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john s
Tips of how to fall asleep faster?
My dad said that I thought of stuff too much tahts why I cant fall sleep, can u give me any tips?
Additional Details
tomorrows the first day of school, but ive been having trouble since a month ago

try listening to music while you try to sleep. get comfortable close your eyes and try to start a dream.
hope i helped =]

You can count 1 sheep, 2 sheep etc... all the way to 100 and you can read a book and you will fall asleep before you know it.

Try a hot bath or shower before bed.Then,there's the old stand-by,warm ilk(it works)don't eat anything just before bed &try to keep regular hours to go to bed

book writer
When you go to bed clear your head of everthing and if you catch yourself thing of something stop doing it, and go to sleep!

Michelle =P
Try not to tose and turn, just lie still - the less you move, the better.
As soon as a thought pops into your head, take it out.
Just think of a clear blue ocean, and the waves moving.
Keep your eyes close, and try not to open them.
Since tomorrow's your first day of school, I doubt even with tips that you'll fall alseep, I think you'l have too much on your mind and no matter how hard you try to ignore them, they'll always be in the back of your mind.
Maybe you'll just have to deal with it - for tonight atleast.
Anyways, good luck.

~Gilly Girl~
thinking helps ME fall asleep guess not you though. i like to hear the sound of a ticking clock when i go to bed. its just so relaxing.

Lucario Riolu
make sure rooms is dark
and rub ur face on ur pillow has fast as u can and never stop intill out of energy

concentrate on a soft, monotonous sound, like the sound of your ceiling fan going. that may help with the thinking too much.

also, you may have an uncomfortable mattress, which makes it harder to sleep.

I usually go over the words of songs that I am learning. By the third song, I am usually asleep.

taurine is an amino acid that calms the brain take 1-3 grams before bed and you will sleep like a log.

First try to relax yourself in order to be able to sleep faster, check if you are not eating something heavy before going to sleep that is not helping you to do that, also try to listen soft music if you are the ones that with music can fall asleep, if not try reading just before sleep.

prepare your mind before going to sleep, what you did all day long good what you couldnt good too, by thinking if this or that won't make a difference, and after thinking it that simple its easier to fall asleep and you will find that whenever you have the chance to do things you will and not torment yourself before going to sleep. (being there done that) Hope it works for you too.

Sometimes helps to drink honey with milk. or even the clasic countdown: "One white big sheep jumping around the fence .... two...."

Have great dreams :D

try exercising 1 to 2 hours before bed time. limit caffeine intake. Ever since I started exercising before bed and limiting my caffeine, I was able to fall asleep better. Also turmoil in your life can also reek havoc on your bodies natural serotonin level.

good luck.

meeka o
Reading helps me to fall asleep.

Listening to soothing music.

There is a relaxation technique where you think about each part of your body relaxing and falling asleep, starting with your toes and working up (or visa versa).

warm milk and honey before bed.
"Sleepy Time" tea before bed.

If you don't have any alergies you could take some Valarian Root 30 min. before bedtime or Melatonin (both over the counter vitamin supplements). If you're underage discuss with your family first!!!!

I suffer from insomnia and also have major issues falling asleep. I go to bed an hour before I need to sleep and lay quietly and watch a boring TV show. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt!! Good luck and try to turn off the thoughts by writing them all down before bed and then putting them out of your mind til morning

you should try to dream about something that you wish could happen and close your eyes and relax.

I listen to audio books at night, and I usually fall asleep during the first half hour or so. The reason this works for me is that I can listen with my eyes closed and the lights off, laying in the same position in which I sleep. If you buy the audio book on disks and load them into iTunes, it will play continuously from beginning to end--assuming, of course that you have your computer in your room.

i would listen to music it could help.

Melissa R
- yes, you need to destress yourself before going to bed. if you go to bed with too much on your mind you will never fall asleep. here are some tips:

- try drinking some warm milk
- wash up well before you intend on going to bed
- lie on the couch about half an hour before you go to bed and already have your pjs on
- try some relaxation/meditation
- once you are in bed, listen to a cd/mp3 player of relaxing music, nothing loud or too fast...calm, peaceful music is recommended

hope this helps!

Latoya G
count from a 100 backwards, this always works for me

just try to stay awake it never fails

Count your breaths

I had the same problem. Try meditating to clear your mind

take a cool shower, part of the natural going to sleep process is the body cooling down, a cool/cold (not freezing) shower strips some of the heat out of your body and helps this process along.

For those with RLS (restless leg syndrome) a cool/cold water rinse with a handheld showerhead to remove heat from your legs and buttocks may help provide relief, that was a happy coincidence for me using the above method long before RLS was recognized by the medical profession.

LOL, I had another thought, I like watching David Lettermans show, not that he's boring but I find his humor is pleasantly relaxing and all too often I fall asleep during his show even when the intention is to stay up and watch.

Don't drink caffeinated drinks in the 8 hours before your sleep like cola.

*♥MiiSz uNiiQu3♥*
count sheep

Join the military, and you will want to sleep whenever you are not at work...... and then sometimes when you are at work.

He's right, get up earlier, go to work, have some drinks, get to bed early... Repeat.

yeah, your dad is right. try listening to the music.

Read something you enjoy. Not homework. Get some books at the library on a subject you like and read them in bed. That should do it.

Listen to soft music; or watch tv in bed until you fall asleep?

Honestly... get drunk, beat off, or take a sleeping pill.

watch tv before u go to bed....read book,,,,,

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