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 How many hrs sleep?
whats the recommened hours sleep at night?

i get 6 (i go to bed at 2am and get up about 7.45am

is that bad

i do feel tired i think i need more

has any1 got ...

 Can you drink Rain water?
is it safe to drink rain water???...

 I smoked weed twice about a month ago. will i pass a hair test at the end of december?
i had never tried drugs before and haven't touched the stuff since.
Additional Details
i work at a tire plant and they require hair tests for everybody....

 How can i get rid of a constant pressure headache i have every day?? without paracetamol/aspirin?

 Got stopped in town today whilst smoking a cigarette, they said 'are you aware its national no smoking day'?
i said "yeah & i don't care" with 4 kids its the only "VICE" i have left &
after all its my body & have failed many times at quitting
did anyone else ...

 Why am I so tired?
I been going to bed early lately and waking up real early which is a good thing so i wont' be late for work. When noon comes around and im at the office i feel so tired that i need to lay down. I...

 Really bad sore throat....?
Starting on Sunday morning I had this nasty sore throat and then later in the day I got a fever and even threw up once...last night I didn't sleep well because of this obviously and today I just ...

 Bad habit... :/?
i crack my knuckles constantly! it hurts not to crack them! is there any way i can stop??? help! :/

**easy ten points!...

 Washing hands after urination?
why is this such a big deal, say I take a shower everyday, touching the thingy for a few seconds to pee isn't dirty..? as long as pee doesnt get on me... which never happends, and pee is sterile,...

 What can I do to get up on time in the morning?
I'm a student and I need to get up at 6:45am to catch the bus to school. But no matter how early I get to sleep or how many alarms I set, it's always so hard for me to wake up on time and ...

 My **** is green?
for the past few days my **** has been green. i've been eating vegetarian for a month and a half now but i have always eaten lots and lots and LOTS of veggies. what makes my **** green?

 How many times do we have to change our underwear?

 How many hours a night do you sleep?

 I have a habit of biting my nails profusely. Does anyone have a cure or something that can make me stop ?!?

 Who is more likely to be overweight?
Men or women?...

 I quit smoking pot 3 weeks ago.What is the best way to clean out my system for a new job.I have quit for good.
I dont plan on doing it any more. I want a better job and a better life. Can some one please help me....

 Worst Physical Pain You Ever Felt?
I just passed a kidney stone and that was the worse pain I ever felt in my 40 years!
" Whats yours?"...

 How do i stop leg cramps?

 How do I get my child to eat healthily?
He exists on milk/milk-shakes, cereal, wholemeal bread, fruit juice and french-fries. I worked out that he probably meets his nutritional needs, but there's so little variety! I do try to set a ...

 What drugs make you drowsy?
Prescription or otherwise.

I need something to put me to sleep. Please help me...
Additional Details

What is the fastest way to gain confidence?

I find the best way for me to feel more confident is to dress well, to look good. Which a nice wardrobe, i feel good about myself and feel myself being more confident because of it. so quick (but by no means a 'fix') i would suggest go clothes shopping. Take a couple of friends whos opinion you trust, then even if you dont feel confident that they clothes suit you or whatever, your friends will be there to tell you otherwise.

the fastest way to gain confidence is to believe in yourself. and other to believe also.

100miles a hour along the motorway then you will feel confident only joking, dont think so deep,how does your friend get by, learn from them try some things they do ,dont think DO

Sit down and take a minute to make a list of all your great qualities.. Then make a separate list of things you would like to change about yourself... Look at the list of things you don't like about yourself and start working on improving them.. One at a time...Take the list of all the things you love about yourself, put it in your purse, and when you start to feel down on yourself pull out the list, and read it to yourself.. Eventually you will have nothing left on your list of things you hate about yourself, and the list of things you love about yourself will be twice as long!!!

Come over tonight about 8

Confidence is a conquer that spends time. Do not lie. Be confident with yourself.

Anthony S
Say hi to 10 people a day. Honestly.

Go to a spa and get a body scrub. Or something really relaxing.

janet m
just keep telling yourself its ok all things have a way of working out at some point i know its hard but they say if you try to have a positive attuide that it really works good luck


Believe in yourself.

Write ten affirmations now!! Things you like about in yourslef. Say them every day.

Try reading Susan Jeffers books - eg Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway and The Little Book of Confidence.

Think positive about yourself and hold your head high.

You're a winner!!!

Apurva Misra
being slowest in changing ur decisions nd views.... be them right or wrong


Nice girl
Lesson to any Anthony Robins tape.

just think you are as good as the rest of them. never down yourself and hold you head up and get on with it.

Lose weight (exercise will also make you feel better) and go shopping for cute smaller cloths and styles shoes w/purse to match. Treat yourslef and go to the spa, get your nails done, a pedicure and hair is a must!! Go to the makeup counter and get a make over, and buy some new make. Then plan a wild weekend with some friends or family..go out on the town and show off your new look!!!
Good Luck!!!

Do a self-inventory. Speak highly of yourself. Accept your weaknesses and approve on them. Do not rely on others to give you compliments and praise. Praise yourself. Dress well, eat right. Look people in the eye. Tell the truth. Think before you speak. Love yourself.

Just start acting/behaving as if you are confident. Then it will start coming naturally, especially when you notice all the positive responses you get.

"Fake it 'till you make it."

princess angel 2207
believe in yourself.

Mr Hawk
do all the things you are afraid to do over and over

Schelle S
Read the number one rule in the Rules book.

Alcohol is fast and cheap but there are specific drugs out there that don't give you a hangover.

Now if you were to ask what is the best way to gain confidence - well that's a lifetime occupation.

Kango Man
Bungee Jumping.

if you believe that you are the child of God, that is all the confidence that u need. and love yourself people are cruel and words can hurt. but you have got to know that strength comes from within

Some people say "fake it 'til you make it". Just keep telling yourself that you are confident and it will be. :)

Buy a gun.

(just kidding)

Set goals - when you make them your confidence and self esteem will rise and soon you will be ready to do anything. I love setting small goals and finishing them - It makes me happy to accomplish something.

Try to be patient.

It is the quality of the confidence, and not the quantity.

I used to be shy, but the most satisfactory way to deal with it has been living life.

I may stll suffer a bit from calligynephobia (fear of beautiful women)!!!

The fastest way to gain confidence is to learn more about yourself by taking 10 minutes to read the webpage below. It is called Rx for Life and it has things you can do to keep increasing that confidence every week. Plus, at the beginning, it tells you the latest thing that Bill Gates (richest man in the world) is doing to become happier.

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