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Turbot Face
My friend has got hold of some crack cocaine, he wants me to take some with him.?
My question is this: Will I get hooked?
I have never taken drugs before and am worried about what effect it will have on me. He is however a very good friend and I don't want to let him down!
Additional Details
I am 43 years old and married with 4 lovely children between the ages of 2 and 10. My friends wife of 20 years has left him for some bum. He got hold of this stuff to try to take some of the hurt away. I told him I would help him through his torment. He is too scared to take the drug alone, I said I would do it with him. However after reading some of these answers I am having second thoughts.

Josh S
Don't be stupid. Some friend, I have had friends to try to get me to do drugs, I tell them to go get screwed. Are you a man or a mouse? Stand up and say NO.

Um, yeah... You probably don't want to do that. You will get hooked (because it won't be just the once). Don't matter how good a friend you have there, I'd leave the crack alone.

You might get hooked, that is how many abusers get started. Just tell your friend no, and leave it at that. If he is your friend nothing will change becuause of this.

Why would you try CRACK of all drugs if you've never done any drugs before.. haven't you seen/read the news? Unless you prefer living on the streets, selling yourself, eating from dumpsters, and basically giving up your entire life for crack.

Don't ok - seriously DO NOT TOUCH THIS.

Are you mad? You could get addicted - or you could die. It may be stronger than you think, impure or just junk that will mess you up and turn you into a vegetable. Your friend is an ****** for even getting some in the first place!

You probably will get hooked so don't even bother trying it. Life has enough crap we can help from happening but this YOU can control by not doing it at all.

Now this is the silliest question, i've ever come across. are you sure you didn't do crack, before you wrote that question? geez!

Your friend asks you to do crack, but you're unsure what to do, because you don't want to let them down.

How ridiculous does that sound?!

If this person was really your "good" friend, they would never ask you to do drugs - that should give you your answer. use common sense, for goodness sake. if you think you're going to use "crack" as a recreational drug, you need to edumahcate yourself. that is nothing to be playing around with, most get hooked after the first hit. stay drug-free and smart

dont do it! you wont be lettin him down you'll be letting yourself down, dont be pressured in2 anything!

takeing it just the once won't get you hooked.
Your gonna have to be takeing it quite a few times for
that to start happening.
Stick to just the once is my opinion.

Well i am no prude but i would say no as it is very addictive, someone i know has been taking it for a year now and talking to him is like talking to a Cabbage!! Laugh it off and tell him you dont mind him doing it but you will stick to the beer Ta very much, Be strong and think of your brain cells!!!

Forget it! Don't do it unless YOU want to, and even then I'd think long and hard about it.

I'M BACK ...
I am certain this is another fake entry, but meh -

Crack Cocaine? Sure. Go ahead. While you are at it, I have a .38 snub nosed revolver you can borrow. First, give me all your money. Then put the barrel of the gun into your mouth and pull the trigger.

Big tip for life, numb nuts - if your "friend" is trying to entice you to take crack Cocaine, he is NOT "a very good friend".

Troubled Joe(the ghost of)
taking Cocaine is one thing, but to actually snort it out of the crack of someones backside is totally despicable

Darin E
Dont be a fool. have you seen the show cops. you'll end up stealing from your mom, grandma, and anyone else that has sumpin worth a dollar to get more. let your friend be the dumbas*. Trust me bad idea. If he's that good of a friend, throw the sht away. thats the only way not to let him down.

Hey, if you want to end up dead in a pool of your own vomit, go ahead and do it. It's up to you.

let the clown take it by himself, and you are daft for asking only fools take drugs that are not prescribed

If he was a good friend he would not ask you to take drugs with him. Your an adult, act like one!


Rhea C
there are a lot of preachers on this site and most of them have no clue what there on about. I've never touched the stuff myself but i really wouldn't advise it and if this mate is as good a mate as you think then i'd ask you to advise him the same theres no point in messing with things that your not educated on. i won't pretend i know a lot about it but i do know that it is a very harmful addictive drug. the one time your unlikely to get addicted but if you enjoy it you'll want it again and that will be it you wont be able to stop

Jean J
Why ask the question " Will I get hooked ?" That should never cross your mind.
What should you be asking yourself is,
Is this a true friend, asking me to to take drugs.
You say "you do not want to let him down" !!!!!

He has let you down even by asking you to take it.
Dump your friend and take his Cocaine and put it down the toilet, that will teach him a lesson. Or better still report him to the police.
He will not ask you again that's for sure

true friend
well if i were you i wouldn't try it
it doesn't sound like he's a real friend if he wants you to try drugs

if he is a good friend he wont care if you take some or not! dont do it drugs are bad!

vanessa s
Well you look like a sensible bloke and abit on the mature side to start dabbling with drugs especially the hard stuff. Cocaine is addictive and the effects of it don't last very long at all. Drugs affect people in all different ways and if you get a bad batch can even kill you! Cocaine can be 'cut' with lots of things talcum powder, sugar, amphetamines or near enough anything that is a white powder, sometimes the real bad boys even cut it with heroin which is addictive from the word go. If I was you I wouldn't go near the stuff and advise your mate not to either. Usuall drug takers just carry on and on spending more and more money and lead on to harder drugs.

FOR GODS SAKE JUST LOOK at what Cocaine did to Daniella Westbrooks nose that should be enough to put any body off!
Then take a look at what heroin and Cocaine had done to Pete Doherty yuk!!
Be carefull and responsible

If he asked you to put your head in a gas oven would you do it?
If he is that good a friend he would respect your wishes and not make you feel you had to copy his wishes. Crack is a poor mans Cocaine and known by experienced drug takers as a dirty drug. yes it can become addictive as can any other class A or illicit drug. The choice is yours!

j t
Don't take it. If he is a buddy, he will understand. You will let yourself down if you take it. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

ashley r

I think crack is quite addictive, it might be a bit strong for a first time user.
Have a look at http://www.talktofrank.co.uk/

nora 7
its the worst way to get some pleasure but beleive me its only a 4 a short time
if u get addicted to this thig then hell is what ur gonna suffer there are many other normal ways to get some fun stick to them

randy l
YES YOU WILL GET HOOKED (ESPECIALLY CRACK, IT'S ONE OF THE MOST ADDICTIVE) he's not a good friend if he's trying to get you hooked on drugs. I just got out of a rehab program because of my alcoholism. People in there were a mess. Several of them where dying from liver failure. Most had lost their homes, jobs, and their families. I never did hard drugs, The only thing I did was drink beer. It became a problem to the point where I nearly lost my house, and I thought I had some serious health issues. DON'T START. There are just two places that drugs and alcohol eventually lead you to and those are JAIL AND THE CEMETERY. TRUST ME. LOOSE THAT FRIEND IF YOU HAVE TO. I'D RATHER LOSE A FRIEND THAN MY LIFE. I wish I would have never started. I just lost twenty years of my life to my disease.

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