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Is it okay to mix vitamins?

Lover of Bible truth
I take several vitamins and food supplements together, like iron, Vitamin E, C, and Calcium Magnesium. Also when you take a multi-vitamin like One-a-day or Centrum you are taking many vitamins and minerals together, so it is Ok. If you do have any concerns you can always ask a pharmicist and they should be able to help.

Yes it's quite okay. Nutrient vitamins and minerals do not cancel each other out. In fact, most of them work better (synergistically) in the presence of other nutrients. For example, B works best with C, and C in turn helps iron absorption.

Phosporous, Magnesium and Calcium work together also.

When it comes to balancing things out, trust your body to do that. Zinc and iron, for example, require a specific balance. Taking one diminishes the other. But that is why you are better off to take both.

If nutrients cancelled each other, it would impede food digestions, since all foods are combinations of nutrients, in various ratios.

If you take a general multi--supplement, plus one or two specific nutrients that you seem to need more of, that is probably about right.

The simplest and best combination is Brewer's Yeast with Ascorbic Acid (Vit. C).

T_T..am i n0t w0rth l0viNg??
yeah... i would agree if you will just plenty of water a day.

Yes, and I suggest ingesting your vitamin, minerals, and herbs in there natural form: fresh veggies, fruits, and herbs 9-12 times daily, or purchase liquid supplements where possible for better absorption given that many pill and caplet form supplements are only partially absorbed within the digestive system.

Make sure that you don;t over dose on vitamins, as they can do the oposite effect.

A Multivitamin will do. Olay has a multi-vitamin four pill pack, design for skin care and antioxidants.

If you want to mix pills on your own, if you overdose, for instance, on Lithium, you can end up with a stubborn acne.

Good luck

Just take a good quality Multivitamin, and all your needs should be taken care of.

The fact that fruits and veggies have naturally occuring vitamins of different sorts would suggest that it's no problem to take them at the same time. Note that taking a lot of any one vitamin (especially a fat solluble one) could be dangerous or even fatal. The healthiest way to nourish yourself is to eat healthy. If you want better skin, eat more fish.

sure it is and it's even better with alcohol

Sure, you can take these vitamins orally, but it is always better to use a Multivitamin tablet than taking each one separately. I suggest you take foods rich in the vitamins you need.

♫♪♫ PINKY ♫♪♫
Depending on what type of vitamin you are mixing, it could be fatel. Some vitimins that are extremely good for you if taken in the right dosage can kill you if you overdose. I believe Vitamin E is one of those.

But taking a multivit and then taking extra C or Folic Acid for example is oaky as long as you monitor the dosage you are intaking to make sure you are not going over.

It is always good to talk to one of the managers in the Vitamin stores if your planning on mixing to get a better sense of which vits are okay and which ones you have to watch closely.

The only vitamin conflict I'm aware of is between iron and Vitamin E. I take vitamins daily, but I take my multi-vitamin with minerals after lunch and then my E after dinner. Also, if you want to take Vitamin A, it can be overdone, so Beta Carotene is safer. Several good books are on the market about how to best use supplements.

I am a diabetic under excellent control. I take pills for high blood pressure, high triglycerides, high uric acid for gout, high blood sugar,calcific tendinitus, arthritis and I take these prescription drugs all at once. They don't counteract one another and neither will taking vitamins. It is okay to take more than one at a time and together. That is save and will have no effect on your body and/or the way they work. Have both a blessed day and a blessed weekend.

Just take multivitamins. Or alternate between vitamins every week. Make a schedule silly but works.

kim bajema
i think it depends on which ones

Yes and no. Check online to see how much you are allowed to have of each. Some vitamins, like Vitamin E, you can take more of, but some you can't. I don't think that they will cancell each other out, but too much of one can make you not well.But a sure thing if you want your hair to grow & your skin to be the best, take OTC prenatal vitamains.

well i heard that u should be careful mixing certain vitimans or too many. some people do take separate ones. thats why i take multivitamins it has pretty much have all the nutrients. there is some vitamins called hair, skin & nails basically like a Multivitamin i take those sometimes or prenatal vitamins are cool too because the nutrients are stronger

