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Please help?
ok first of all i am asking this cause i dont have insureance and dont wanna go to the doctor if this is nothing. last thursday i woke up with a pain in my left side. when i cough sneeze laugh or move wrong it hurts pretty bad . when i push with my hand it doesnt hurt. any suggestions

I suggest to see your doctor. It may be aneurysm or carrotid dissection. Your situation may not be as bad as these but better consult your neurologist.

I think you may want to at least go to the ER, even if you don't have insurance. The hospital can make a very reasonable payment plan out for you.

I am sorry that I can't tell you what is wrong with you, I am no Doctor. I am only responding because of an answer given by someone that call them self "I Know Nothing. You should not make jokes about Cancer. Evidently you have never had a friend or relative die from cancer. It is not a joking matter and not the least bit funny. You are living proof that the world still has idiots among us. Sorry I could not answer your question.

Sounds like cancer!? Damn dude ur mean..

I would get it checked out tho. Ya know, my girl friend has had the same pain in her side. She says it keeps coming and going.. it's really starting to scare me a little, but hopefully she just pulled a muscle or something and hopefully it's the same with you. I do it all the time playing football ^_^

I noticed your "name" is J and N forever. If you want it to be forever, I suggest that you get yourself cleared by a doc, for you and him (or you and her, or her and her, or him and him... whatever tickles your fancy).

Lyndsey H
Is it on the left side near your lungs? Do you feel like it is on the left side on your back? Do you have shortness of breath, like where you can't breathe in all the way when you breathe deeply. If it is near your lungs, and it accompanied by like wheezing or shortness of breath, it could be something like pneumonia, congestion, or some kind of infection in your lungs. If you are just hurting on your left side, you could have pulled your latissamus dorsi, which is the muscles right beside your lungs on your side, and they run to your back as well. It could also be the group of muscles called serratus anterior. These are braided looking muscles that run from your ribs to your scapula (shoulder blade). If you did any vigorous exercise, then that could be the cause of your pain, also because it only hurts when you expand your lungs or move a certain way. You can even hurt the muscles around your lungs if you even cough too much or laugh too hard. Back track and think back a couple of days and think about what you have done...you might find that you fell, or had a coughing fit, or you might have even fell asleep wrong. It could be a number of things that caused it. Write back when you have a little more information, then we could better help you, but if you are sick, you most probably need to go to the doctor. I know how you feel, I don't have insurance either!

its nothing just may be u sleep at same side and coz of body pressure its paining u it will be fine within few days...:) best of luck

go to a free clinic you dont need insurance there

Ok first DO NOT trust ANY medical advice given here. If you are hurting go to a Dr regardless if you have insurance or not.

If you didn't do any heavy lifting (pulled muscle) I would be a bit concerned. Did you do anything strenous before getting this?

Give it a couple more days if it continues to get worse go to the Dr.

Oh and 1 more thing the longer you wait to go to a Dr. the more expensive it usually is because the problem has progressed from something simple to something complex requiring more tests and drugs.

Left side...of what? If it's your stomach, rest assured that you don't have appendicitis at least! That would be on your right and you'd be hurting the whole time.

Go to the emergency room.

I depends where on your left side it hurts. It's most likely not your appendix, gallbladder or liver based on your description. You might try a warm bath and some Advil, and if relieved, it would indicate that it's muscular. If there's no change to your bowl or urinary habits, that's also good, but it could be so many things, even an ovarian cyst or otherwise. If it doesn't go away, or you spike a fever or get pain that doesn't go away, go to the ER where they'll do a CAT scan to try and discover the source. Good luck!

do you have flu like symptoms ? maybe its your appendix i had mine removed and if i remember correctly those were my first symptoms go get it checked out a.s.a.p!

hannibal barca
I asked my friend who is a doctor. He suggested you to urgently go to a doctor. Or you must use "BenGay" then you must bandage it before sleep. If it continues you HAVE TO go to a doctor. You have five days. Get well soon

Drink plenty water! Call an advise nurse at your local hospital and explain your symptoms, they will be able to advise you if you need to see a doctor soon or not...Good luck!

