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 Do you smoke?
I am conducting a survey for a school project and would greatly appreciate your assistance. I will need to know your age for this survey.

1.Do you smoke?


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hock n hollar
What would you say has the most dangerouse effect. cannabis or alcohol?
I personally would say alcohol is far more dangerouse,


I totally agree with you, and i expect everybody else will as well, there are far more deaths due to alcohol, and how many marriages has it wrecked ?

Having tried it all, I can honestly say that long-term, alcohol is far more dangerous. So much so that it cannot even be compared. That though, is my opinion ONLY as I do not like weed on a regular basis therefore I do not use it. I love beer and drink some almost daily.

In the end, it probably depends on what you like the most and how much you like it.

Definately alcohol yet it is legal.


Alcohol can decrease how quickly a person reacts to potential dangers or situations around them (such as while driving).

John D
Both are bad if you take them on a regular basis. I would have to say that although alcohol has the clearest physical effects i.e. hangovers cannibis has much more subtle and in my opinion worse long term effects. I really does rob you of your personality and ambition in life. At least with alcohol it is a wham bam thank you ma'am kind of drug. I would never go to work drunk but it is quite possible to go to work stoned. If you have been smoking a while you can still function almost as normal but still be stoned. It isn't till later in life when you realise that you have spent the last 10 or 20 years just treading water that you realise what a lethal drug canabis is.

Best option is to only ever take any drug in moderation. If you can't go for a couple of days without a drink or a joint then you are in trouble.

both... Cannabis effects the brain and can also lead to psychosis and other mental/emotional disorders. smoking it can damage the lungs and cause obesity through eating too much munchies

Ian H
Man made alcohol, god created cannibis, who would you trust? alcohol by far the worst, potheads just want to chill

steve ronin
put 15 blokes in a room with a few ounces and they'll chat all night

put 15 blokes in a room with a few barrels of stella wife beating juice and......

definately a good joint is better

Alcohol causes more problems for more people but Cannabis can still cause mental health problems in some people. Neither are safe imo (not that it stops me)

Alcohol for sure, but both are damaging in large quantities.

domme me
cannabis's detrimental effects are long term and less significant.
it is almost impossible to overdose from smoking Cannabis.

If you are using hash mixed with tobacco, you have to consider that you are also getting the serious detrimental effects of the tobacco.

driving while high is exactly the same as driving drunk.....reaction times are longer and perceprtion is seriously impaired.

I think alcohol is more dangerous although I wouldn't say that Cannabis is safe!

Pete H
Alcohol is a poison
Cannabis is a herb
think about it

Brian L
Alcohol. Most of the detrimental effects of Cannabis (like plaques in the brain) are the result of long-term, intense use.

G¬£[email protected]
alcohol definatly


Proven fact.

Alcohol is more dangerous. Cirrohsis happens quicker than emphysema.

And I would agree. I never barfed on pot

alcohol has killed millions of people through many different diseases

Cannabis has never killed a single person (although smoking it with tobacco has)

Alcohol its side effect are far more worse..weed you sit chill and eat

in 10,000 years not one person has dies directly because of canabis alcohol however loads of people die from drinking to much

Alcohol, definitely.

Definitely alcohol. Bad for you and your surrounding. Ruins your liver and brain and turns you violent. Personally, I'd rather be attacked by someone who's high than by someone who's drunk.

ALCOHOL by far is MORE dangerous. Have you ever seen a violent pot smoker??? LOL

John R
Alcohol by first round black out!

Christy F
alchohol 4 sure

ALCOHOL!!! By far. They should make it legal and alcohol illegal.


Cannibals are definitely more dangerous. They eat people, even the ones on Cannabis or alcohol. If you see a cannibal with a human bone through his nose, I would advise you to run the other way.

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