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tammy k
Is it ok to share your chapstick with others?

̉‰ ☆Vibrant Love ☆̉‰
with a girl thats a friend than yeaa

it really dosnt matter, its just pink skin.

The Killers
well with a girl ya

{MiSsY mCcAlL}
sure, i do it all the time.... unless, the person is sick, has mono, or gets cold sores. you might want to preform a background check on the person before using their Chapstick. just kidding! go ahead and do it but beware of the things i just mentioned!

platypus ♫ party
it is not advised. but if you are absolutely sure that the other person is not sick, has not shared food, drinks or eating utensils with a sick person, and have double checked to make sure that no cold/canker sores are present, and if you have wiped the top layer of the Chapstick onto your hand/arm, then you should be okay.

no only if you are kissing partners

well i do, but i'd be carefull for sores or anything around their mouth.


Any time you share any product like that, you risk getting sick. Probably nothing worse than a cold or cold sores, but I personally wouldn't want to be miserable with either.

with some one thats not sick and i find it better to share with good friends.idk y

beach girl
yea its okay once in a while but better not too. if u do only share with someone of your gender. put it on your finger if your sharing! but again its better not to. i knew this girl who had meningytis [idk how to spell it] and she was like throwing up for 2 weeks. soooooo i think u noe whats best..... :]

* this.is.mee ,
It's not very hygenic. But I guess it's okay if none of you have sicknesses or diseases that can be spread by saliva or lip contact. I think it's better to just not use other people's hygene products.

No. Just as you wouldn't share lipstick either. Doing so is a great way to get a cold sore.

The only people I share my Chapstick with is my husband and sometimes my mom...no one else because everyone else has koodies!

no no no never people have hep and other stds cold sores and you dont know what people do with there lips

Baking A Baby Girl
I don't think sharing your chap stick with others is a very good ideas... first of all its one of the easiest ways to spread the herpes simplex virus which is what produces cold sores. Just because a person does not have a cold sore at that moment in time they are still capable of passing on the virus irregardless. Also think of all the colds, and flu viruses going around out there and ask yourself if you want to put yourself at risk of catching those as well including mono and all sorts of other little goodies that a lot of people don't think about. Even if it is a tub whre they take out a little, you don't really know where those fingers have been and how clean they really are! Just think about it.

Daniel J
no u dont kno whats on other people lips

no cause you never know. They could have cold sores etc. Never share chapsticks thats a easy way to pass germs around.

SUZE The Pink Lady
No. Absolutely not. Germs, bacteria and viruses thrive on things like Chapstick, razor blades and other personal items. Keep your germs to yourself and don't take anyone else's either. You can expose yourself to colds, flu, herpes, and many other things.

Jane's Gun
Uh no, have you heard of MRSA? The deadly staph infection? or Herpes? I mean, it's okay if you really know the person, but I wouldn't.

I have let my boyfriend use my Chapstick but you really shouldnt share any of your makeup including Chapstick. People constantly lick their lips so just make sure they dont have a cold sore or anything.

It carries the same health risks as kissing someone. Mono and meningiococcal disease are two examples of diseases which may be spread this way. See the link below. And know who you are kissing.

actually its not good to do, you can get diseases
like cold sores and those are for life

probably not because what if the other person is sick but you don't know it, and you don't now were there lips have been!

I don't think it is. You don't really know what the the other person has and what you can catch by sharing Chapstick.

umm sure but your risking the germs and viruses that was on the person's lips onto yours...

What if the person had oral herpes..

eiw no..u dont know where those lips have been

Neal P
No. You could spread germs and get sick by getting a cold

Cat Man
EEEWWWW NOOOOO!!!! Didn't you ever hear of GERMS??

No - I don't think you should. Someone might have a cut, blister, virus...

advice guru and mom
as a nurse I would say no you should not share things like lipstick, Chapstick toothbrush, eyeliners, mascaras very easy to get bacterial infections and cold sores. for 1.35 tell them to buy their own

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