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claire d
If you was a nurse, nursing the elderly?
Well lets put it this way, do you believe in euthenasia?? Its ok im not about to practise this!

momof3 Simon's bit of fluff!
As a nurse my duty is to save and protect lives not kill someone off and I refuse to answer this question in any other way.
I do have a severly disabled daughter and would never dream of what you say it is a minefield of human rights.

well we are almost there aren't we...when doctors ask for permission to "give comfort care only"

well yes but only if there is alot of pain and or they are brain dead! or they are putting them selfs in danger with out sort of knowing ie brain dead

if you was a nurse, it should read "if you were a nurse, No is the answer


I think it should be legal for medical staff to Px drugs to facilitate a painfree, dignified death. As the Nursing staff have a closer relationship with patients I would have no problem with giving the drug as prescribed.

Several of my patients have asked me to help them die, it was heartbreaking to refuse and have to watch them endure days of misery and fear.

It would have to be carefully monitored and undertaken with the consent of the NOK...but can you imagine the paperwork!!

Maybe one day, but I cant see it in the near future.

Lovely Lady
Its difficult and not an issue I would make exclusive to the elderly. Anyone who finds themselves in a PVS (Persistant Vegitave State), should be offered Euthenasis. But that said, the person in it can't make an informed decision.

I don't think I beleive that live should be preserved at all costs. Quality of life needs to be taken into account. I have worked with people with aquired brain damage and many are phsyically unable to move or speak yet the brain is still functioning at a normal level, their thoughts and feelings are still as acute as ever and they are fully aware of what is going on around them. This was heartbreaking work as many people still speak to them like they are stupid, not realising the brain is there.

I think the law should be brought in but people should make the decision when they are fit and able to do so. A sort of 'Living Will' stating if you are in a PVS for more than x amount of time then switch the machine of.

No, not on any level. I suppose my own personal beliefs on the reason we are here inform my opinion.

no im sorry i dont life is too short as it is without making it any shorter

I think if someone is in a lot of pain, they should be given enough pain relief to ease this however with medical conditions where the body fails but the brain is still active, leaving an aware person in a useless body, the right to choose should be given to that person when the illness is discovered. People have the right to state that they do not wish to be resucitated in hospital and if they don't want to be kept mechanically alive so we DO have a lot of choice, the problem arises when no choice is made beforehand and decisions have to then go by law which states everything must be done to 'save ' that person.

What a question, I am assuming that you are young. It is not easy to get your head around it but most older people are young people in old bodies, death is something that happens to everyone else. I can imagine that it will happen in the future as everything has a price these days and old people are not regarded as cost efficient. Age and death is the one thing we all have in common, it happens to us, nothing can change it.

I'm not sure about euthenasia but I do believe that there should be a limit as to how long somebody should be kept alive by artificial means. Medical science is wonderful and I would never deny anyone treatment, but where to draw the line? Some people are kept alive but have no quality of life. They do not know who they are or where they are, they just know they are in pain. So if the time comes for them to go, maybe we should stop playing god with medical science and let nature take its course.

The only time it's OK is if you have known the person for a very long time ie family, and you could tell for sure that this truely is what the person feels is right for them, and that given time they would never change their mind.
You also have to have guts!

I no longer nurse the elderly but when I did I would frequently see death, not life, prolonged because the law says we must make the dying comfortable. It's extemely distressing to watch a family sit for days, sometimes weeks, by the bedside of a dying loved one because we (nurses and doctors) are taking steps to delay the death because that's what we are supposed to do.

Yes, I believe in euthanasia. I've seen too many slow deaths not to.

i am a nurse looking after the elderly and no i dont beleve in it.

yes i do believe in euthanasia. some people have to go through so much suffering when terminally ill. it seems that an animal has more rights to die in order to end its suffering,yet the human being is not given that same dignity. i know if i was ever in an accident that caused me to be left in a vegetative state i would like to die with dignity and not have to suffer. i feel its disgusting that people are expected to suffer and wait for that fate-full day when they can finally pass over and feel no more pain.

Yes, I believe everyone has the right to die with dignity.

good question, this should get some great answers!

yes i do believe euthanasia is for the good we do it for our animals,but it seems family aren't as important,maybe we could have a legal document that people of legal age could sign (like a will) when in their right mind,if and when they want this for them self and could be changed or altered to suit their situation,through a doctor or a specially selected body!

