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Am I fat if I am 5"2, 15 years old and weigh 97 pounds?

jonas torregrec
stupid, go eat something! pizza!!!

haha, you need to eat a cheese burger badly if thats your weight.

You sound like your Somalian

Didn't you just ask this question yesterday? You are far from being fat!

Jo Jo
No, you are not. You are a perfect size for your height.

Try eating more tomato's....


Hell no! I'm 12, 5'5" and 150 lbs. I am fat! n I agree w/ answer 1. Shut up!

that's a stupid question

One Weird Dude

What day of the week were you born on? That is the deciding factor in whether or not you are fat.

Dave W
Well, at your measurements, your BMI (Body Mass Index) is 17.7, which according to http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/ is actually just a smidge underweight. Your fear should not be that you are too fat, but that you are too light. Your body needs a certain amount of fat to be healthy, actually. I think for females, 8 to 10 percent body fat is ideal, if I remember correctly from my military experience. As for age, it has next to nothing to do with a healthy weight. So, my suggestion is relax a little, eat a little more (healthily - some cake is alright, but A cake is a bit much . . . but eat tons of fruits and veggies!), and not sweat it. I will say this, though. There are many ways to maintain a "healthy" weight that are unhealthy. If you way what you do because you are active and eat a healty diet, then kudos to you . . . you're doing better than 80 percent of the american population. But if you weigh what you do because you don't eat, or because you make yourself vomit after eating, that is very unhealthy. If those happen to be your dietary habits (I'm not saying they are, just offering a warning), please get help immediately from your parents, school counselor, or a trusted adult friend. Hope this help!

You're just about right for you, Groovytomato. So enjoy it!

this isnt serious haha.

You are far from being fat. If anything you could stand to gain a few pounds.

I'm the same height as you and at your age, I was 105 pounds and wore a size 2 or 3.

Not at all. It's normal when you're developing into a woman to think you might be fat, but believe me you are not fat, you're becoming a woman. We're supposed to be a little more curvy than men. ;o) Hope that helped. :o)

Discovery Tunnelâ„¢. Super Gay EgO
yes u should weigh 75 lbs U FAT COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MMMMoooooooooooooooooooooMOOOOOOOOOOO


Your not fat.........Enjoy it cause your probably active and that keeps you in shape. Don't listen to people they might be jealous.

Don't be silly


Oh god no, thats not fat. if your were 180, thats fat..look at yourself, you'll find that ur not freakin hot. Jesus....

L.A. in F.W.
No, just clueless

yes,go find a good weight loss diet, a girl can never be too thin.


k nutts
I think your under weight and should eat healthly while trying to put on a few pounds, and if you're serious about this question then you MUST ignore all the answers which say your fat.
At your age you should not be worring about your weight.

A good rule of thumb for teen age girls is to say you should way 100 pounds at 5 feet tall. Then add 5 pounds for every inch. So at 5'2" a girl should weigh 110 pounds. 97 is a bit too thin but pretty close to where you should be. I wouldn't really change anything.

In about 4 years you should gain about 15 pounds if you don't get any taller, more if you do grow taller.

Guys find it very annoying when skinny girls think they are fat. This is unattractive behavior--a big turn off. Get some confidence in yourself, you have reason to have it--you are not fat.

omg noooo... my friend is 5'2 and she is probably like 100 lbs, and looks REALLY good. like she's small and skinny, but she has curves and "meat"...but NOT FAT at ALL. she gets hit on all the time.. in fact if she was 97 lbs, she'd look too skinny. anyways, if u are worried about urself, just make sure u exercise a little each day and not eat tooo unhealthy or too fatty. i made the mistake of not taking P.E. (phys ed) to seriously, so when i grew up i didn't exercise at all after i finished jr.high/high school. make sure u put it into ur daily schedule, and u'll stay healthy and "fit" so u won't even have to worry about weight. and don't always measure by lbs, cuz muscle weighs more than fat. :) ur young and have the whole world ahead of u...make good habits now regarding food and exercise and u'll be awesome in h.s and beyond!

Asking, getting answers
yes, you are so fat that the word goes over you.

You are just fine honey. You have a nice weight for your size.
Im sure you are very pretty.

shut up

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