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Should I get rid of my horses if I am allergic to them, or take allergy shots?

Well I have two cats and two dogs and I love them to death and I could never get rid of them even if i was allergic. I would take the shots. But depends on how much you love your animal or how risky of a allergy it is for you. Plus I doubt your around your horse 24/7 ya know so I think ever once in awhile you'll be fine. Hope this helps

Super Jules
Take the shots.

Lyn K
try the shots. i am no longer allergic to horses or dogs, i was as a child.the shots are worth a try-good luck !!!!

It depends how much you like the horses.

If you enjoy them, how bad are shots, really? A couple seconds of pain to continue your pleasure.

Depends on how much you like the horses. If you don't mind that the horses aren't gone then take the shots. If you mind the horses are there then get rid of the horses. Because if you don't want the horses, then it can be a pain in the *** to get shots every month or whatever.

Lucia in Iowa
If you can afford the shots AND the horses, I'd get the shots! (FYI: the shots don't always work, unfortunately.)

120 IQ
If you really love your horses, then take allergy shots.

Jessica H
All depends oh how much enjoyment you get out of the horses really doesnt it?! If you love riding and animals, then yeh take the shots. But if your not having that much fun with them, then its prob not woth the bother. But make sure u can get them a good home! xx


it depends on what you want to do loose your horses or take shots its up to you!

Take the shots. Your horses will give you years of pleasure and great memories long after you no longer have them.

I'd have to say take the money and sell the horsies!

Depends on how much you love your horses and how bad your reactions are. if a few shots will allow you to still be around them, I say do the shots. If you reactions are like life threatening go ahead and sell them. Just take the time to find them really good homes, it will make you feel a little better about having to sell them.

Sufjan Rules
If you love the horse enough, then take the shots. But if you the hassle is not worth the horse, sell it.

allergy shots.

jennifer c
I would try the shots and if they don't effect you in a bad way, then that is what I would do. If the side effects are too bad then you will have to sale the horses. Good luck!

Why get rid of horses? They really expensive to buy.

allergy shot. Wouldn't you rather have your horses where you KNOW they are being taken care of.....

Doodle 186
I would definitely get the shots. Having horses is a great privilege.

bryan b
well my brother has hayfever really bad and has horses. it is up to you how do you feel when you are on your horse ridding other than being alleric? if you love to ride keep it if you dont say bye bye


1. U wont have to take care of anything
2. U wont have 2 spend lots of money taking care of them and having shots

the big question here is are you reallyreally deply atached too these animal;s do you live on a chicken ranch here?? if you are attached too these beautiful animals if they are your life etc, then the anwser is odivioss take allergy shots etc, owe i love it when horsey walks upp to a fence and loks for sugar or apples how could you just up dump theses animals because you got astupidd cold1 take shots too cure itt!!

Depends on how much you're prepared to suffer. Unfortunately, allergies tend to get worse the more you expose yourself to the stuff you're allergic to. Talk w yer doctor, there may be some desensibiltating therapy available.

If you decide to keep the horses anyway, don't groom them inside the stable and let them stay outside as much as possible. Shower and change clothes each time you've been in contact w them.

"They shoot horses, don't they?"

If you really love your horses and dont want to get rid of them I would try the allergy shots and see if they will work for you.My son has allergies and the shots work very well for him.If they dont then I would consider getting rid of them if your allergies are bad.Good luck I hope they work for you.

first of all, if you love your animals, you wouldn't even have to ask this question. you might want to think about that for a minute...do you really want to keep your horses, even without the allergy issues? if you do, then most definately get the shots...its not that bad...

If you really love your horses, then take allergy shots.

Queen A
Change your diet
because it is something that you are eating that is
probably causing this problem.

The reason why I say this is because
for years I had been allergic to cotton wood trees

but in the last year i had change my diet on my own
I cut out soda pop, and ate less meat
I began eating healthier

When the cotton woods came out in bloom this year
I was dreading my allergies
But it did not happen
I did not get red watery eyes
I did not sneeze
I did not have a hard time breathing.

I felt sure that for the first time in my life
it was because of my eating habits
So I got away from processed foods and
High fructose corn syrup
I can truly feel a big differnce in my life
with the allergy problem that I had once had

gotta cut em loose

Harold T
take shots

I love my husband
I can only tell you that if I was allergic to my cats, I would be taking the shots. Who's to say the new owners will treat your pets as well as you do?? I would feel guilty if they went to owners who weren't who they pretended to be.

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