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Where can I buy an air conditioner?
I decided to just break the bank and go for it. But everywhere ive called is sold out. What stores would sell them?


If none of the stores have one, check with the rent-to-own places. Sometimes they have them also, and it's usually only about 20 buck a week.

You can come round and use mine if you need to cool down...

...or you could go to B&Q or buy online at http://www.diy.com

Ummm...try a different category next time.

the best place to buy a ac is in costco i recently bought one for 75 dollars and it works great.....

it depends on how big of a room you're trying to cool.you can buy a one room a/c (about 5000 to 6000 btu) at about any wal mart or lowe's for around $100 to $150.for about $50 more you could go to sears or home depot

You may need to wait until those stores you called restock.

walmaert home deopeo

I would try stores like walmart, home depot and lowes. You could also try searching online for air conditioners to see what different stores have. That is a good way to compare price as well.

the Archer
There are several stores that sell them, K-mart,Wal-mart, home depot,Sears, Penny's, but because of the heat, they may not have them in stock right now.. Watch your local paper for ads..

paul v
sweetheart if your lookin for an ac your are so outta luck i called within a 100 miles raduis of were i live and non to be found best way to beat this is just like everyone say ice in front of fan, beach, swimming, or nice cold shower or bath......

Aggie I
"Sold Out" is what has happened here too. Put an AC on their raincheck order. I actaully had to buy one this year too

home depo
home base
Apparently they come in on trucks daily you can have them held for you sometimes, but only for a few hours. You might want to ask about that.


Brian P
I went to Lowe's Hardware... not as busy as Home Depot, besides, they had a more reasonable size model, an 80lb Samsung cooler. Even if they are out, they know when the next shipment is coming in, at my store they said every 4 days and would be in wednesday. Also by customer service sometimes are some models that others didn't want. I got one of those and it had a small dent in the front cover, but other than that, it's working like a champ! Saved about 50 bucks too, as it was cheaper :)

In an earlier question that you posted you stated that you were living in an apartment. Hopefully that apartment is your own because air conditioning units requires INSTALLATION. If you are renting like myself i recommend a portable air conditioner that you can move around and doesn't require any hard installation. However, these are a bit more pricey compared to your usual air conditioner and only good at cooling small rooms.

Places to buy Air conditioners:
Best buy, Frys,Walmart,Home depot, sears

Richard D

Home Despot

michael o
get one on ebay. if you really wanna cool off dont listen to any1 you just read from. look for an evaporative fan or a swamp cooler fan and i swear you'll get frost bite in an hour.i work in the sun all day, and i mean all day. if you want a drink that will cool you off in seconds, it may sound weird but it actually works and doesnt taste bad at all. grab ice cold water, mix it with some mint syrup, and chopped up cucumber and you'll probably find yourself drinking it in the sun.try this atleast once if you dont trust me and you'll be telling every1 you know, this really works.

have you tried B&Q warehouse store and if they have none left go to B&Q web site, diy.com, best of luck.

I am sorry it is so hot there. It is always hot in the summertime here. So I have Central Air Conditioning. But those go out sometimes. So I went down to Wal~Mart just to check. Here they have pallets of window AC starting at $88. Then you add tax. When I thought I was going to Iraq I was comforted to learn a large box could be mailed for a reasonable fee. Course it would take three months. Someone mailed AC units to soldiers there. You may hate Wal~Mart like me. But they have the goods. I am sure a truck is rolling towards you with a load of window AC right now. They prepositioned truckloads of water before hurricanes hit last year. They were faster than FEMA.
When they arrive though, everyone will buy, plug in, and brown out. Drink a lot of water and follow the directions of the Red Cross. If the governor calls out the National Guard, humvee ambulances have air conditioning in the back. (The one I took to New Orleans was broken. Be sure to check.) Lots of luck to you. Remember, Republicans do not believe in global warming.

Home Depot had a bunch on sale last week.

gave up on the fan's then? lol

take a look at e-bay if you have an account. if not then sorry i cant help you.

bye gin.

Niddy the best
I bought one at Homebase - fifty pounds. Ring round their branches or go on line or ebay have some if you can collect.

Amy Lynn
Definitely check out Ebay!! You might get a deal too.

home depot and lowes. walmart too


Going online to the stores is the best way.



Those are the ones that I searched before I found the one I wanted.

The Target in my area has one for $90. It is in there ad that was in today's paper. Its a nice one. Haven't had the problems that the ones on the site said they had with theres. It works great. I would recomend it to some one that is looking for one that is cheap and good.

Revolution Now
Never buy from a shop they charge X2 the amount.

One word....eBay!

Home Depot or Sears. Or, if you're strapped for cash, try Craig's list in your town (www.craigslist.com.)

plenty on ebay

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