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If smoking was to be banned wat are the good and bad points about smoking being banned?

Additional Details
thanks i need more its for my coursework

Piggy C
Loads of good points mostly relating to health and people having more cash but the government makes heaps of cash from the tax on tobacco and people will find a way to grow their own or buy on the black market.
It would be better if people did not feel the need to smoke but I don't know how you achieve that one.

Using fairly recent figures from the UK government the revenue from tobacco products is approximately 2.5 billion pounds. The cost to the NHS of smoking related diseases (these are diseases that have smoking as one of their potential triggers, but not the only cause, so the stats are misleading anyway) is 600 million pounds. Assuming 60 million people in the UK then every man, woman, child and baby would effectively have to pay an extra £32 in tax if everybody who smoked stopped smoking. It is mostly people like me (working class) who smoke. We know that it is potentially lethal, but so is stress, 50+ hour working weeks, local crime, poor schooling for our children, huge mortgages because of a lack of council housing and deliberately small numbers of new houses for purchase forcing prices to be artificially high, massive taxes and draconian employers. Net disposable incomes are greatly reduced, and combine this with wage earners spending ridiculous amounts of time at work, doing unpaid overtime, or we lose our job in a high unemployment area, resulting in no quality time with our families then having a cigarette is the least of our worries.

If the government was serious about everyone's health then smoking would be made illegal. Completely. They won't because they need the money from the tax. As for pubs etc. then I believe that the landlod/landlady should have the choice as to whether the place is a "smoking" premises or not, and to clearly advertise this. It is in the Proprieter's interest to provide what the majority of his or her local catchment area want. That is market forces and democracy at its best. The argument that people who don't smoke and who want to work in the pub are in health hazard territory is ridiculous. If they are worried about their helath then get a job in a pub where smoking is not allowed. Simple. While smoking is legal then the public should have a choice where they go. If I want a cigarette with my pint then I would go into a smoking pub. If I don't then I would go into a non-smoking pub. Choice for everyone. What is wrong with that? Have you noticed that you cannot smoke in a pub but you can still get cigarettes from vending machines in the same pub? It is a double standard.

bmxer 999
Prohibition on ciggarettes would lead to the exactly the same situation that we had in the 1920s of America - crimelords would rule the streets, and the policemen would be corrupt again.

The only good point that I could see is that there would be less illneses.

GOOD- a healthier British nation!
BAD- where is all the lost tobacco tax revenue going to come from, our pockets?

good= lot less lung disease
bad= millions of lost revenue in tax

I'm not a smoker myself and would love to see it completely banned obviously for health benefits


IF they banned it altogether, that would mean a sharp increase on the tax of other things, and it would be taken out on everyone then, not just the smokers. So I say don't ban it altogether, the smokers are keeping the tax on these other things down, and there enough taxes out there for everyone else to pay!

Good Points

Less strain on NHS , less cigarette butt litter , less smelly smoke in the streets and pub doorways and beer gardens

Bad Points

It's just another government infringement on personal freedoms , and they'll move on to other things like how full your wheely bin can be and what rubbish can be put in it

the air is cleaner the bad points are every one is outside officers,public houses,smoking,so at the end of the day one defeats the other

we wo uld have to be taxed higher i'm sure

To the person who said a smoker would save £15K a year from not smoking! That works out at 7 packets a day! I'm an ex-smoker but I never knew anyone who smoked 7 packs a day, I knew one person who managed to get through 2 day but that was extreme.

Next time, quickly check your maths please as the answer is closer to £2,200.

Bad point - Hours and hours of police time would be wasted trying to enforce the no smoking law.

James V
If smoking was banned public places would no longer smell of cigarete smoke. The national statistics of lung and throat cancer would be reduced dramatically. Many people would still be addicted to cigarettes. The government would not recieve the high taxes they recieve from cigarettes, therefore not being able to afford as much health service education. Not as many people needing NHS treatment freeing up space for other patients. Millions of people would loose their jobs. There would be less cigarete butts on the pavements. Many people would become depressed due to lack of Nicotine.

