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Should smoking be banned in public places?

No Way should it be banned we smokers still have rights,what happened to freedom of choice? To ban Alcohol would be more realistic as it causes much more harm than any cigarette smoke,and to ban it in pubs is the most ridiculous idea i've ever heard,what about your average working man who enjoys his pint and a cigarette? the worlds just gone loopy

Yes it should be. As most of us know second hand smoke is just as bad as smoking so why subject another peron to that?

Yes. Tobacco should be banned fullstop. I may be a hypocrite because I used to smoke (not a lot but smoking is smoking) now I nag at two of my children who smoke (they are both in their twenties) for them to give it up and all I get is "you used to smoke mom".

yes....smoking in public could harm the citizen who breathe the smoke...2nd hand smoke..

steve08 สดีฟ
i'm that person who challenges wrong doers in public like queue jumpers etc and smokers are my pet hate they are inherently selfish and dirty its strange that they don't see the mess that non smokers see, oh i can't wait to be able to sit in a cafe and eat breakfast in a clean russ abbot,and just watch those police turn up if anyone dares smoke in my company ,ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

nadine s
yes i think it sould be as it makes our streets dirty plus children and babies are fourced to breathe it in and i am a smoker myself

Yes its a filthy stink and I really hate it. I can't go out to smokey clubs and bars anymore and I would like to be able to choose where I can go, not have it imposed on me because I can't breathe in smokey places. Even just a whiff of it makes me feel sick and grimy. I shouldn't have to stand in someone elses smoke when I am waiting on a crowded train platform or in a queue to get money out of a cash machine etc. I can't wait for the ban in bars and restaurants and I would see it banned everywhere.

Already is here in Scotland

You know what......I am a die hard believer that smoking should be allowed in any establishment that the owner desires. If I want to open a bar, club, restaurant, etc.....and let people smoke then so be it. If someone wants to open a non-smoking establishment that is their choice as well. The last thing I would allow is an anti in my establishment! Long live the American dream and freedoms that we have fought for!

Yes. Either legalise grass or make smoking illlegal everywhere.

Tony D
Sorry to you smokers,but definitely YES. As an ex-smoker myself, (I know we're the worst,) I would say that I have no problem with smokers indulging while in the company of others of a like mind. It does annoy others however, when they (the non-smokers) are forced to smell the smoke - or even worse the stale smoke of others. Passive smoking may or may not damage ones health, but the smell of stale smoke undoubtedly damages your social life. Luckily I've managed 13 years without one,(after 29 years of smoking,) but only because I'm scared to take a puff in case I get hooked again.

feelin crazed


I think its a good idea, after all it won't do anyone any harm!!!!!

Its better, like i have a little boy prone to chest infections and we have to be careful where to go.

I agree everyone has a right to do what they like, but its not that bad of an idea, as long as they accomadate the smokers aswel.

yes it should be!!! cause it is very annoying to those that do not smoke!, everyone has liberty to do anything, but, when ones liberty causes inconvenience or annoyance to others, it should be banned. For example, everyone has to go to the john, who doesn't, but if your peeing in front on me or on me, what do you think?

I'm a smoker myself but would definitely support smoking being banned in public i think it would help people to quite

I would prefer it was, since the smoking ban in scotland, there are more people smoking on the street, although out in the open air, you still have to walk past, behind these smokers and am usually subjected to a blast of second hand smoke which is foul. I end up coughing and they turn round and giving me a look, as if to say 'what, i'm doing it outside!'

I find going to the shops a test of endurance now as you walk past so many more people smoking in public places as they are no longer able to smoke in pubs, offices, restaurants etc.

If smokers feel they are being persecuted, then they should think of us non-smokers too, we need to use the streets to get to where we want to go too and would much prefer getting there without getting second-hand smoke in our lungs.

dream theatre
o yes

Monkey Harris
I smoke, but I would like to see it banned in public places. I am a considerate smoker and wouldn't dream of subjecting somebody else to my cigarette smoke.

Yeah. I fought it when I was a smoker, but the health risks associated with smoke greatly outweigh inconvenience to smokers.

Still, it does infringe on the right to associate and a business owner's choice to govern use of property. Governments/schools can and should ban smoking on government property, but I do think, fundamentally, it should be up to the private business owner (tavern, restaurant) whether or not to have smoking allowed under his/her roof.

yes definitly

yes and im a reformed smoker, i hate the smell and everything that goes with it, so ban it in all public places,,

samy b
yes if you just breath in the smoke from another persoms cigarette its a couple of miniutes off your life smoking should be banned alltogether its unhealthy for anyone who like i said arond a smoker its digusting you lungs start to clog up

yes, there doesn't need any justification. I am a smoker and i think it


I think smoking should be BANNED in public places, just because those people who suffer from the addiction to smoking, the public should n ot be suffering being put in a place where they can be susceptible to cancer, etc. I believe that peoples bad habits such as smoking, drinking etc. should not be a contaminate to people who are trying to live a good life and keep there health good.

yes it should be if it will make even one person give up it is worth it, I smoke but I think it is a disgusting habit and I dont like smoking in public because im ashamed of it and I dont like subjecting people to it. I am always giving up and then starting again, im hoping the new rule will stop my mum smoking or at least make her cut down she has a lot of problems with her health due to smoking

muse to my ears
OH YES!!! it is banned over here in Scotland and the rate of smoking has dropped drastically. Why should we die young just bcoz others have no respect for their own bodies!!! I think it is a cracking idea!!! I once knew a man who died from passive smoking, as he spent a lot of time in his local pub b4 the ban... when they opened up his lungs they were so destroyed they swore he was a smoker!!!Why should we smoke when we chose not 2???

Only if petrol engines are banned at the same time.

If it really is for health reasons that smoking is to be banned, then we should stop being hypocritcal and ban all unhealthy things.

Did you know that Smoking (active AND passive) accounts for only 8% of lung cancers?

Veston Pants
No problem. I will back smoking in public places if I can ban cars and coal fires. I donmt want to breath other peoples second hand car fumes.

Pixie Blue Bell
This is a difficult question. I think I would agree with a ban in pubs, clubs and resturants. However most people smoke in order to alliviate stress and hospitals, courts etc can be stressful places and I think there should be designated areas for smokers so that they can cope at stressful times. I also think a total ban would be impossible to enforce

Ps I am a non-smoker

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