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 I've given up smoking for 13 days - but now having a bad evening a really want to smoke.?
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 Do you smoke?
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1.Do you smoke?


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 Right every1 im going to quit smoking tomorrow please wish me luck?
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Is ...

 8 glasses of water a day is ALOTTTTTTTTT aaaaaa.?
I'm at my 5th for the day, its almost 5 pm. Im going insane. I hate water its gross, but thats not the point its just so much I feel bloatedddddddddd.

Anyway to get thirsty?

 Didnt shower 4 a week?
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 What totally freaks you out in a bad way?
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 How to wake up on time?
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 Would you drink diet soda if...?
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 How can i remove sleep from my life?
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 A dead serious question - a good answer could make a difference to my whole life!?
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 What foods cause offensive smelling gas?
anyone know what foods or things cause sulphery smelling flatulence....

Billie Longfellow
Why do dogs and cats clean their butts with their tongue?
Do u think if they had hands it would be a different story.

Because they don't want to get their paws dirty and someone stole their wash cloths.

Shawn F
i think if theyt had opposable thumbs it would be. you know to grip toliet paper

Coca Cola
OK... odd question but honestly, i think they would need more then hands, maybe more brains. what else do they have? They can't use toilet paper!

*Bride to Be* 11/01/08
well because they're not gonna jump in the shower are they?? what else are they supposed to do?! lol

Well, dogs kinda have hands. But, i don't really think that would make a diffrence if they had hands like you and me. anyway they clean their but with their mouth because
1. They don't have toilet paper
2. Can't use the shower

Because they do not have digital dexterity that will result in using toilet paper.

Yvette C
Are you serious? Really?

I might say because they don't have toliet paper. Haha

They clean their entire bodies by licking themselves. It is called grooming and removes dirt and loose hairs.

because if they used their paws the claws would scratch...lol... funny question

Because they don't have thumbs.

Only if their heads didn't still reach...

Dashing Geek
If they had hands and access to tissue it would be different. Of course, in the next hundred years or so cats will have evolved so that they force people to design cat bidets for them.


I think they do it piss us off. Because everytime my dog or cat does that, they always want to give me kisses afterwards...it's mean.

xVampire Cup Cakex
LOL :D They have itchy butts, huh? My puppy drags his booty on my carpet... -.-"

Jackie Jaundice
Lol. You are so funny.

Thin Kaboudit
Because they can.

Admit it, wouldn't you?

because they have no1 else to do it for them.

Ese Loco
And yet my dog will turn down doritos. wtf?

Heath S
I think you are watching your animals to closely and then being concerned about it,,,,

Thats gross...but yeah, its a natural instinct.

Mothers of puppies also lick their kids clean...

they can't use thier paws

its a natural instinct.

i dont know but they seen to talk with their butts as well. haven't you ever seen dogs go up to each other and smell each others butts. i wonder if they are saying " hey how you been haven't smelled you in a while", " by the way, hows you mom" lol

because they never learned how to hold the tissue with their paws right.

dogs lick themselves i thought it was only cats.=)

Because they can't wipe!

Yea, what else are they suppose to use?

my cat is a little diva. she refuses to lick her butt, so it's always nasty. we end up wiping it for her.

how VIP is that? lol.

Racist Answer Man
Because they can't reach the toilet paper dispenser?

Because we yell at them when they go for the toilet paper.

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