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Vincent K
What is the best way to help my 5 year old daughter who is now close to 80 pounds lose some weight?

get her to go on a walk with you every day. make sure she gets exercise every day and try and clean out your fridge and cuboard of any junk food and start buying more healthy foods that taste good and appeal to 5 year olds.

It is hard to say without knowing what type meals you serve her. Definitely cut out the sugars. Even too much fruit is bad, but better than cake, candy, ect. Make sure she is active. Try to serve balanced meals with healthy snacks.

Spider Writer
Do stuff outside together. Go for walks, walk a dog, ride bicycles, take dancing lessons, enroll in a parent/child jazzercise class and restrict in between meal snacks.

she needs to move! swimming lessons,playing in the park, running on a beach, get her out of the kitchen. It is up to you to restrict her diet, treats are fine in moderation as long as she is active enough to burn the calories off

First make her an appointment with a pediatrician to ensure that there is not a physical cause for the weight gain (Thyroid), follow his advice as to diet, etc. if there is no underlying cause. Then engage her in some physical activities -enroll her in dance classes, play games with her that require some physical activity, or involve her in some exercises with you leading the way.

he or she is 5 so you control their food intake. just stop giving them bad food!!!!
no fast food and no sugar if your child is 80 lbs at 5 he or she might have diabetes so no sugar and starches and no fried foods. bake or grill or boil all foods. give them lots of veggies to snack on all day instead of chips and candy. and fruits too. last but not least no soda not even diet its just not good for kids. water is the best and crystal light is good to. kids think its kool-aid and it doesn't have and calories or sugar. please keep an eye on your child's weight and play with them keep them active so they just don't set in front of a t.v and eat all day. good luck

put her on a low glycemic diet and give her mannabears.

info on my page. mannatech.com

This may sound stupid, but STOP feeding her.

Talk to her doctor about how many calories she needs at her age. Then just plan a balanced diet around it.

No more junk food. No more using cookies as treats or rewards.

I wouldn't go telling her she's "fat". Just say "this is all you're getting for dinner" and end the discussion there... don't argue.

I would start by cutting back on her portions,
Serve her meals, put an appropriate amount of food on her plate for her and don't let her get her own food.

Serve her a balanced low fat diet. Try lean meats, chicken and fish. Fresh fruits and veggies. Cut out things like fruit juices, (they seem healthy but are really only pure sugar) switch to 2% or skim milk, limit carbohydrates (potatoes, corn, bread, rice, and pasta) to one meal a day. Don't allow her to eat between meals,
you can't deny kids all desserts, but try to make them something healthy, low fat frozen yogurt, sugar free popsicles, and sugar free jello.

Get her active,
take her for walks, do some aeobics, or play kickball. Exercise is good for everyone.

Eating healthy and exercising yourself sets a good example.

Whatever you do,
don't make it obvious that you are putting her on a diet. Just start doing things more healthy.... Making the child feel bad about her weight, especially at this young age, can lead to eating disorders.

If you have any further questions or concerns, talk to her pediatrician and ask for a referal to a nutritionist.

If your 5 yr. pld is overweight , it is usually caused by one of the following fsctors:
She is eating too much junk food(McDonald's , etc.) If this is the case maybe you'd be wise too cut out such food & regulate her meals.
The 2nd cause of an overweight child is usually due to a gene in her body that is not absorbing the fat content of her food, therefore it is not breaking it down.If I were u I'd talk to the family Dr. & ask him(her) to give u the name of a dietician who deals with the causes of children overweight
Whatever the cause PLEASE take your daughter for a complete checkup as soon as possible to determine what is the best way to deal with this before she gets older & develops a whole new set of medical problems
GOOD-LUCK****( XXOO to your lovely daughter.) REBELCAT.!!!!

Well, take your daughter to the pediatrician. ask him what she needs to weigh. Take her to a dietician, he or she can help you make better choices for your daughter. Also see that she doesnt eat junk food, and see that she gets exercise daily.


its summer take her swimming the more fun it is for a kid that needs to lose some lbs the better. they wont no they r exercising all the no is they r having fun

Good Lord. Well, first you need to put locks on all your food cabinets (no joke). Second, you need to work with her school to make sure she does not overeat at school. Third, she needs to get exercise and make that a part of her lifestyle. Fourth, as parents, you have to serve as good examples and eat healthily and lose weight, too.

