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Why do women outlive men on average?

Because somewhere along the way, men start to drive us crazy. We then seek counseling. In counseling we are shown methods of stress relief. This is very important, because too much stress is bad for the heart. We therefore lead a more stress-free life, thanks to men, who caused all the stress to begin,with!

... because men do not want to live longer that women...

because women express their emotion easily while men don't. men just hold it hold it hold it until they die

Maybe because they're more active by running around doing stuff more? And some men can sit there for days not moving? Also chid bearing is healthy for their body ? Plus men drink and smoke more!


Not any more .... older women younger man guess who outlive who?

It is because they put up with all of rmen's sh** during life and it's God's way of repaying them....They deserve it after all....


As a rule, yes. Women tend to take better care of themselves and consult doctors more often. Men can't be bothered and sitting in a waiting room is not their forte. Women will take a book, knitting, whatever.

Not to make anyone mad but if you think about it women get more exercise than me. They run around the house cleaning, running errands for the household, etc and some maintain a job on top of that.

Because women cry. Men just let all their stress stack up inside them their whole adult lives.

Fat.... women are gentetically designed to out live their counterparts, that includes men. Best wishes

Mostly, the effects of estrogen are protective in a cardiovascular sense, while the effects of Testosterone tend to increase cardiovascular risk as Testosterone increases. This results in more wear-and-tear on the arteries for men and less for women, up to the point of menopause, when women lose that protection. They still have accumulated less damage up to that point in time.

There are other risk differences at different stages of life - adolescent risk-taking is sometimes termed 'Testosterone-storm' in male teens, and increases risk of accidental death in males.
Smoking and drinking are risky behaviour and are higher among males.
See article for a more thorough breakdown.

They have recently discovered that its because womens hearts are stronger at an older age, mens pumping power decreases by a quarter of its youthful strength as they get older whereas womens hearts pump just as strongly at 70 than it did at 20. Also childbirth doesnt claim as many of womens lives as it used too and men are more likely to suffer a violent death as, on average,they take more risks. Men usually place themselves in a more dangerous situation than a women as we avoid these for our own safety.

my Father always says it's because we sit down to pee...........lol

Women are expected to be thin, fit and healthy ( not that I agree to all of these things). Men as well do have these standards yet they're not as pressed in society as it is for women. Therefore women usually have a better and longer life because of the way they are expected to live it.

Bad Kitty!
Because we're just too ornery to die!
Plus, we have to get the last word.

mad john
they wear us down so we lose the will to live, that way they can't be accused of murder

Moe Loubani
Because men do all the hard work. Oooo yeah :)

Men take riskier jobs (firefighter, soldier, etc). Men have higher suicide rates and also tend to get more fatal diseases.

Women are protected by 'women and children' first instincts. They tend to have less stress and more support from friends and family...so men end up having heart attacks and shooting themselves.

But who wants to live to be senile and in diapers anyway?

Because they're more stubborn.

Because men stress more I believe. Which is not true for me. I am a total SPAZ and my brother on the other hand is very laid back. :)

we are just better at everything i guess :-)

because death is our only way out dude

pure hate keeps them preserved

They have menses which helps the body rid itself of toxins... fewer toxins increase life span.

The Quiet Man (45 UK)
Cos most husbands really really want to die and get it over with

fresh n honest
Because women have a healthier lifesryle,sans alcohol and smoking...

There are lots of factors that vary between men and women that
probably contribute to the differences in average life times.

Many of them are going away - such as men quitting smoking
faster than women so that death due to smoking related reasons
isn't decreasing as fast with women as with men. We now send women
off to war ... though not as many as men.

However, yes, more men smoke than women, men expose themselves
to more carcinogens for job related reasons than women, men are not
forced by society to control there weight as are women (which means
that women don't die of obesity related illnesses the way men do).

And Estrogen is pretty good at holding off heart attacks until after
menopause - so more men die early of heart attacks than women.

Women tend not to get involved in to-the-death fights to the degree
that men do. That is, they are (generally) less violent in a deadly way.

However, there are probably other, more subtle effects of genetics
and physiology that add to this as well.

The list of differences both social and physiological is HUGE. I'm not
sure it is useful to try to point to any single thing.

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