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x Beckii Boo x
So..I tried weed this weekend..?
does it have any BIG effects? I wanna try it again next weekend, I'm not addicted like im gonna die without it, its jus i would have it if it was given to me..almost everyone i know smokes it i dont wanna seem odd..but on the inside i feel like im letting my mum down =[
Additional Details
oh yeah, and how long do the munchies last?

Good Ol' Gary Shanty
if you dont really wanna toke then dont. leave it for people who LOVE it

Dr Frank
You are quite likely to become addicted in the future. If you continue you will increase your risks of psychiatric disease, notably depression and schizo-affective disorders. Also chronic users develop brain atrophy which causes and accelerates dementia. It also has similar risks to cigarettes.

yeah you're not addicted now, but wait a few more weeks and u will. trust me, i did it, and i quit doin it.

william s
Your are stupid, go ahead and kill yourself, just don`t tell us about it

You asked the question...now take the advice..Over 90% of respondents indicate that they know this to be a bad idea, presumably from both solid opinion and in some cases actual experience.

Any of the stoners I have known from school, are working for minimal pay and will always be poor.

So, this weekend when you light that doobie, take some time to practice your lines. Paper or plastic maam? Fries with that? Yes boss, I can clean those toilets now, what do I need to do to apply for welfare?

Get some new friends. The ones you have now will not remember you in a few years anyway.

Just because your friends are all doing it doesn't mean you have to be a sheep and follow them. If you keep trying it again and again you might find that you eventually become addicted to it. If you keep smoking it, over time it can damage your brain and cause things like paranoia, depression and probably other things. I would think that if your Mum found out she probably would be very disappointed. Some of my friends smoked it in college but I never did and never want to. No one ever thought less of me because I didn't want to smoke it.

you will turn into a schitzo.. so gd luck. *loser*

Bernadette G
Yes it does have BIG effects, particularly on personality, behaviour and mental health. However, most weed smokers deny this. My son is one of them and he'd rather be with his weed than with people who love him. You are letting yourself and your Mum down. Stop it. She deserves better from you and you know it.

please for your sayk dont smoke it !!! even your friends do it there weak minded just dont do it

hope your not looking for a job lately

Austin c
its horrible it will hurt you and you can get addicted and your mom will be so sad and depressed if she finds out.

bouncer bobtail
You'll become even more BORING than you are now. You are addicted, I'll bet its all you and your freinds can talk about. Get out and meet some healthy people, before its too late.

Its a great social drug if you just keep it to weekends but trust me ive been smoking the **** for 19 years and I am always trying to chuck it and I will probably will always be trying to chuck it.
So my advice would be to chuck it before you even start it.

1 you're putting smoke into your lungs. Toxins etc.
2 it is illegal
3 it impairs your judgment
4 in time , memory loss, lethargy, weight gain
5 can lead to heavier drugs
Munchies last as long as you want them to or you yak it up.
If you want to be different, don't bowl up.

Again, Yahoo has allowed harmful answers to get through.

You don't need it, and you don't need to hang out with people who use it.

Life is too much fun without having to get high to enjoy it...

mel s
I watched a documentary on people who use it regularly and it said that the age that people start using weed is the age they stay the rest of their life if they are regular users. And believe it or not, it is true. I almost started laughing when I thought about my cousin. He is 37, he started smoking when he was 18-20 and he
still lives at home
don't have a job
has a 17 year old girlfiend (Gross, I know)
still talks about his teenage escapades like they were yester.
doesn't clean his room or do chores

It is soooo weird. It is really like he stopped developing. He hasn't changed at all in 20 years behaviorally

Be very careful.... this fact alone would scare me to death

Melanie S
O my god. Please don't do it again. How old are you? Will I think you need to stand up for yourself. Yes, you may be letting your mom down. I have 81/2 years clean and half of the people I know still smoke. I just look at them and think how dum they look. Take care of yourself first.

Don't feel peer pressure to do weed. Just have the guts to say"no thanks". Why start to ruin your life? You are letting your Mom and yourself down. Be strong and hang out with better friends. Why do you feel the need to get high? Get into something healthy like working out. You can get high off from the endorphins it creates. Good luck.


2 words:not cool

Just taking it a few times may not make you an "addict".... but looking at an illegal drug that casually can MAKE you an addict. Maybe it won't be weed, maybe it will be... but if you start on something that simple, it turns into a very slippery slope before you may even realize it.

It doesn't take long until you are rationalizing every time you want to do a drug (new or old), and it takes even less time after that until you are borrowing money (or "borrowing" it) to cover the drugs that you are still telling yourself that you aren't "addicted" to them.... that you can stop at any time.....

I'm glad I've seen a couple friends that have found NA (Narcotics Anonymous)... but not all of them were able to get that far.

Believe me, I've seen more than a couple people go through this.... and I stopped trying to help them by the time they were paying more for their drugs than they were for their rent........ and I'm glad I didn't see some of those close friends by the time they had to work more than 1 job just to afford their extra "fixes".

.......good luck with your decision.....

STOP ! while you are ahead.

once you find the buzz.

then you drink and smoke

then you dead !

If you mix it with drinking alcohol you will vomit a lot. Using it a lot causes your bust to enlarge unnaturally-gangsterism. There is a higher incident of serious mental health problems in people that smoke pot on a regular basis. It can cause psychotic behaviour. The smoke from a joint is worse than from a cigarette for damaging the lungs and causing disease. It's not really a soft drug and the UK government is at present considering reclassifying it as a more dangerous drug.

Just couldn't say no, could you?

Look, please I really don't want to insult you, but do you even know how stupid & inmature that sounded? You didn't want to look, "odd"? Who cares about what all of your friends think! They aren't your friends, they're trying to ruin your life by getting you high every week. Thats not friendship, thats being decieved by your friends, and your just going along with it. I highly, HIGHLY suggest you stop before you actually do get a serious addiction to this dangerous drug. Please, for you & your poor mothers sake, just stop while you can.

Trying it once won't have any big effects. You shouldn't just do it to fit in, and you will be letting your Mom down. Be strong and do what you know is right. If these people are really your friends, then they will like you without drugs , and if they won't then screw them, they are missing out - not you.
I know it's hard, but be strong.

Clarence Cutler
Stand up to them and don't do it. If you act like it's normal not doing it around them they might think it's fine.

ashley s
if you have it once or twice i dont think so if your addicted yes it will but i wouldnt do it to fit in. thats just stupid.

Patty M
If you feel like you are letting your Mum down then why do it. Friends fade away but Mums are there forever.

Pot kills your brain cells making you more stupid every time you smoke it. Do youself a favor and save your brain cells especially since you seem young.

Weed is for losers! Good luck with your "BIG" problem.

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