Take all junk food out of your house and only have fruits vegetables and healthy things to eat

Do this soon before it becomes a life long problem for her. Take all the snack foods, processed foods, candy, cake and pastries out of the house. This means the whole family will be forced to eat good nutritional meals and snacks. Stock the kitchen with fresh fruits and vegetables, and chicken, fish, and lean beef. Prepare the meats, and veggies and freeze in small portions to be microwave heated. The chicken can be cut in strips, and refrigerated for quick protein snacks with a banana, apple slices, and carrot and Celery sticks. Limit T.V. and Video games to a total of 2 hrs daily. (split into 1/2 hr sessions) This way they don't feel deprived of what the like. Please please make sure your daughter gets plenty of exercise. Take her to swim classes, arrange play dates w/ friends in the park or playground. Sign her up at the y.m.c.a for any activity that interests her. Buy her some roller skates, and your self too, and find a bike or skate trail. You must help curb this problem before it gets out of control. Have you consulted her pediatrician? He can give you a plan for the best nutrition for her age. Have you had her examined for a Thyroid problem? I have grandsons who are 5 and 7. The 5 yr old is in the 95th percentile for height, but weighs only 52 lbs. My 7 yr old is in the 50th percentile for his height, and weighs only 60 lbs.
Those weights are average for their ages and heights. 80 lbs. at 5 years old, is overweight no matter how tall she is.

Talk to a pediatrician....and do what they say.

Help her to get some healthy habits. Healthy foods for meals and snacks. (fruits and veges) Teach her about foods that help your body........teach her about foods that really don't do anything for your body and teach her about foods that can actually be detrimental to her health.......JUNK FOODS! Get her active...go for walks....play play play! If you don't see any progress go to her pediatrician! Also get her drinking lots of water and not as much juices if she is a juice drinker....lots of sugars.......and no sodas. Good luck to you!!!!!!! And bless you for being a caring parent!

I love my Fiance'
stop feeding her junk food if u r and maybe u can put on a diet not to mean or anything....

Have her walk around the perimeter of house 5 times 1/2 hour after she eats, gets home after dining out, eat less junk food, swimming. and if all else fails, see a doctor, maybe it is a glandular problem.

keep feeding the fat Kid. So I can see her on T.V. and laugh. It's your fault, your the person providing her with the grub! Shes not at the store with her credit card buying the junk! She is 5.
Sooo.... put her outside and have her run around without a handfull of twinkies.


that is your fault slick. stop feeding her junk. only healthy snacks. reward her for active playing time, not sitting in front of a tv all day.

oh dear. i'm 13 and i'm only about 90 pounds. but i'm not nor do i look anorexic. i'm healthy. =)

well, when sheeats, tell her to eat an apple or something. walk everyday. play sports. salads. healthy food.

Erica B
First, consult her doctor. He can probably recommend some dietary changes and she may need to be checked for metabolic or genetic disorders, including childhood diabetes, that may be contributing to the problem.

Second, start cutting out her sweets and switch her over to healthy snacks. Fruits (but not too many), veggies, yogurts and the like. If she's the rebellious type I wouldn't suggest a rapid change, but a gradual system should work for her.

first I would go to the doctor and discuss what could be the problem. It definately is not normal and medical advise is the best place to start.

Take away her fork...

That and get the crap out of your house... you know... crap like Coke... Seven up... mars bars.... Those sugar coated frosted flakes, followed by a bowl of Ice cream, covered in chocolate syrup.

Get rid of trans-fats... all those partilly hydrogenated oils that go into so many things you feed your kid... the icing on the cake... the shortening in her crackers... Good God man... read the damned lable before you stuff that crap in her mouth.

My friend is teaching her kids to look on the package and learn what a serving is. They then get only that amount.

She also feeds them every four or so hours to avoid hunger. They get 3 "real" meals, proportioned by serving size and "snacks" (fruit, veggies, whole grain stuff, pretzels, etc.)

And once a week or so, they get a treat night, with a dessert. She taught them that if they have too many sweets, they will get sick of them.

Also, they do not drink soda or anything high in sugar content. She makes a point to drink water in front of them and follow the plan above. She even takes snacks with her, so fast food is not an option.

Her kids are healthy and seem happy.

Sora Laura
Give her a limited amount of coke and drinks that have sugar in them. An 8 oz cup of kool aid has 9 teaspoons of sugar in it. Coke has 10. Cutting back on these drinks will help her lose some weight

well..i guess firstly u shoudn't allow her to eat too many sweets and fats. keep her on healthy vegetable and fruit and fibre diet..and try taking her to swimming classes. not only that she'll lose wieght, but her muscles will be more toned and her whole body will benefit. if not swimming..any other sport is welcome

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