I don`t think people should suffer if they don`t want to but if you bring in euthenasia as an option the reasons for using it could expand to many things. eg:-lifers(prison)people with aids,overpopulation.it should be kept ilegal with exceptions made for extreem cases.

Yes I do I used to work at a care home and I used to see so many elderly clients go through all the pain that they could stand then be put on to a Morphine syringe driver (horrible thing to see pumping Morphine into a client every 30 Min's or so) knowing that it is really slowly killing them. I think euthanasia is definatly a good idea and for people who are suffering is needed. If only there was some sort of drink you could take which tasted nice sent you to sleep and you would be gone.... Look what happens to cats and dogs when they suffer they get put to sleep. Makes you think doesn't it!

little miss naughty
Yes, I watched my mother suffer terribly, I was praying in the end of her sake and mine he would pass on.

Yes, but only if it became legal UK practice. If it was an animal we would say that it was being humain putting it out of its missery, yet we let humans suffer

Awfull question
If it was me ? then yes!

i think that it should be allowed but with extremely strict rules attached. i think it should be a crime to let somebody die in an extremely painfull and undignified death! at the end of the day refusing to aid a person with a terminal illness doesn't achieve anything because they will eventually die anyway but will have spent there last precious moments suffering. it makes no sense.

I'm all for euthanasia, as long as everyone that matters i.e Family, Carers and family doctor who have known the person a long time agree that there is no quality of life left in the person.(pain alone is not acceptable as there are decent drugs out there.)

yes i do but i believe that it needs to be tightly controlled and have very strict guidelines

As a care-worker, nursing the elderly and disabled.
As a daughter who nursed elderly parents.
As the owner of many loyal and loving pets.
I can hold my hand up and say yes I do.
I've already made it clear to my family how I feel too.

I was allowed to stop my pets suffering and in fact would have chanced cruelty charges if I'd kept them alive! Yet I've had to stand by and watch helplessly as my Mother suffered far worse pain.I could not have 'helped her' but I wished, as she did, that somebody could! I've been told by many that they wish they could die and you learn to recognise when it is 'meant', it's not many but it does happen. Sometimes Doctors can make a choice not to give certain treatments to certain individuals but as these can often be painful for the patient to me that is far less humane than the painless end we give animals!

Not just for the elderly, either.
Let's face it, if you had an animal suffering, you'd take it to the vet.
If you let an animal suffer the authorities will prosecute.
How mad is that?
Humans deserve better treatment, no?

sweet one
Yes i do as long as it is governed in some way but how i don't know. I have had patients asking me to let them die because they are so ill and in agony. I have resuscitated 98 year old ladies because of this law. We are not thanked by the families in all cases. However i can see it from the other side is where do you draw the line and how could it be governed. How do you deem someone competent to make this decision! Dodgy area.

Hi, I'm a support worker, looking after terminally ill people, and people with varying degrees of Alzheimers. It's 4.30am and I have just got in from work. 'Shifts' don't seem to matter, you stay on to sit with people/talk with them. It all makes me very, very sad and I do sometimes think about euthanasia but of course it isn't my decision. You should see the relatives, that's heartbreaking. I've nursed my mother through 4 years of cancer, my grandmother and her sister through 7 years of old age and illness, now I look after my autistic daughter, my bi-polar wife, my suicidal twin brother, my best mate who just wants to hang himself ... Sorry for such a depressing answer, but what do i do? I want to quickly put out all the people i know who suffer so miserably. But I can't. I just have to watch, and be bright for them, and strengthen them, and give them hope, and inside I'm dying but I never let it show.

i used to work as a senior care assistant and it broke my heart to see them suffering,especially a lady named edna,i loved her to bits,she was very demanding but lovely at the same time,she used to argue with the staff all the time,she was 84 and still knew what was going on but suffered a lot with pain due to parkinsons,she used to always say to me i wish i was dead,butshe could walk with a frame(well she'd carry it) it was funny to see,but she took a turn for the worse and got admitted to hospital and sadly passed away.if it was a member of my family though,i dont honestly know what i'd do,if for example if it was my mum,who i love so much(and she has just recovered from breast cancer)so i was thinking the worst! if she asked me to do euthenasia on her my heart would be telling me to give her her final wish,and let her pass away peacefully without too much pain,but then i'd be thinking if i did do it,that means i killed her,which is more or less classed as murder.and i dont know if i could live with myself,because i'd be thinking,well what if doctors found a cure? and she died because she asked me to do it,i really dont know what i'd do,its a very difficult question to answer without ever being in that situation.

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