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What will happen if I stay awake for 4 days?
Aside from being tired, obviously, can anyone give me some indication?

Fight Poverty & Punch a Bum
well unless you tweakin or using somethin else thats not possible

I think you can actually start to hallucinate...can't remember whre I heard that...and you will be moody....very moody...like...the worst cramps possible crabby

why would you want to........

Sizz S
You might hallucinate and become extremely irritated.

Nicolae E
u will sleep with ur eyes open without you knowing it. and ur eyes will be on the verge of bursting. u will keep dozing off. and wont talk to anyone because u probably cant hear them or maybe answer them 10 minutes after they talk to you. ur senses becomes retarded . u become retarded! good luck!

You will hallucinate, lose your mind and wake up in a hospital.

Sounds fun, doesn't it? ;) j/k

errm i'm not very good in this area but i know tt ur brain will keep goin blank suddenly for a lot of times, which happened to me...

Blah Blah Blah
You're body breaks down, along with your metabolism.

dnt worry .. you wnt do that..!

the human body can go 10 days without sleep before it dies from exaustion. not sleeping for 4 days will make you feel very tired but not much else.

That when you do fall asleep you wont wake up for atleast 12+ hours...other then that you should be find as long as you get energy from food or something you drink

It wont work. The longest iv stayed up for was a little over 2 days and i passed out

Meika D
Crazy stuff dude and you will watch the weirdest stuff on TV.

You will definitely lose motor skills similar to being drunk and will experience severe fatigue. You would likely pass out before you make it 4 days but if you do make it you will sleep for a much longer period than normal to.

I don't think you can last that long. You will probably faint or maybe die. I read a lot in newspapers about some kid playing video games for 72hrs straight and dying from fatigue or something like that.

well first of all after day 2 you will start to feel a little bit sick, your eyes will feel really red and gritty and even maybe blurred....You will then start to hallucinate , hear things that not really there, or imagine things that are not real. You'll go psychotic. Its will start off nice then it will be horrible....I'm assuming you will be on some drug to do this. It can be very dangerous to your mental health so advise you to at least get about 2 hours a night. Do not drive or look after children. Drink heaps and heaps of water. You'll probably end up in the mental ward anyway cause you'll be so psychotic it will scare you. I would not recommend it. Better off just to party for 1 night 2 max then let your body re coupe. Besides like I said you must be on some drug to start with to be able to stay awake that long at that's also extra pressure on your body...Your brain will slowly shut down....good luck, I dont recommend it

Robert B
obviously exaustion. You'll feel disoriented and confused. Reasoning will likely go out the window and your subconcious and primal instincts will take over. Expect hallucinations, and eventually your body will shut down and force you to sleep.

It can be dangerous because if certain situations arise and your reasoning is defunct, you'll be relying on 'fight or flight' instinct, which can put you dangerous situations.

Don't do it.
you will likely hallucinate, become lost in waking dreams, and become generally sick

Steven P
after 3 days straight you will be considered legally insane...you will feel very disoriented...you may experience halucinations....sounds will startle you...you will experience uncontrollable body shakes...much of the same effects as lsd...there are other experiences...you will have to find that out on your own....im not sure if you can physically do it without falling asleep unless you take a mind altering substance...let us know if you try....good question.

don't drive cause you'll crash don't sit down cause you'll fall asleep , as much coffe as you may drink , it will be no good . You'll think only at home , at your bed, it's an unbeareable feeling , believe me, I used to work double shifts of 14 hours each. Horrible. Oh , and you'll look like crap! Take care!

Jan H
Your reaction time will be extremely unreliable, and you could cause damage to yourself or others if you are not careful.

Why are you doing this? Our bodies need to regenerate, and sleeping is the best way to accomplish this. All the coffee and caffene in the world will not replace the sleep your brain and body need.

It is not really a smart idea! But if you do try it, put all knives and razors away, make sure you move any furniture you might trip over, DO NOT DRIVE! Do not try to cook anything that will require lengthy concentration, because your brain will be impaired. Good luck.

Robot Dog
Your eyes will bleed and you will see strange flashes of light.

Dancer Mouse
you'll be like a girl with first-period pms lol

there will be no phycological or phisiological effects afterwards..but during

weary eyes

hullicinations (possible)
the feling like everyone is trying to kill you

after the 4 days you will sleep a little longer each day but you will be fine dont stay awake longer then 2 weeks it can kill you

hope this has helped :)

Oh I could tell you first hand what would happen!
(I have insomnia)

You loose focus easily, you can barely put a sentence together, perfect English can sometimes sound like a foreign language, your motor skills begin to get lousy, you kind of go into your own little world a bit, you get very moody, you overexaggerate emotions (someone could say "you look good" and you would be like "whatever. what's that supposed to mean?") and honestly you just wouldn't be you. Your brain shuts down so everything else does!


you wont last that long the body will just shut down and sleep you better make sure your not driving at the time

The easy experimental answer to this question is 264 hours (about 11 days). In 1965, Randy Gardner, a 17-year-old high school student, set this apparent world-record for a science fair. Several other normal research subjects have remained awake for eight to 10 days in carefully monitored experiments. None of these individuals experienced serious medical, neurological, physiological or psychiatric problems. On the other hand, all of them showed progressive and significant deficits in concentration, motivation, perception and other higher mental processes as the duration of sleep deprivation increased. Nevertheless, all experimental subjects recovered to relative normality within one or two nights of recovery sleep. Other anecdotal reports describe soldiers staying awake for four days in battle, or unmedicated patients with mania going without sleep for three to four days.

You will get very aggresive, no energy, maybe even hallucinate, lose the ability to think and reason, you will lose your coordination, all mad stuff

I always need an answer.
try and see

Ppl lie, pl sin, including jews
u will expierence the same affect as LSD.

After you stay awake for a few days you'll start seeing things and hearing things that aren't really there, I used to do it all them time cause of insomnia, It's like taking acid , but I prefer sleep (sometimes)

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