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Is this doing me harm?
This may be a stupid question but I just wanted to no.

I practically live at my fiance's and his parents smoke really heavily. Although we are always upstairs in his room with the door closed, is it causing me any harm???
Also they smoke doing everything, cooking, cleaning including ironing. When I use a towel when I have a bath it smells of smoke, is it unheigenic for my skin like that?
Additional Details
Thought It was stupid me asking because I guess deep down I knew the answer.

good way to get cancer through 2nd hand smoke, get out if you want to keep your health NOW. My grandfather died of lung cancer and he never smoked a day in his life.

Funky Munky¬īs back
YES,YES,YES. I have no-one smoking in my house. Even visitors have to go out for a smoke. My husband has to go out to smoke. I have kids in the house and my youngest daughter tells her dad to stop smoking but he won,t. If anyone comes to the door with a cigarette, they don't come in until they've thrown it away.

It isnt a stupid question at all, constant second hand smoke, like your exposed to, is very harmfull to you. It is possible to get lung cancer from being near so much smoke for so long if you dont take precautions now. you should talk to your fiance's parents and try to stop or atleast decrease their smoking for their good as well as your own.
Good luck!

Cassie C
get out asap

Dr Frank
Passive smoking is a very significant health risk, but it does sound as if you are not close very often. There is no risk, as far as I am aware, transferred from inanimate objects.

I like you am aware that it is a dirty,filthy habit that will indirectly cause the death of 50% of the people that do it. It is, according to WHO the second major cause of death in the world! ( The first being infectious diseases.) I wish it would go away, but it won't. If the government really wanted to reduce it, they would have put £11 on a packet, not 11p.

The Original Poison girl
your skin should be fine, but your lungs wont! your putting yourself at risk! especially if your asthmatic or you have a history of asthma in your family! either move out our get them to stop smoking in the house!

if you smell smoke, and see smoke, you are probably second-handing it- stay away from where you can see it.

Smoking is bad for you all the way arround, it is linked to several types of cancer, most commonly lung caner along with mouth cancer, stomach cancer, bladder cancer, throat cancer, and brain cancer. All of those cancers and the list of problems caused by smoking goes on.. emphysema, chronic bronchitis, liver damage, kidney damage, lung damage, bronchial damage, damage to the vocal chords, and heart disease. It also singes the small hairs in the throat which aide the passing of mucus and make coughing more effective, thus causing a buildup of mucus in the throat, this is why smokers tend to cough so much is because their coughing is much less effective than that of a non smoker.


It takes only 7 cigarettes (on average) for someone to become addicted to the Nicotine. The Nicotine creates "nictinic receptors" on the brain which are what cause the addiction (it literally changes the brain physically), when you quit smoking these receptors begin to send signals to the brain that they are dying, thus causing the brain to believe it is dying. This is what will cause the withdrawls, and also causes the addiction in the first place.

Uh, yes, yes, yes. Passive smoking's pretty damn dangerous. Keep your windows open and allow as much ventilation as possible, encourage them to smoke outside if possible, and try to encourage them to cut back on smoking!

It's not that bad to your skin, itself - it doesn't really get through your skin's layers, but it's kinda bad to your lungs. Can you smell the smoke in your room? If you can, you need to do something about it. Get married quick and move him out :-)

You will probably get pregnant. If you concerned then you should say so to your fiancée and get your own place.
If he man enough to marry you, he should be man enough to provide you a home, without expecting people to change their life for the both of you.

Yes it can , second hand smoke can cause your lungs to look like you smoke or worse. I advise either you both o to your place or just go to a nearby hotel.

well, you are kinda second hand smoking just by being there. You and your fiance' need your own space, hopefully he isn't a smoker too because that is going to create problems between you, but if he's not then your still need your own place regardless.

Yes. Second-hand smoke is a health hazard to you and your fiancee. There has been research that proves this. If you ever have kids, you should definitely move out because smoke also is a risk for sudden infant death syndrome and serious respiratory problems and ear infection in kids.

Yes, you are beening exposed to second hand Smoking.
Which can give you Lung Cancer, or Bronchitis.

This is very much a "yes" and "no" question.

Yes second hand smoke has been proven to *increase the risk* for getting things such as cancer.


There is no guarantee that it is actually doing this to you. Being at an increased risk does not mean you WILL get cancer. That, and it's very easy to get scared when all of the anti-smoke hype starts flying, but in truth, it would take years and years of this type of exposure to give you reason to worry.

If you do have worries though, simply invest in finding a new place, or maybe even talk with the parents, asking them not to smoke at the dinner table (at least until you are finished) etc.

By handling this situation in an assertive manner, and not purely on a reactionary/emotional level, I'm sure you will come to a happy compromise with the other members of the household!

Not necessarily unhygienic for the skin but second hand smoke effects you regardless if your right in their face while their smoking or not. Second hand smokes sticks to clothing skin etc and yes its still dangerous. You guys should get your own place as soon as you can.
Hope this helped
Here's a great link

Some of the immediate effects of passive smoking include eye irritation, headache, cough, sore throat, dizziness and nausea. Adults with asthma can experience a significant decline in lung function when exposed, while new cases of asthma may be induced in children whose parents smoke. Short term exposure to tobacco smoke also has a measurable effect on the heart in non-smokers. Just 30 minutes exposure is enough to reduce coronary blood flow.

In the longer term, passive smokers suffer an increased risk of a range of smoking-related diseases. Non-smokers who are exposed to passive smoking in the home, have a-25 per cent increased risk of heart disease and lung cancer.
Whilst the relative health risks from passive smoking are small in comparison with those from active smoking, because the diseases are common, the overall health impact is large.

Its estimated that domestic exposure to secondhand smoke in the UK causes around 2,700 deaths in people aged 20-64 and a further 8,000 deaths a year among people aged 65 years or older.

Well since you are breathing in second hand smoke all day long, yes it is harming you.

I agree you need to get OUT before second hand smoke becomes a problem for you health!

Amie G
Gross! You and your fiance need to get your own place!

It is definatly not good and if you can smell the smoke it is second hand and that is worst than smoking.

YES! There is Nicotine in the fabrics/carpeting of their home. Second hand smoke can affect you even if it is coming from downstairs. This is a VERY unhealthy environment. I hope you are not planning to live there once you are married, and if you do, PLEASE don't bring babies into the picture.

I'd say it's not healthy; you are on the receiving end of second-hand smoke.

living with smokers can and eventually will do you some harm. for the sake of your health, move out immediately! any question that has anything to do with your health is not STUPID, okay?

2nd hand smoke IS bad.. you CAN get lung cancer from being exposed to 2nd hand smoke..yes it's bad for your skin.. haven't you noticed? do you feel dry... I would die... I hate the smell..and the oder left on things from homes that have smokers... I wish you the best... hope you 2 can find a better place to live...

Matt P
2nd hand smoke is just as worse as smoking yourself.

Sally James
u should lyke move out and stuff. thats super gross, smoking is for losers.

They say 2nd hand smoke is a killer too.

yes, it's doing you harm.

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