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My neibors cat keeps shitting in my sandbox that my kids use?
what can I do? I found my daughter with the cats poop in her hand yesterday and almost had a heart attack. Everyday this cat uses it at least 3 times aday and wont stop. How can I stop this cat from going in my kids sandbox?

I would get a lid. You can go to home depot or Lowe's and get a piece of plywood cut to fit, then just lay it over the top when the kids aren't using it. You have a right to be upset, but if the cat is an outside pet, there's not much you neighbor can do to stop it. Cats don't really go on leashes and it is their natural instinct to go somewhere they can bury it. Also, I would replace the sand because the cat probably pissed in it too. It can give your daughter impentago (a type of skin infection). I know this cuz I got it when I was little from a cat peeing in my sandbox. If you try getting rid of that cat, chances are another one will find the sandbox and do the same thing.

Depending on the neighbor, a super soaker (squirt gun) may help. Cats generally hate water, so if you can catch the cat in the act, you may be able to deter future incidences!

Tommy V
get the cat a sandbox

I would be upset also. Did you try confronting the neighbor themselves, because the cat doesn't know whats going on. They need to keep their cats more contained. If they ignore you just put the **** on their door step ;-)

Haha that's pretty funny! At least the cat isn't burrying your kids.

You need to tell you neighbors to keep their cat you of you kid's cat box and if that doesn't work, call animal control to come get the cat because it is a problem for your kid . Because cat feces can cause your kid to have serious illness.

vexed and glorious
leave antifreeze outside where the cat can get to it. or if you dont wont to hurt the thing tell your neighbors to keep it inside. i hate cat owners they think because their pets arent able to attack they are not a nuisance.

yes that is gross. try putting red hot pepper flakes or cyanne pepper on the sand

Zach N
you could put a fence around your yard or just your sand box so that dumb cat won't poop in it anymore.

Cover the sandbox when your kids arent using it. Simple. Get some plastic sheeting and weigh it down with bricks,

Shannon W
Definitely talk to the neighbors about it. And, buy a cover for the sandbox or make one of your own with some thick plastic. Change the sand and put some fresh sand in, then put the cover on. Wallah, a new sandbox minus the cat ****!

Cover the sandb ox when the kids arent using it. It will keep the sand dry as well if it happens to rain.

You're going to have to cover it.

get a dog

get a piece of plywood and use that as a cover for the sand box when the kids are not in it

Ask you neighbors to keep their cat off your property.

close the sandbox when your not using it

fred knowz
well you can get a cover other than that get some water bottles and put amonia in them place the bottles around the box but other than that the cat belives its a big litter box when you see the cat try to shoo it away make it uncomfortable for him to come around youre house

Samuella BurrowShire
COVER THE BOX with a board or something.
Put a brick on top of it...
to keep the cat from moving the lid.

I heard moths balls in the sand will keep cats out. Than you have problem of child playing w/moth balls. Talk to owner of cat if that does not work. You can always legal (if want to go that far) go to court over matter. Cat is on your property. Call animal control.

I use to have that problem when my kids were small. Start over with new sand if you need to. Make a lid for the sandbox. Either a piece of wood that you can fit to the sandbox, or buy a sandbox that comes with it's own lid. The only time the cat will have access to it is when the kids are playing in it.

Sarah J
Talk to your neighbor and let them know what is going on asap they should be willing to work with you on this if the are a responsible pet owner. If this behavior doesn't stop try getting a board or tarp to cover the sandbox when not in use, and keep the kitty out! Added bonus this will also keep the sandbox dry when it rains. I hope this helps you. Good Luck

put a cover on it very tightly.

The make covers or lids for sand boxes. Making your own is even simpler.

Cover the box when your child is not in it...U need to disinfect the sand with clorox water or listerine water.
Sprinkle some cloves or spice around the sand box so the cat will not get near it..
U can cover the box with plastic and a rock

Agnostic Canadian
get/make a cover for it.

Try getting or building a fence. Buy a dog. Move. Tell the damn cats owner to get litter box. Or get rid of the sandbox.

It's not the cats fault you have a huge litter box in your yard. And the neighbor probably won't do anything about it either. So get a cover for your sandbox and keep it covered when it's not in use. Problem solved.

YOu may have to lid the thing.

Try leaving orange rinds about the box. for some reason, cats hate the smell of orange

Is there a leash law for cats in your town? Then call the town and report it. Tell the neighbor about the poo in the box and that you insist they keep their cat on a leash or the poo will come over the fence.

Ooo, a much more civilized answer than mine; and I like it. Get a cover for the sand pit.

Eric B
a 12-gauge should do the trick

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