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Snoring - how can I get to sleep?
I am a really light sleeper and bless my husband he doesn't really snore, he more breathes heavily or deeply but it keeps me awake. What can I do - I can't wear ear plugs as I have ecsema in my ears and I refuse to get addicted to sleeping pills.

Give his pillow a Gentle but firm tug. It works for me when my wife snores.

Hiya, i think you should try to block your ears by listening to music until you go to sleep, and i think, once you go to sleep then you will not be able to notice the snoring. This is what i do, sorry coz i don't have and know other resolution of this. good luck and hope you have a good night sleep.

when he falls asleep you can sleep in another room.

any time he snores, put a drop of water mildly into his nose. it has no harmful effect and will eventually stop the snore completely.

Wayne ahrRg
Sleep in another room - wear ear-plug - ]OR get them to use stop snoring throat spay, don't drink alcohol or smoke and lose weight.

kelly t
id go with CRISPY BACON AND EGG that sounds like a great idea if that dont work try twice as much , and if it still dont work try it again and by that point you wont give a s*** even if theirs sumone else in the bed lol.

Get a new husband....

Best thing is to ask him to sleep facing the other side(not facing towards you)
Or nudge him and he will stop.
and ask him not to drink at night.
buy him a special pillow.
or at last resort............operation

in have the same problem but its the only way around! we sleep in separate rooms and if we do sleep together i use breathe right nasal spray plus the nasal strip! the mentholated one works like a charm!


Randy Gaye
ear plugs stick them up his nose

Lloyd's pharmacy have just started selling a wrist monitor that you wear like a watch and it sends a pulse through your arm to stop snoring. its £9.99 but its money well spent if it works. Ive heard good results from people, someone even bought two!!!
if you are having trouble getting hold of one e,mail me and i will send you one.

Vogon Poet
My wife suffers really badly, 'cause when I snore I sound like a chain saw playing a tuba. There's not a lot we can do about it as it's the pain killers I take to get to sleep (on going medical condition).
It's so bad that my wife actually taped it once when she was sitting wide awake at 4am trying to get back to sleep. The best thing we have managed is that I go to sleep about 2 hrs after she's fallen asleep so that she can get into a really deep sleep before 'old thunder' gets going.
Fortunately I am a light sleeper until about 3am so I get up for the kids bad dreams etc. Also if she can have a nap sometimes in the day just half an hour when she's really tired make a world of difference.

Laurence B
Murder him >= D

Or if you don't fancy that you can ask him to rest on him side. Apparently that works well ^-^

My husband snores really loudly too and I can wear earplugs but still can hear him, I hear every little noise. I now sleep in the spare room but we go to bed together for cuddles and always get back in bed together in the morning. We do sleep together some nights and on those nights I really squash my ear plugs in and then earphones for the CD player which is under the pillow playing an audio book loudly so I can hear through the earplugs. It blocks a lot but I couldnt do it everynight, I would prefer the sofa!

don't go down the sleeping pill route.
ear plugs are out.you have skin prob's
does your husband have weight trouble?
does he sleep on his back(not a good idea when over weight)?
see the doctor mate is the best answer you will get and the only answer you should listen too.
good luck mate. xxx

woody the pigeon
I'm told by my wife that I snore. I've never heard it myself, but I have to believe her. (Mind you, so does she snore fairly often).

But, as someone else said its true that its worse when I'm on my back.
I try my best not to snore.But as I never hear it I don't know how successful I am.

But now I've been well trained.

If kicked, I turn over onto my left side, facing away from her.

But I think that making me turn over also has the benefit that I breath through my other side.
I think its mainly because I have a sinus blocked that I snore, so making me turn over (either way really) is a good move.

We also have a cat that often comes and sleeps on my legs.
When that happens I just don't sleep much at all and therefore I make much less noise (apart from the odd swearing fit), so maybe getting a cat would help.

Dellboy from UK
I snore at times and when I do my wife tells me that she says out loud: "Stop snoring" and apparently I do. Other people have said this works (not on me, of course).
When my wife snores, I just get up and move into the spare bedroom

poke him so he wakes up and you can go to sleep.

I have shoved my hubby,out of bed before now, i can't stand him blowing air in my face, bed abuse kicking hitting shoving, turning him over i have wrestled with him, and he never remembers any of it, it is every night, i hate going to bed, if i don't fall asleep before he does, then it's hell for me,,,,,,,

i have had this problem for years,my husband snores real bad,had to resort to ear plugs and slept down stairs when kids were little,now its heaven i have my own room,some times you have to go into another room just to catch up on your sleep, prehaps you could do this now and again.

[email protected]
I know how you feel, mine snores, groans, whines and grinds his teeth! I turn him on his side, well actualy poke him till he turns himself. Sometimes I smear Vic vapour rub under his nose, this seems to help with the breathing. Tried those strips you put on the nose but they didn't help. A vapouriser might help too or even just an oil burner with some Eucalyptus oil in it as long as you have somewhere safe to put it. I wanted to try the oil burner through the night but don't have anywhere safe enough to leave it burning. However I did try it for a couple of hours before we went to sleep and it helped for a while.
Good luck hope you get a decent nights sleep soon.

Houl Yer Whist
make sure he does not have any alcohol as this makes it more likely he will snore. Have a few glasses of Cape Chenin Blanc wine (well chilled) before you go to bed. You will have a great night's sleep.

you poor thing!! my boyfriend of 3 years snores unbielieveably loud!!! I too am a light sleeper, usually. So what I've done is bought a case of earplugs. I know you said you can't use them and I'm sorry to hear that because they really help me. On the other hand my Fathers wife snores and he too is a light sleeper due to being a Lt. in the fire dept( now retired) so every noise he hears. What he does is , well he always asleep before her, after a few hours of sleeping he goes into another bedroom to sleep. it's the only way he can get any sleep!!! they've been together over 16 years now and it works. hey if doing that keeps you from being miserable and cranky great.

hold his nose and put your hands over his mouth and when he stops making any noise let go and go to sleep. x

Your husband might have sleep apnea: get him to a doctor just to make sure.

MArk H
Try getting him a special pillow... sorry, can't think of the name of it.

You could try putting a cotton pad over your ear, and to keep it from falling off you could use some medical tape too stick it down softly. This shouldn't harm your ear, but will stop the sound from waking you. Hope this helps.

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