reflect what you think about yourself, and the colors and patterns you choose can influence your mood and the disposition (towards you) of those around you; therefore, how "comfortable you are in your clothes" strongly influences how you will be regarded by those around you.

pullovers are very similar to t-shirts and are available in attractive colors. most people won't take very seriously a dude wearing pasty and/or theatrical makeup "in public," so i'd caution you against devoting yourself to goth outside private gatherings of like-minded people.

regardless your clothing preference, always endeavor to appear neat and clean: personal physical hygiene both indicates and influences mental hygiene, which in turn influences spiritual hygiene.

don't use artificial scents to mask b.o. (not that you would, but it's always worth mentioning). exposure to sunlight is also helpful, as is physical exertion in the performance of some task or tasks.

why should you change to fit in with others, shouldn't you just be yourself and they can like you for being that.

i think you should forget more colors and just start sleeping w/ everyone. that will get you more friends than you can shake a stick at.

Wear whatever is comfortable to you

if you feel comfortable on those clothes then thats all you honey n if other ppl want u 2 dress in color tell dem dats just not you!!:)

Blanca G
I don't think you are weird at all. You sound like you are still a teenager. When I was in high school, I did not dress really feminine and would also get crap for it. It doesn't matter how you dress its how well you do in school. I did good and now I dress really nice and I am able to buy the things that I could never afford back then. If you want to dress a little more girlie, then wear jeans and make your t-shirts a smaller size, but don't look like a groupie. If you want to still wear black , you can find cute shirts. Cargo capris pants are really cute also with sandals. Anyways, don't feel out of place, the best is wearing what you want so you feel good and not self-conscious. Good luck and hope this helps.

Dream on
you either do or you don't want to dress more girly, make up your mind. gothy is cool, but all the time, I think i'd get sick of it, add color if you want, it is your choice...

Just be yourself!!! If it makes you happy do it! You shouldn't be worried about what others think. Who knows, maybe you will start a new trend.

I hope they are GC shirts :]] jk jk.

wear what you are comfortable in.
i'd love to wear mostly band t's and hoodies but my school has a dress code.

color is good sometimes but there is nothing wrong with the way you dress.

If you want to change for yourself but like the goth look then go with red. My sister-in-law is full goth and she will match a bright almost blood red shirt with black skirt or the other way around and if she goes total black(shirt and skirt) she will wear black and white stockings or black and red stockings
She has a really cute pair of pink and black ones also.

YOU still have a wide variety of color you can wear and still stay goth.
You even have quite a few lace shirts that are considered "goth"


( ((G-Force)) )
I love blue! every thing I own has blue in it. for one reason I love how I feel and look in it. if black is your color and you love how you feel that's awesome. maybe your friends that tell you to wear more color are just jealous cuz you look so good.

Are you a girl?! You should wear what you like and want to wear... don't be afraid to be yourself.....Show some independence, some self confidence and watch, others will start dressing like you......

Yes, you need to wear more color's not just black,and never
Wear black in the summer time it can make you really hot.
Wear red,pink,blue,yellow,etc.

Wear what you like..I'm assuming you don't tell other people what to wear..Why should they tell you?

rxqueen♥ †
Wear whatever you want.
Be who ever you are.
Never change your style for anybody.

You'll be so unhappy if you wear clothes that you feel uncomfortable in.
If you want to wear different clothes, for a change, you can try it, but if it feels wrong..don't continue it. Express youself in the clothes that you want to wear.

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