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What is worse weed or alchole?

anything consumed in excess is not good, just be careful at what goes in.

alcohol...theres nothing wrong with smoking weed : )

¨¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø„¸ °
alcohol deff weed is sooo much more natural and capable of things that liqour isnt AND you can make more paper out of an acre of weed plant (hemp) then you can an acre of trees.
legalize it for the good of america

if u wanna know more u can im me DoughnutsDidThis

a little bit of both dosnt hurt every now and then x

Lady Elaine
Well, do you want to waste away your mind or your liver?

dont drink an drive smoke and fly

Depends on which you are more concerned with killing, your liver or your brain cells

Brittany T


drunk=stupid, dangerous, and messy
stoned=hungry, happy, and enlightened

alcohol kills approximatly 75, 000 people per year weed kills no one you do the math

bee fan
alcohol - because it makes people violent, act stupid & be promiscuous whereas marijuana makes people relax & get all philosophical.

you can see this shown really well in the film 'Platoon' where the soldiers are split into two groups, one enjoys alcohol, violence, gambling & are the rapists. the others smoke weed, listen & dance to music together & hate the war.

there is no good reason for marijuana to be banned. it's a natural plant which has proven medicinal properties - it is actually allowed in the treatment of some diseases as it reduces shaking by relaxing the body. if it was legal, people would realise that it is excellent for relaxation. this would put an end to all the artificial drugs such as sleeping tablets but the pharmaceutical industry is huge & would never allow it.

various people here are saying 'weed obviously' with absolutely no foundation. they haven't a clue what the truth is, they're believing the words of a corrupt government. i bet they don't even know that the CIA deals in Cocaine & heroine internationally.

They are both bad,everything in moderation.Alcohol is hard on the liver in large amounts,and weed is bad for the lungs in large amounts(tar build up in the lungs)but personally I don't smoke weed anymore,but it is probably safer than alcohol all in all.

One messes with your brain and the other pickles your liver; you choose.

Medium Dave

Booze causes more violence and misery that a bit of weed could ever hope to. Booze makes you stupid, brazen, slovenly, and severly dents your ability to veto your own actions; it carries many severe health risks, and causes many deaths every single day. Weed merely makes you giggle a bit.

Obviously, weed is bad in that it's illegal. If you simply judge the two on their merits, legality aside; weed causes very little harm, whereas booze is an utter manace.

Jeronimo Rock Hopper

alcohol, it kills hundreds of thousands or people a year, second only to cancer and tobacco...

weed is just weed, its good. its cheap, its not loaded with chemicals. and wont give you a heart attack or persuade your liver to shut down...

it will never ever say; hey, lets beat teh wife unconsciouss and stamp on her head...

i we tried to get alcohol passed for human consumption, it'd be banned...

Both are not good but alcohol is an inch worse.

They are both bad in different ways.

Depends on what the heck alchole is.

Well weed is obviously easier for you to spell. So alcohol must be worse in its spellability sense.

i think alcohol

booze by far......


Alcohol by far.

Those who say weed just don't know better, look it up yourself.

And PinkBerry I don't know what history book your reading but weed has never killed anyone, ever. And alcohol kills everyday!!!

your spelling - it's alcohol

Alcohol - it can lead to domestic violence, street violence, car crashes and more. Weed does personal and societal damage too, but not as much. Just because something's legal - alcohol - doesn't mean it's not lethal.

West R
Alcohol bad
Marijuana good

Randall E
Whatever you took just before typing "alchole."

no one gets into car crashes or gets violent with weed, they just mellow out

I love my hubby :)
this is a hard one... but i would have to say alcohol! yea weed is illegal but have u ever heard of anyone dieying from weed?! i havent lol... i only hear about people dieying from alcohol!

both are bad.

alcohol is worst, but it is legal. weed will get you fines and jail time. weed does destroy families as does alcohol.

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