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What would happen if someone drank ink?

The lead and ammonium or benzene based dyes will enter your body. In large amounts it might lead to toxicity.
Problems with many of your organs, kidneys and blood to start with, could lead to some sort of permanent or residual damage.

Drink Water Instead!!

That totally depends on whether or not the ink is toxic. If it is, and you drank enough of it, it would poison you.

why dont you try it and let us know.....stupid

daniel j
you'd probably puke because not only does it taste bad but your body wont know how to digest ink

I drank ink once. I was bitting on an ink pen and it leaked into my mouth. Other then it tasting extremely bad nothing happened.

naturophatic healing
None of the answer are right, the true is this
A person who drank ink can be used as a pen jajajajaj

I would say it would make your feces and urine turn color. I would also take note what kind of ink it is and what's in it. There may be some professional grade inks that have some things that are more harmful to us than other everyday cheap ink.

Also if you have drank ink, call poison control. I'm a medic and one of the first things we do is call them. If we haven't it's one of the first things the doctor will do when they get to the hospital.

1800-222-1222 poison control

If it was red ink ,his stool would be red..If it was invisible ink

you will have burning sensation all over inside of you and next day when you do poo#2 you will feel burning there too with blue colored poo..lol

haha then ur insides would turn bluee

Crazy Monkey
probably get sick from ink poisoning

Al LeGator
Modern inks contain toxins (what doesn't these days?!). How much toxin you'd ingest would obviously depend on how much ink.

" Most pen inks incorporate those three main ingredients in different ratios. Intaglio (i.e. -- cartoon) inks are composed of petroleum naphthas, resins, and coal-tar solvents.

I DO NOT KNOW, although this is very interesting.

My guess, from lots of research and experience on health and nutrition, is that if you drink ink, depending on what it is made out of, your body will try to Digest-It and it would go to your small intestine and be absorbed into the liver. The liver IF, it is healthy, would remove these toxins. This is the problem hardly anyone has a healthy liver. This is why it is important to take care of your health and eat your greens :).

If your liver is sick, it most likely will hang on to these toxins and it could affect you seriously depending on what ink is made out of. Like someone else here said, it usually has some of the same chemicals that is in YOUR FOOD (processed junk).

Now, if you did drink ink, or you know someone that did, or any other toxic substance, what you should be doing, is drink plenty of water, and powdered charcoal, it can be found at the health food store. What this stuff does is absorb any toxins or anything like that that is in your digestive system. VERY GOOD FOR YOU. So, if you have food poisoning, take a lot of charcoal and water.

In fact, if you have a serious such problem, although doctors love giving you harmful drugs and antibiotics, they will usually always give you lots of charcoal when it comes to things like this...nothing beats God.

I hope that that will help some.

I imagine they will be quite ill. probably will be sick. Not advisable.

Jake B
you can write with your anus duhhhhhhhhhhhh

Everything coming out of you would be a funny color for a while.

Your stools may appear a wee bit dark for a while but I would drink lots of water and see if you are going to live...or barf....good luck.

Depends on what it's made of and the amount consumed. Soy ink will not cause a problem, but some chemicals could make you sick. If you accidentally ingested a tiny amount, I wouldn't worry. If you're concerned you should call the poison control center. Their number should be on you phone book.

yer dumb then

They just wouldn't feel write, would they? lol. Have a great day!

bradley w
they would comment on how nasty the taste would be!


They would have to eat an eraser! LOL

>Most commercial inks are formulated to be NON-toxic in case a child (or a moron) gets a >dose down their gullet. Here's a FAQ concerning inkjet ink:

"ACSI Inkjet Ink is about as toxic as ordinary dish liquid. The dyes, pigments and solvents are intentionally chosen to be safe and non-carcinogenic. Many -- but not all -- of the chemicals used are food grade.

However, because surfactants must be added to the inks, some minor irritation can occur. And the possibility of an allergic reaction always exists -- as with any substance. See below for details and exceptions.

If you drink the ink
Most people will experience no ill effects or perhaps a mildly upset stomach and possible diarrhea from drinking a pint of the ink. Naturally, you should expect to see a colorful display as natural processes eliminate the dyes or pigments from the body. "

>However some industrial printing inks can be toxic...check THIS out:

"As every chemical in use in industry has to be on the TSCA Inventory (named for the Toxic Substances Control Act of Congress), it has to be given a CAS (Chemical Abstract of Substances) Registry Number and CA Index Name for registration and identification purposes...

Inorganic Pigments

At the present time the inorganic pigments are not a real factor in the publication, commercial and packaging fields except for whites and extenders. The inorganic colors are much weaker than organic pigments and have far lower oil absorption, this results in dispersions that have higher pigment loading and higher specific gravity particularly with those containing heavy metals. Toxicity and environmental concerns have reduced the application areas in which these pigments were widely used in the past.

Inorganic Pigments can be broken down into a number of groups based primarily on their chemical constitution..."

>Now if you're into BODY ART (tats) then check out THIS article...talk about "heavy metal"

"allergies should not be consumers' biggest worry. Research shows that common types of tattoo ink contain metals, including lead and mercury. At least one pigment used in a yellow ink contains a carcinogen."

> Hope that slakes your thirst for ink- not GET THAT PEN OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!

[email protected]

You'd prolly get a really bad stomacheache. And If you are talking about a ink bottle, you are prolly gonna get ink posioning and should call Poison Control.

depends what its made of. we eat a lot of food that has basically the same stuff in it.

There is a misconception that ink isn't harmful even if swallowed. Once ingested, ink can be hazardous to one's health. Certain inks, such as those used in printers, and even those found in a common pen can be harmful. Though ink will easily not cause death, inappropriate contact can cause effects such as severe headaches, skin irritation, or nervous system damage. These effects can be caused by solvents or by pigment constituents such as p-Anisidine, which is used in the process of creating the ink's color and shine.

The poison control center has stated that any consumption of ink should be reported to a local hospital or poison control center.
The toll-free USA national phone number is 1-800-222-1222, which automatically routes calls to a local facility.

Colorful poo.

Blue turds.

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