With What???

CamMan and Rori's Mommy
You probibly pulled something, Ive done it hundreds of times! You should def see a doctor though if it lasts another week or so (total of 2 weeks) with no reduction in pain or pain increases. It could also be a pinched nerve which can be alright to pretty unbarable. Good luck, hope u feel better... oh a hot bath may really help... wet heat is what they gave me for the pinched nerve, a hot damp towel works.

I would think it's appendicitus, but you said it doesn't hurt when you push in with your hand... But if it *is*, then you should definitely get checked out right away before it gets any worse.

ask your local health dept. sometimes they offer care for free if you dont' have any insurance. or ask your family, someone may know a nurse who can help you figure out if this is serious or not. as for the pain itself, there are several things that it could actually be, and it could be serious or not. the only way to tell is to see a professional.
good luck, and try not to worry about it until you can see someone, this tends to make things worse!

ok- after reading all other answers...i'm going with a HERNIA possiblity.

Put on a wide belt around where it hurts and see the next time you cough if it feels like a ball hitting your belt.

My hubby has this on his left side- usually the belt will help the hernia go back down after some time.

Call askanurse in your area for free medical advise.

Good luck to you!

Ok...insufficient info to make a diagnosis. Need answers to the following: Your age, gender, Pain: has it been continuous? Have any medications relieved the pain? Where exactly is the pain - left whole chest/abdomen/middle third/side? What typ of pain is it- stabbing/throbbing/dull/sharp? Is it more in the morning/evenin/after food/before? Is it more/less when you lean forward/to the left/any other position? Is it relieved after passing wind? Do you have any nausea/vomitting/cough/lung problems/ heart problems/ kidney problems/diabetes? Are you passing urine too frequently/pain while passing urine/urinary Tract infection?

OK... conditons that could cause pain on the left side: (a)sleeping in an odd position - muscular spasm - relieve with ice, massage, rest; (b)gas (c)trauma/injury (d)Renal problems - pyelonephritis, urinary Tract infections (e) lung problems - pneumonia (f)intestinal problems - appendicitis, infections, parasites (g)In females - ovarian problems, period pains etc.

I suggest going to the doctor or the EMergency room. If you have no idea what it is then it could be dangerous to you. You want to be sure & I would let it go one day & if it still hurts as bad tomorrow maybe ask a friend or someone to take you to the doctors only because you don't know what might happen or waht it is. Have you tried taken any Advil or Tylenol. Anything might help for a little while. But really go to the doctor.

i would go to the doctor even without insurance. if your appendix burst you could die

Lady C
It could be your appendex or you could have a cracked rib. Either way you need to get it checked no matter if you don't have insurance. I bet there is a low cost or free clinic in your area where you can go. They may send you to get an x-ray but seriously you need to get yourself checked out!!!!

Sounds like a muscular pain. Leave it a day or two and see if it goes away. (you're appendix is in your right side, so its not that)

well the appendix is on the right side so you can rule that out unless the pain travels to the right... otherwise i wait three daze to go to the dr- if it doesn't get better - so i think you should go - though it might just be constipation - or irritable bowel syndrome - either way -GO TO THE DR!! :) feel better!! if you go to the ER you might qualify for charity care

Could be a pulled muscle or just gas. If it keeps up then go to the health clinic if you can not afford a doctor.

69 Trophy stile xxx
Sounds like a pulled muscle,i get that to.But if it stays for over 8 days or so,insurance or not you might want to think about seeing a doctor,hope you feel better=)

Probably just pulled a muscle deep down.

yes dear, I know exactly whats wrong. You've pulled a muscle. When you sneeze, cough, or laugh it will be tender. Have you done any heavy lifting or have you been doing some physical activity that you aren't used to.? It will heal on its own in a week or so. Take Ibuprofen for pain and use a heating pad to help.

I am not a Dr. and I am guessing that most people on answers are not Drs. I suggest you go to WebMD or some other site and take your cues from that.
Good luck

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