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 8 glasses of water a day is ALOTTTTTTTTT aaaaaa.?
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 How can i remove sleep from my life?
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 I've cut down to 5 ciggies a day, but feeling reaaly unwell,,,advice please?!?
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I feel exhausted 24/7, but cant sleep at night!
I have been coughing up green stuff for about 7 days

 Please help, I want a cigarette..........?
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 Do you sleep on the left or right hand side of the bed?

What kind of death do you fear the most,?
i fear being in a crushing car accident or being stabbed to death. i hope when i go ,i go in my sleep.

amber ɹəqɯ?
I heard that drowning was actually kind of peaceful.
Burning would be very painful.

I fear anything that causes me to suffer for an extended amount of time.

Certain poisons cause a pretty violent death I have heard.

If I could choose, barbiturates or bleeding out would be okay with me. You just pass out and fall asleep.

AsianPersuasion :)
I agree with Vincent, those two would have to be the worst!

Drowning. Water scares me.

♥ £.O.V.€. ♥
Illness. Cancer, mostly.

Permanent death. The dieing and coming back is okay with me. The dieing and not coming back is what I don't want.

Burning! Yikes!

I just dont want to be murdered....unless im shot from far away I guess...

Drowning would be the worst. I hate water.I can't swim and I hate water in my face. I lost a little boy when he was 18 months old to drowning.I hate to think about how he must have felt.

I am so0o scared to be stabbed to death, especially because I live by a bad city and stabbings happen all the time. I also think drowning would be horrible, could you imagine not being about to breathe for so long that you just die.

I don't fear what follows death. (& yes, I'm attempting to be polite & not incite any ill feeling from any camp of theology or lack thereof) As for the method of demise for the physical body, I agree with many of the responses. Any manner that I would choose to avoid would be anything lingering and/or extremely painful.

I think getting slice piece by piece and get burn in flames is the worst.

Lingering and being bed bound and a vegetable.

Death is death. It's the end, any way you look at it.

the death of sadness~ because if anything happened to my kids i know i would die inside and i know that would be the worst ever. I don't really fear death other than that because after all that pain i would be dead so i wouldn't remember it.

I fear a long slow death where I'm in a lot of pain. I hope I die fast.

I dont fear of death bcs it is fixed for a certain time,day , date , year

drowning or burning to death

Jaleesa H
getting shot ,painful death...

drowning because knowing that you will only be alive for as long as you can hold your breath is scary.
with burning you would pass out from the smoke inhalation before fire actually killed you.

ewww. i don't like thinking about it.

jos e
dying knowing that I didn't become the best I could become!

I don't fear death but i hate heights. So i try to stay as low as i can. lol. I don't visit my friends who live on high floors in buildings. They come and visit me. I think everyone would like to go in their sleep.
Have a great day.

Slow, disfiguring illness, like leprosy - with parts of your body rotting off or something.

Best death: hypothermia in a blizzard. Just lie down in the snow and go to sleep.

Demon Doll
I don't fear death.

I think drowning or burning to death would be the worst.

Billy Boy
A slow one.

Specifics don't matter.

Dr. Kat
Drowning or burning to death. Kinda slow, definatly painful and you have to sort of give up...that's one of the hardest things a person can do!

tootsie lou
Being raped and murdered.

lung cancer., strangulation, murder, anything, i dont want to die, i like living.

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