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What's the best way to stop the blood if you cut yourself while shaving?
(Don't say tighten the tour'niquet around your neck.)

you can get sticks from pet shops, Zinc I think, that are used to stem the blood flow if you cut the animals quick when you trim their nails. Might work. I gave up shaving coz I cut myself too much- why not try waxing or depilatory cream instead?

Stephen H
Depends how bad the cut is, usually just a piece of damp tissue until the flow ebbs - but remember to take it off your face before you go anywhere. Don't use dry tissue otherwise it will stick and then when you pull it off it will start bleeding again.

You still can't beat a piece of tissue/toilet paper. Always works.

apply pressure to the area , then place a small piece of toilet tissue on the area .

Wrap a towel around your neck.

apply direct pressure with a tissue. If it's deep, might need to get to ER quick

apply Turmeric powder on the wound.

tissue paper

Piece of toilet tissue pressed onto the cut. The paper helps the blood to clot.

your own spittle.

You can buy wax sticks from chemists, alot better than bog paper!

Buy an electric razer- saves on this embarrasing problem !!

Clag a bit of loo roll on it.

just wash the part and apply auntment

you can get this very clever stuff in a spray can that is completely transparent and acts like a plaster. it will stop the bleeding and you can leave it on unlike tissue paper without anyone noticing. you can use it on all other types of cuts or grazes in the same way you would use a plaster - highly recommended

put pressure on it for about 2 minutes to allow the blood to form a clot. You will have a red clotted blood formation on your skin, but i think that is better than those white toilet paper pieces becasue when you rip those off you start to bleed and you have to reapply pressure to form a new clot becasue the clot was ripped off. So you actually save a stel if you just apply the pressure. :)

aiyoh...the blood won't be alot...just wait for it to stop bleeding...

sticky fingers

Tighten a torniquet.............


Traditional to use bits of tissue.

But try not to cut yourself in the first place. Use a decent razor.

apply cold compress. it constricts the blood vessel or wash your face with cold water.

I always find chalk is the best thing or Talc. You used to be able to buy 'barbers chalk' made for the purpose but I don't know if that is available anymore.

yeah well
superglue - no joke

my dad used to rip off little pieces of Kleenex, wet them a bit and apply them to his cuts until they stopped bleeding! It worked!.

the mag
if the tissue doesnt stop it i put an ice cube on. seems to work for me

Press the bleedin' location for a while and have a clean after the blood is stop

i normally have a long shower

A bit of pepper on the wound.

Stuart T
I don't think there is a way. You just have to wait about an hour or so until your body decides that maybe bleeding to death from a shaving wound is unacceptable! You could try burning the wound though but this might lead to scaring!

some cream or baby oil

bits of paper stuck to face looks funny but does work

The only way to stop a cut bleeding quickly is to dry out the top layer of blood that is why using bits of tissue paper is most effective. Hope you don't mind me sending this tip but if you apply baby oil to your face fifteen minutes before shaving it softens the hair which reduces the blade snagging on your skin therefore reduces the risk of cuts. Also using hair conditioner (i know it sounds crazy) instead of shaving foam. Get your stubble/hair as soft as you can for a more comfortable shave.

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