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What is the dirtiest part of your body?
I just want to know whats the the dirtest part of your body is

"your mind if it has been given up to the devine Allha's orders and surrendered to devil"now it will turns more worst in the hell if he died in the same condition the condition it has.otherwise u are the purest one on the earth.

None, as long as you maintain the required daily hygiene of your body.

Your hands, you do everything with your hands you touch everything with your hands and germs and backteria are everywhere as u know. Dirt gets caught under your nails. That is why medical personnel and food workers have to constantly wash their hands and should be doing it for at least 3 minutes. Nest I would say the ears because people seem to neglect this area much more and the are constantly exposed just like the face. Then the mouth becasue of what goes in and what comes out.

chuck g
As stated already, your mind.

Dana B
Your mouth.

mouth, fingernails, hands...because they are constantly interacting with bacteria

your hands

Sam T
My nose... from all the exhaust I am breathing in living in the city...

between the toes

probably your hands

Adam S
Well, the question is relative. it really depends on a person's hygiene. The anus is obviously the dirtiest, but does it have the most germs is a totally different question. Depending on how many times a person washes their hands in a day is directly related to the number of germs present. The hands come in contact with more germs, but the human body is resilient against most of them. Ecoli and hepatitis are spread through fecal matter and urine which makes the waste release areas the actual dirtiest.

I agree with the folks here who say the hands and mouth. And I would lean toward hands myself, except for one thing. I started using Hydrogen Peroxide as a Mouthwash after brushing. Each time, the peroxide becomes a thick foam, which surprises me. I figured after using it regularly for a few days that the amount of foaming would gradually reduce, but it doesn't. The life cycle of mouth germs - a renewed eco-environment every 24 hours!!


June S
Your mouth is the dirtiest part of your body. It is full of bacteria.

dawn p
i think its under your fingernails

Your mouth, it has the more bacteria than anywhere else in the body.

I was told that is was your hair. like your head, but idk. it may be your mouth

Luna B

The mouth

I heard belly button is. When i got mine pierced everyone including the piercer was like be careful and keep it clean and take care of it cause it is the dirtiest place on your body. Idk why it is though.

™ ♥♥♥

ruby m
my hair lol

Ur brain is bcoz ..its here that u get obnoxious thoughts ..

Hands, mouth, buttox, feet, fingernails, toenails, nostrils, hair, anything can be basically.

A human mind.

If I had to guess, I would say it would always be the bottom of the feet.

The hand thing is kind of nasty too when you think about it... everytime you touch a handrail, think about how many people touched it before you...

my feet. everytime i wear flipflops, you can see the footprint in them. even when i buy BRAND NEW flip flops, the day AFTER i got them, you could see the footprint in them. and everytime i look at my feet, i always see a black print in them. it's kind of embarassing. becuase i'm a very clean person.

Most probably it would be your hands, when you think about how often we use them and the things we touch everyday in between washing them.

probably my belly button.

My mind!

Kari R
I have heard the dirtiest part of a human body is the mouth and hands.

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