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Why am i always tired?
I sleep good but for some reason i'm just so tired. I never have energy and I feel exausted and can't stay up for more then 4 or 5 hours. Is there anything i can add to my diet to give me more energy. I've been to the doctors he took some blood and said everything is okay.

Did your doc check your Thyroid level ?


well, i'd say your doctor didn't do a thorough enough job of examining you. There could be several reasons you're always tired.

The easy explanations could be:
Lack of Sleep
Overeating at lunch
Not enough exercise

But, I would ask your doctor about the following:
Sleep Apnea
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Diabetes type II (if you're over weight)

If it's the last 3, you should consult your physician. I would also search for a "Sleep Clinic" around your area. Sleep clinics are usually run by physicians and it's a very in depth study of what's going on while you sleep. Most major cities have one.

Hope this helps

Dr. Don

Try drinking some iron pills.

Are you having any......seeeexual problems?

Dr. Cornwallis
Get some good Bob Saget comedy in you.

Your overworking?? Dehydrated?? Stressed??

Shelb-N-Ator [[H!ATD]]
You may be working too hard, depressed, anxiety, or something. Thyroid???

Possibly add lots and lots of vitamins.

Zone diet and highly refined fish oil supplements.

Vitamins,foods with lots and lots of sugar!!!

You are always tired because you dont eat enough healthy good food. Also if you go to the gym and work out you wont be tired.


Get a second opinion just in case. Persistent lethargic episodes and listlessness can be symptoms of something more serious. Your body may be trying to tell you something. Remember, medicine isn't infallible.

Marci G
Get a book called "The Yeast Connection"

Unl;ess you have some condition, Try cooking most of your food in a cast iron skillet , It sounds like your iron is low. JMHO

Vitamin B12 helps my energy, it might help you too ;)
You can but B12 at vitamin stores or online-- they have them where they are tasteless and dissolve on your tongue - - or in a drink :) hope this helps, good luck!

vitamin B12 is known as the "energy vitamin" because it gives a real energy boost. It is used to remedy fatigue and it speeds up the metabolism. Red blood cells are also responsible for producing hemoglobin, the part of the blood that takes oxygen from the lungs and transports it to all the different parts of the body.

Dry eating more fruits and veggies, and less sugar and caffeine.

sounds like to me you may have sleeping disorder. do you snore at night if you do then you have a sleeping disorder which very dangerous because it makes you loose oxygen to the brain and your blood stream i know i have the same problem go to a lung doctor and have them do a sleep order on you they will see how much sleep your actually getting before mine i was getting about two hours a night i was always tired and wore out until i got a bi-pack machine to help me sleep.

I suggest looking at some diet plans or filling your days up with activities. I'm not trying to say you are lazy. However, you might not be getting the vitamins your body needs. Therefore, your body compensates by saving energy and sleeping. Most diets listed online ensure you get the Daily Vitamins your body requires.

Filling your days with activities will (if you follow through with a particular daily schedule), not only give your body a corrected routine, but also be a way to burn off energy. It has been said that your body burns more energy when asleep than when watching tv.

lil Trouble
Ginsing extract will give you energy. It will also make you a little horney. You may want to start taking some multi-vitamins.

mikaela g
try a new matress temper pedic

what type of mattress do you sleep on? this could be and issue.

if that is not it, a great multi-Vitamin if " NATURES PLUS /SOURCE OF LIVE. I use it myself and have been using it for many years it is great. it comes in pill or liquid. I use the liquid and highly recommend it. liquids works faster than pills. ( pills will take longer to dissolve). You can only buy this from the health food store. (not k-mart, walmart no place like that).

Travis R
Get a job, then you will have to work all day. Quit playing xbox, and eating pizza.

Trish J

Are you okay? By this I mean, are you depressed? All I wanted to do when I was depressed was sleep. It was a kind of escape for me. But now, with my depression under control, I have my get-up-and-go spicy thing going again.
If this sounds like you, go back to the doctor and tell him how you really FEEL and don't just say you are tired.
If that is not it, perhaps you are not getting enough exercise. I know that sounds nutty, but once you get into a exercise routine you will probably find you have more energy.
Finally, maybe you are bored. Again, get going! Do something, paint something, go somewhere, visit a friend.

If you are physically okay then you may be depressed

I think it's definitely sth wrong with your diet. Try to eat more meat - it gives a lot of energy (fish as well). You can try eating bananas and nuts. Don't drink to much coffee or tea - caffeine removes minerals and vitamins from the blood.
Buy some vitamins or Magnesium - it helps me and I don't have to drink coffee very often.

take vitamins instead of drinking energy drinks, cuz energy drinks make you feel tired after the caffiene wears off, but vitamins are good for you and they give you energy throughout the whole day.

How about exercise...that's why you don't have energy..nothing you eat is going to change that..get up and walk around!
jump up and down,run in place,or even strecth your body..
exercise is the only way to get energized.........your body is hibernating and unless you wake them up by exercising then you might as well not complain......

Your bad Thyroid can put in a daily coma! Get that checked out again to be sure.

B vitamins...

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