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something new
Am I a complete idiot?
When I got to work this morning I realised that i was wearing two different shoes. they were both black though.

no, you arent an idiot. ive done it before - left wearing 1 black flip flop and 1 blue one

No, you are not a complete idiot - though you may be working hard on it. Listen up.

Many years ago I was a telephone engineer and had to get up at 5:30am. So as not to disturb my wife, whose shift had finished at 2:00am I got dressed in the dark (well, in the winter anyway) I often went to work in odd shoes sometimes one black one brown and on one occasion a slip on and a lace up.
My son ran away about that time.
Glad we managed to catch up again son !!!

First CHARLIE 7290
Must be a good fit then for you not to notice the difference.

charlie at the lake
The funny thing is you've got another pair at home just like them. I've had fun mismatching socks.

PInky without perky!!
lmao!!!! your not a complete idiot! did u get ready in a hurry still bleary eyed?? ive turned up work with clothes inside out before now!

it happens to all of us

Cheryl C
lol ive done that b4 but i did have a good laugh about it
dont feel like an idiot cos ur not happens to the best of us hehe

Toast Master
No, you were probably just tired or summat'.

You must have known that this was bound to happen someday otherwise why buy another pair of black shoes. Only kidding.... you were just concerned that you arrived at work on time and not whether you had a pair of matching shoes. Is that right?

My husband who works away from home during the week used to drive me mad at the week-ends with his odds he would bring home for me to wash... all different colours very rarely was I able to make a matching pair.

So I chucked all his socks and bought him all black ones...no more odd socks.

no your not an idiot you just need more sleep

Nope. It happens to the best of us. When I was younger and able to work I used to drive in a comfy pair of shoes then change in the car park before going into the office. I used to get there at 7 am and open up for the rest of my staff coming in at 8'30. This particular day I had been trotting up and down the office for a good while when the receptionist walked in the door and waved for me to go to her. As I hurried up I was gobsmacked when she collapsed in a heap howling with laughter pointing down. Eventually she managed to gasp something about my feet and I looked down. I had 1 black flattie on which I drove in and 1 black patent high heeled stiletto on! I hadn't even noticed when I was walking as they had equalled out my limp! Talk about blush, it started in my feet....doh...lol!!!!!!!!!

sam hill
hehe that is funny but I wouldn't say idiot...maybe slightly absent mided

Jolly Jo Jo
I bet nobody noticed though!!!

Ali K
Don't worry mate.These sort of things happen in life. I once went to play a squash match early in the morning and came out from the changing room wearing only my Y-fronts and a t shirt. I had no idea what I was doing.The other guy just looked at me and asked if had any shorts to wear. I was most embarrassed and didn't know what to say. May be I had a late night....cant remember it was 22 years ago.

Well, once i wore a black skirt and royal blue tights. It looked funny.

Were they yours though?

no i am worse.

stiletos and flats dont mix you should have known even they are the same colour.

Hahah. That's awesome.

china doll
Ha, ha if you're a complete idiot, i must be worse. I sent my 5yr old to school last week with NO skirt!!!!! The teacher pointed it out, i was so embarrassed i wanted the ground to swallow me up.

beholder of answers
haha, it happens. I actually found myself at work wearing my shirt inside out and my sisters jeans.

Ya, well I went to the bank in my slippers last thursday.

Pois Chiche
I swear I did it too!!! Not this morning though!!!
Both black but odd!! lol
I am sooooooo pleased to hear about someone else!
I wouldn't call myself idiot though, just not a morning person!

Just Me Returns
Could have been worse.....

I once went to work wearing dark sunglasses and didn't realise that the suit I was wearing had black trousers and a blue jacket..... I didn't notice until I got home!!!!!

Did you have your shoes one the right feet?
That would have been silly!

Was one a lace up and the other a slip-on?
Now THAT would have been stupid!

Haha...once I took 2 different shoes to school with me to change into from my boots. I had to go the whole day with one sneaker and one dress shoe. It's funny now, not so much back then. At least yours were the same color.

debra w
As long as one wasn't a high heel the other other a pump !

Mindy S
Happens to the best of us.

Close, But I think you may only be a Half wit complete idiocy will come in time keep it up!

*~STEVIE~* *~B~*
Never mind, you have 2 pairs the same now.

What an interesting feat of wrong engineering.
When I was about 6yrs old, my mother told me I had my shoes on the wrong feet...I replied that they were the only feet I had!

It's the newest rave on the catwalk!

You're just a fashion maverick!

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