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Lil Danca
What are your opinions on smoking?
what are your opinions on smoking? also, do you smoke?
Additional Details
to snerval... i am not smoking anything apart from normal cigarettes i aint no pothead.

no its minging! but everyone in my family does.x

I am a non smoker and i know its really bad for you but my husband is a very heavy smoker...two packs a day, he knows its bad for him but he started at 14, but i am drilling into my two kids, please dont smoke when they are adults...hopefully they will heed to my warning and the lessons they get in health class on the ads on tv.

no option. everyone does what pleases them in life... I was a smoker for the past 32 years, and i gave up last year. after so many failed attempts in the past.... last year i made it. task not easy. but i feel 1 hundred % better. i would give that advice to all the smokers who only wish to give up smoking. Try. & Try again and in the end you will succeed .. mind over matter.

ken m
smoking is a personal choice ,good or bad its yours to make ,what doesn't kill you today stress fast food ,softdrinks ...the fact is death is com min enjoy the time you have what ever that may be

Smoking is such a weird concept. Inhaling smoke into your lungs... You wouldn't stand with your head in a bonfire!

I gave up smoking a year ago after smoking for 10 years and its the best thing I ever did. I just wish I had the courage to have done it years ago.

Although now that I've stopped smoking I can smell it on other people and really cant stand it when other people smoke around me. I guess when you are a smoker you cant tell how much it really stinks!
I guess they are right when they say ex-smokers are worse than non-smokers.

My advice would be to never ever start smoking in the first place!

Dirty, disgusting habit that will use up ur money, drive people away from u, and send u to an early grave. I hate smoking & what it did to my Grandad. He died of lung cancer. If it wasn't for those ruddy ciggerettes, he may still be here! I'm so glad my dad quit before it was too late... I don't think I could handle losing another close family member to smoking.

By reading what I've wrote above, u can probably tell that I don't smoke, and will NEVER do it. EVER.

Sorry, I got kinda mad there :)

I do not smoke. I have read in a PUBLIC health awareness brochure says that tobacco smoke contains around 4,000 different chemicals. Many of them are poisonous and some can cause cancer. Three of the main components are: Nicotine, TAR & CARBON MONOXIDE.


Wicked Witch of Yorkshire
I don't smoke and I don't like it when people smoke around me.
If people do want to smoke then that's their choice but they shouldn't do it in front of non smokers.

Trace Element
I used to smoke, quit "cold turkey" and can't stand being around people who smoke anymore.

it is just a prove that people can do something useless just coz they like it, and in fact they dont, but they got addicted and they are too weak to quit

so what i think about smokers, alcoholics and drug addicts,

losers/weakers.. thats what:)

Amen :)

have a nice day :)

I know smoking is bad, but I still do it anyway. I started up right before college and I don't know what I would have done without those breaks in studying.

I tried to quit cold turkey at the beginning of the summer, but I only lasted 5 days before I broke down. I've switched to a lighter cigarette recently, and am down to only 2 smokes a day, so there is hope I guess.

I just don't want to take a chance. I love to smoke, I love to handle a cigarette, I love to talk to people who are smoking as well....but in the long run its not worth it....I've noticed a slight yellowing of my teeth - and it makes me want to quit that much more!

And smoking in public places like restaurants = yuck. I've done it, I'm a smoker, but I can't stand it for some reason!

smoking is better than drinking is some ways like it doesnt change one's character like how drinks do..its ok if u smoke in moderation or occasionally n not being a chain smoker...yea, occasionally

smoking?....bad habbit.....

no, i dont smoke but i think its really nasty and u dont want 2 kiss n e one who smokes cuz thier breath will stink rite. its gross dude dont do it

Hate it! Don't understand why anyone would do it. Costs a foutune, Makes you smell and gives you a slow death.

I smoke, and I wish I could quit. I have tried and tried, but with no success. I always come back to it.

I work for a Oncologist, so I have seen what smoking can do to lungs.....Throw away your cigarettes!!!! its never to late

kenny m
i smoke and i dont like it its the worst thing you can do

It is a no-win habit. It is expensive to buy cigs, then expensive to have medical problems later because of it. I recently saw a man check into a hotel holding 2 cartons of cigarettes, then cough all the way down the hall to his room. I know it is a hard habit to break, so if you don't smoke, don't start.

yes i smoke. Each to their own. Although I do believe that we shouldnt puff around non smokers

oh-so- Laid-back
i try hard to avoid things that will kill me and i find it unnecessary,but i do have a problem with smokers.

I personally do not as I love my teeth and their nice shade of white. I think that it isn't an attractive smell or look, but if you do it in private I think smoking in moderation isn't bad. Public smoking is rude and inconsiderate in my opinion and I'm glad that the law is taking precautions to take care of it. I'm in high school and I'm appaled by the amount of people who smoke. I don't understand what the appeal is, really. I mean, they have to start somewhere...why did they start? I think addictions of any kind are lame.

It's their body they're ruining.. so as long as they know the consequences, I believe it is really up to them. I do not smoke though.

njjjkjfj !
Don't do it. DUH!

Katie Renee
Smoking is disgusting. It smells horrible, it IS horrible. And clearly people who start smoking now a days are ignorant to the horrible side effects of it. Not to mention, ever kiss a smoker? Gross.

everyone knows how bad it is now, anyone who claims to not understand what smoking does to your body has to be lieing. and since people continue to smoke regardless, it must be ridiculously addictive, either that or these people really just dont care about themselves

revolting habit, disgusting. and people who do smoke- stink when you stand next to them.

Fool in the Rain
I do smoke occasionally. I don't smoke usually until around 9:00 or 9:30 until my son goes to sleep. Smoking is bad enough for me, I don't want to expose my son to the smoke. I wouldn't smoke around someone who didn't like smoking either. I can be respectful. But, I hate those people who are rude about smokers. Mind your own business and if you don't like it move along.

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