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 What are your opinions on smoking?
what are your opinions on smoking? also, do you smoke?
Additional Details
to snerval... i am not smoking anything apart from normal ...

 Who puts the toilet lid down?
Not just the seat but the lid as well... I don't know ANYONE that puts the toilet lid down......

 Am always feeling tired.?
Am always feeling tired. physically and mentally.

I sleep up to 8 hrs each day, and weekend probably 9hrs.

my diet is fairly good, i dont have much bread, pasta's etc as ...

 Are there any physical signs of high cholesterol?
I am just curious if anyone knows if they had "funny" symptoms, then found out they had high cholesterol. Did the symptoms stop after meds?
Additional Details

 Is this doing me harm?
This may be a stupid question but I just wanted to no.

I practically live at my fiance's and his parents smoke really heavily. Although we are always upstairs in his room with the ...

 How many of you are blood donors?
I give blood regularly and so does my ...

 I've given up smoking for 13 days - but now having a bad evening a really want to smoke.?
Just about keeping my resolve up - but wondering if anyone can give me some encouragement?...

 Do you smoke?
I am conducting a survey for a school project and would greatly appreciate your assistance. I will need to know your age for this survey.

1.Do you smoke?


 Why is it men always break wind where ever they go?

 I just saw a ghost in my house?
What should I do?...

 I stink of BO (body odour) but i don't want to shower. Which deodrant is most stongest to cover up bad smells?

 Where can I buy an air conditioner?
I decided to just break the bank and go for it. But everywhere ive called is sold out. What stores would sell them?...

 What happens if you dont get alot of sleep?
what happens if you get 6 or 7 hour of sleep? i normally go to bed at 4 and wake up at 12...sometimes i go to bed at 4:30 5 and wake up at 1..is this bad?...

 How many hours sleep do i need per day?

 Right every1 im going to quit smoking tomorrow please wish me luck?
im going to make myself a calender in a min and tomorrow buy some gold stars lol for me to stick on everyday ive quit.
I really want to do it ive had pains in my chest today and its gave me a ...

 What time did you wake up this morning?
I woke up at 10:28 ...

 What can i eat or drink to help clean my liver as i drink alcohol a lot?
i drink a lot of ...

 Will tampons really work in water?
I know that tampons work really well for me during the day,
but I am really worried about swimming in public pools.
I am nervous that it will leak out, or the tampon will slip out.
Is ...

 8 glasses of water a day is ALOTTTTTTTTT aaaaaa.?
I'm at my 5th for the day, its almost 5 pm. Im going insane. I hate water its gross, but thats not the point its just so much I feel bloatedddddddddd.

Anyway to get thirsty?

 Didnt shower 4 a week?
If you dont have a shower 4 a week and dont feel dirty, should you have one anyway ?...

If u didnt have work, school, or anything to do the next day, WHAT TIME would u wake up?
what's the LATEST TIME you've woken up?

mine was 2 pm. @[email protected] =P

Anne Boleyn
4. went to bed around 8. it was a good time


Jazmin M
i wouldn't go to sleep

Be your soul.
probs 11 or 12..
the kid who said 36 hours..
thats bs because
1. Your not a bear so I doubt you hibernate
2. You would need to go to the bathroom at one point.



why you coming over?

The latest tim I've woken up is 9:00 PM

I once slept 36 hours straight ;)

4 pm

Erg. Even if I go to sleep at 2-3am I still wake up at 9-10am.


11:00 a.m

the man
like 2:33
stayed up till like 4:00 morning

Miss. Advice
I think my latest was two aswell, but I was sick. normally I can't sleep much past 11:30.

diana s

Sister Hobo
About 2:30 pm or 3 p.m.

Since I work 70-hour weeks, the rare day I get to sleep in I make up for all my lost sleep. So I savor the shut-eye til about 2 p.m. ... After that I feel too guilty to keep sleeping.

Brian B (TWL)
9:00, i'm a morning person

the latest time i've woken up is 10:30

I would go to bed at 11:00 if I had no school.

1:00 pm

Depends on what time I go to bed....but about noon or so

6 PM

like last night. aha

7 am

the latest
i have ever woken up was about noon. but that was only once

Like 3;30 but then I fellasleep again and woke up at 3 the next day..SO I BEAT YOU!!!!

The same time as I always do.

lol, funny....mine was 2:15pm today! :D

once i slept a whole day because i hadn't slept since two days before i.e(On saturday i got up normal had a normal day and then went to a party and stayed up till sunday morning then i had to go out sunday morning so i didn't have tim to sleep so monday morning i caught up on all that lost sleep plus some.)

yep thats me.

Olive Crayon
At 4pm today...had nothing to do stayed in bed

long islander
one time i woke up at 9 pm the next day, about 20 something hours of sleep!

6-7 a.m., always

Dael... :D
i sleep at 7 or 830 am! wake up at 3 4 5 or 6 pm!

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