I have been taking vitamins for a good many years and I can tell you from Experience that you can mix as many vitamins as you want. Most of them just make Urine more expensive. I finally found why I did not feel that I was getting the most out of my vitamins. They were not being absorbed.
I switch to a liquid Mega-vitamin and I could not believe the instant difference in my energy level.
I can now operate at my full potential and I don't get tired anymore.
I am currently using a Mega Vitamin that contains all of the Nutrients including "Folic Acid" and the "B" complex necessary for energy. It also contains "Biotin" for the Hair. I always buy Mail order from Puritans Pride. I am sure there are other companies that can provide you with the same service, but I did find "North Shore" difficult to deal with and their vitamins did not help even though they advertised them as the best. They were not.
I hope this helps you. You don't need to purchase different Vitamins, if you take the One a day Mega Vitamin.
The Liquit Vitamin absorbs completely and I take mine with Orange Juice in the mornings. No bad taste
Just tastes like Orange Juice with a little Cherry flavor.

Actually, it depends. Vitams for your body should be balanced. If not balanced, it will destroy your skin. I hoped this is helpful.

Mirabella Azul
I do it almost daily. And I feel great. There's no C/E conflict. And I know you have to take D with A to get the full effects.

The most notable place where vitamins are mixed is in the daily Multiple. If you don't want to do any real research, try looking on the back of one of those and see what they have in them. That way at least you have a basic idea of what goes together on the regular.

I would be careful about what you mix.....

just use multi vitamins

Yes of course.
body uses what it needs--flushes out rest.

just take multiVitaamins which contains vit.a,d,e and the b-Complex.its just a 1 cap a day to sustain your body needs on vitamins.there are vitamins now containing what you're looking for

no...hey look its vanessa anne hudgens up there!!! ^^^

It's ok unless the multi-vitamins you're taking doesn't reccomend using any additional vitamin specifically. I take E and Brewer's yeast (full of B vitamins) with my mult-vitamins and I'm fine. Be sure not to take too much E or B unless your body has a defficiency of those. Too much good can be bad for you. Do some little research on what your body needs and the reccomended dose for each vitamin, or you can siimply ask doctor.

Have you ever noticed how pretty pregnant womens hair and skin and nails are? You should try a prenatal vitamin. Its a Multivitamin that has just what you need for pretty hair skin and nails. PLUS, your body takes in vitamins and what it doesnt need it just gets rid of.

god knows and sees else Yahoo
This is OK
Drink Water
Stay out of the sun
Use Petroleum Jelly
Dont take Iron in Vitamins

I am a Pharmaceutical Chemist

Victor ious
Its okay BUT you need to talk to a nutritionist to avoid overdosing on some key vitamins. If you consume too much of any one particular kind of vitamin you can suffer health problems.

ALSO BE ADVISED - DO NOT MIX "HERBS". Mixing the wrong Herb with another Herb can do anything from damaging your health and worse. You really need to know what you're doing when using herbs or herbal remedies.

Another example Seretonin supplements (non herbal) mixed with St. Johns Warts (a herb) can screw you up big time.

ALSO certain medications can have bad side effects if you are using herbs that conflict with the medicine.

You should be okay with taking mega-doses of WATER soluble vitamins. When you overdose on them, your body will flush them (diarrhea, etc.)

Do NOT overdose on FAT soluble vitamins, as they will back up your organs (liver) and cause them to shut down. Mega doses of vitamins A, D, E or K can be toxic and lead to health problems.

You want to be cautious about taking minerals, and herbs. You should also avoid petroleum products, trans-fats, and excess sugar. Protein is important for strong hair and nails. Water is important for healthy skin. Vitamins do work in concert with each other, so it would be best to take a multi-vitamin.

Though I think it would probably be okay, you'd probably have the best chance using a multi-vitamin that contains all or most of what you want. If it doesn't contain what you want, you can probably take the other ones in addition. Talk to your doctor or a pharmacist, they will let you know for sure what is right for you and what ammounts you should take.

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