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J mister
What happens if you dont get alot of sleep?
what happens if you get 6 or 7 hour of sleep? i normally go to bed at 4 and wake up at 12...sometimes i go to bed at 4:30 5 and wake up at 1..is this bad?

you are screw2ing up your sleep schdule. you will feel tired or the need to sleep when you really do not need it. it will be hard to fall asleep at a certain time.

Six hours of sleep is all right for most adults, at least for a while. Seven is really fine for most people.

The chances of having a fatal heart attack increase fairly dramatically for most people, though, if they get less than five and a half hours of sleep for three or more nights in a week. Also, one's mental functions can be severely (and permanently) affected by chronic lack of sleep, and one's I.Q. score can drop by several points. Heart arrhythmias can also become more common and troubling with severe sleep debt.

Old & Cranky
I think sleep is more important than food! I went on a fast for 6 days (no food only water) and was fine. However, if I stay up all night, I feel like ****! You should sleep as much as you need too. Do you still feel tired? You might need more sleep.

you should go 2 bed early and wake up early.this is really bad 2 go to bed early.

It all depends on your age, what you do for a living, or hobby and your body's metabolism.

Mrs. Joe Jonas<3
dudeeeeeeeeeee,thats exactly my sleep scedual! i go tto bed between 4-5,but i wake up between 11-3. lol

Christopher P
it's very bad. basically our liver repair at around 11pm to 1am. gall bladder 1am to 3am. most of people might think gall bladder is not important. let me tell you the truth, gall bladder helps us to control and take in minerals from our food and distribute accordingly. if this not working well, u will gain weight and look older, more wrinkles and always tired, low performance. it will also affect your vitality. :) and liver is our detox organs, if he dont rest and keep on stressing to work when suppose to rest. it will fail to detox and u will get sick often and alot of unwanted "pimple" in every parts of your body.... :) and you will have more LDL(low density libo-protein in your blood vessel) which will cause heart attack, high blood pressure, kidney problem, diabetes... u can try Magnetic therapy to help you in resolve insonmia. it's effective. u can get it from me as well ...

Sounds like eight hours of sleep to me.

you have to give your body time to heal when you go to sleep but i think 6 to 7 hours is pretty good

Ashley <3
Yes its very bad, youll get bags and your body wont function as good... but you wont even notice b/c ur body will be used to it... like a normall routine you should defin be on a better sleepy schedual.. but hey i cant say much im still up....

Jeena A
You are drowsy you dont want to do anything you end up sleepign intstead of being active and you result in getting sick

if you dont get the sleep you need yyou will wake up sleep and want more sleep and if you have,work/school the next day and if you have a test you will fail or fall asleep on your test and you be angry and crke

lol nah its not THAT bad, just make sure youre getting enough sleep, and food and all that, and you should be fine. i do the same. pretty much youll just be operating at a different time schedule thing lol

no dude the 8 hours thing is a myth serious you put this question 6 hours ago right now it is 4:36 am and i stay up till 5 am yesterday and went to sleep late i read this article about this scientist in england saying that most people are diffrent with sleep ranging from 3 to 11 hours your fine what works for you works for you

chloe j
it depends on your age. if you are passed the age of 30, its ok it just means your going to be more irritable and could get sick more easily. If your are younger it can effect how you eat, your moods, control of your body, ect. Sleep is a time for your body to recharge. Its better to get more sleep but it won't kill you to get 6 hours. It will if you are younger of get no sleep.

Emily M.
Well, nothing really "happens". I sleep about for that amount, sometimes I even sleep for 12 hours. But you may be a little tired, but you won't get like really REALLY sleepy, you'll maybe be tired if you have a habit of sleeping more.

Nooo, not at all.

You get almost 8 hours of sleep 4-12 is 8 hr.
5-1 is the same.

You get nearly a correct amount of sleep.

I sleep almost the same times and I have been for over a month. No side effects whatsoever.

6 or 7 is still ok, your body is probably used to it.

my husband gets only 18 minutes of REM sleep so he will have to get a cpap to help him breathe and sleep better

if you really get very little sleep, you will weigh 300 pounds, get high blood pressure and cardiac problems along with inability to breathe and heavy snoring

in extreme cases it can actually drive you insane... like it's done to me.. you'd be suprised the things sleep deprevation can do to the human mind.

Hey I do the same thing during this time (the summer) during the school year it usually 1am-6am.

It will not harm you if your body is used to it.
If you feel drowsey at all, sleep quickly.
But, if you can get until 4am without feeling tired, your body has adjusted to this.
If you feel tired and cannot sleep, see a professional....or try sleeping pills, but BE CAREFUL if thats the case.

if you lose too much sleep, you get testy and if you drive, you have a chance of falling asleep behind the wheel and maybe kill someone or yourself.

ahmad a
once i didnt sleep well for like a week and in the weekend on saturday i sleeped for 9pm till 4PM the next day (19 hours of sleeping) amazingly after i woke up i slept at 9pm and woke up the next day normal

The Little Bad
If you do not get the amount of sleep your body requires each night, it ages you. You can recover sleep, but you only have three days in which to do it. In other words, if you only got 4 hours of sleep tonight and your body needs 8 hours, you have three days to sleep the extra four hours before it is to late. If you do not get the sleep you need consistently, you will look very old, very quickly! Also, you cannot "store-up" on sleep. Like if you know you are only going to get six hours of sleep tomorrow night, you cant sleep for 10 hours tonight in anticipation.

well when you vary your hours of sleep and when alot, it changes your sleeping pattern often, making you tired throughout the day, it could end up making you sick and you'll lose quite a bit of concentration.

That's just an odd schedule for sleeping, but it's still the average amount of sleep people get. They suggest 8 hours, but personally I think anywhere from 6.5 to 8 hours usually is sufficient. You just have a strange sleep schedule, and it's not healthy to change your sleep schedule often because you can become fatigued, both mentally and physically, and not as alert or attentive. So try to pick a schedule and stick with it.

yes and obama will get you if you dont get to bed on time.... i heard he live;s in your closet

haha you sound like me!
its okay tho cuz i mean its summer vacation

but overall sleeping less will slow down ur metabolism, cause you to look like a mess, and even make you cranky

so get some goodnight sleep :)

8 hours is the " Normal" range but ever one is differnt if you feel fine then do it but to your frist ? you will become tierd if you dont sleep :)

Wow that's exactly what I do lol. I am nocturnal haha :] I thought i was the only one.

But 6 to 7 hours isnt THAT bad, depending on what you do during the day. But you should get like 8-10 hours each night. But idk, I feel fine and I do the same thing as you.

Those hours are weird but 6-7 hours is okay for an adult. Kids need like 10-12, teenagers and young 20's need like 8 but can function on 6-7 and adults need probably 8, but I think you can still function, like you probably won't have side effects. As long as you don't get sleepy during the day or start to gain weight. If you do, sleep a little longer.

Razor Sharp
It's fine

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