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What should you do to help a sore throat if going to the doctor is not an option?

you better make going to dr. an option

warm salt water. then plenty of just plain water..

Eat some cought drops, and make a lemon tea by boiling water and dropping a lemon slice in the water. And rub some chest rub on your throat and nostrils. It will help your throat.

Cristina D
Honey soothes your throat and it's very useful to stop caughing. Just take one spoonful slowly, letting the honey sooth the walls of the throat.


A hot cirtrus tea with honey in it.

Thomas S
Gargle with salt water. Try whiskey with lemon and honey. Or a good brandy. I hope you are 21 or have understanding parents. Also don't smoke or be around those who do.

You should definitly get some bed rest, drink hot liquids, hot soup, hot tea, even hot milk or water, or whatever you like to drink.
Here is a list of things you can try
Good Luck and get better soon! :)

drink Ginger juice with honey & lime.... it really helps...

try to gargle with lemon or salt water. Vicks around the outside of the throat at night. wrap with warm towel.

throat spray!

drink honey and lemon mix, or drink salt water

orange juice, Cranberry juice, and lots of water. No fired foods or junk food

Dr. Knowitall
Gargles.......betadine. Thrice a day.

Avoid anything chilled and spicy....and speak little.

drink hot lemon tea

Advil relieves the pain for a while


Chloraseptic,tastes nasty,works well

Gargle with hot (almost unbearable) and add a pinch of salt and a pinch of tumeric powder. Works like a charm !

old family remedy for sore throat and infection... one shot bacardi 151 .... the alcohol content is so high that it will kill any infection on its way down. be careful of throwing up.

sore throat spray. mucho cough drops.

Mummy is not at home
Gargle with warm salted water.

Go to a doctor! Recomended HI & safety

Erevos N
Lozenges (cough medicine) are often used for short-term pain relief.
Gargling with warm salty water is a popular household remedy, although there is only anecdotal evidence this gives anything other than temporary relief and likewise for the use of Aspirin gargles.
Warm tea or soup can help temporarily alleviate the pain of a sore throat.
Analgesics such as NSAIDs can help reduce the pain associated with a sore throat.
Cold beverages and popsicles numb the nerves of the throat somewhat, alleviating the pain for a brief time.
Mouthwash (when gargled) reduces the pain but only for a brief time.
There have been some studies that show ingesting a solution high in protein can have a profound relieving effect on sore throats, particularly if they are allergy related.[citation needed]
Drinking Heavy Amounts of liquid reduces the pain for a short time. However water is most recommended.

Gargle with salt water

gargle with a cup of hot salt water that will kill all the bacteria or u can drink hot Ginger tea.

Buy a avacodo... take the seed out of the avacodo and put it in a pan.. add water in it to where the seed is covered.. not too much water.. anyways, boil it til the water is marroon. drink some of that water when cooled off a little.

It is a old Indian medicine. and it really works. me and my daughter use it when we have strep throat. It has a natural antibotic in it.

Francis I Saviour
Gargle with salt water - with as much salty as possible and with as much hot as you can withstand.

Gargle Aspirin (if you are not allergic)
Gargle salt water or betadine are alternatives

Take a bit of pain relief (Acetaminophen or Paracetamol)

Drink plenty of water


take lots of C and drink fresh lemon water works every time

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