Here in the uk, smoking has already been banned in the workplace. Now the work place doesn't smell so smoky, it smells like body odour, bad breath and farts! Bars smell like all of that too... and stale beer.

What we need to do is ban people from the work place. We all need to be locked away in individual rooms. It seems a little extreme but its the only way everyone can have what they want. There'll be a huge drop in deaths, lots of work for doctors... particularly psychiatrists, less violence and the telecoms industry will boom. It will be like heaven, trust me.

To all you non smokers "YOUR TAX WILL GO UP" to make up what the goverment lose on baccy tax.

People seem to miss the point on this - yes, banning smoking would (theoretically) reduce the incidence of smoking related diseases (Cancers of the Lung, throat, mouth, bladder (yes, really!), and oesophagus are all linked to tobacco, plus Heart Disease, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Emphysema, Bronchitis, copd, etc.) - in reality you have to ask whether this would be the case...as someone else pointed out, marijuana consumption is illegal, as for that matter are other drugs, alcohol consumption under the age of 18 is illegal, cigarette usage under 18 is illegal....and we all know that NONE of these things happen, right? So prohibition would not stop people smoking (remember, Nicotine is more addictive than heroin, and hits the brain via the bloodstream quicker). It would simply make it a criminal act, rather than simply an arguably unsocial one. More importantly, people would be LESS inclined to seek early treatment for conditions which are obviously related to smoking (such as Lung Cancer), as they would be tacitly admitting to criminal activity - and one of the biggest factors in the survival rate of Lung Cancer is early diagnosis. In most cases, if the problem is left until later (which it would be more liekly to if people were smoking illicitly), it's too late, the tumour is inoperable, and more likely than not has metastasised to other organs within the body...this is the reason that Lung Cancer has such a poor 5 year survival rate. Later diagnosis due to criminalising cigarettes would do nothing to improve prognosis in Lung Cancer.

Additionally, though, there is also the issue of tax revenue from tobacco sales. Whilst everyone puts forward the "smoking-related illnesses cost the NHS millions each year to treat, and if no-one smoked they wouldn't be there" arguement (which is true, but also somewhat blinkered), this arguement conveniently forgets the fact that something like 80% of the price of a packet of cigarettes is tax. This goes directly to the government and a proportion of this money goes BACK to the NHS. Due to the volume of tobacco sold each year in the UK, the money the NHS gets from it's proportion of tax revenue from sales is FAR greater than the cost to the counrty of treating smoking-related illness (by about 5 or 6 times). Therefore, if you banned the sale of tobacco products tomorrow, there would be NO tax revenue to the government from the (absolutely guaranteed) illegal sales of imported tobacco, and the NHS (and the rest of the economy) would lose out to the tune of 12-15 billion a year. (Don't forget, too, that on top of the tax on tobacco sales themselves, there's also the corporation tax paid by tobacco companies on their huge profits each year - probably another quarter of a billion quid in tax per annum). Even assuming that you could magically stop there being a single further case of smoking related illness ever on the same day you banned the sale of cigarettes (which of course you can't, the effects will probably go on for another 40 years), the saving to the NHS in not having to treat these would still leave it worse off financially due to the loss in budget from the reduced tax revenue from the sale of tobacco (the same is also true for roads, schools, and all the other things which are funded from central government coffers, and which would not benefit at all from the savings due to there being no smoking related illnesses).

What's needed is NOT a total ban on smoking - it's much better anti-smoking education, much stricter controls on the sale of cigarettes (pubs, for example - do away with the cigarette machine on the wall, and have them behind the bar, so that 14 year olds can't buy them - people would have to be served by the barman, so you'd have to prove your age, same as booze; put far more punitive penalties in place for the corner shop owner who sells cigarettes to kids (ok, I'm generalising, but we all know it happens all the time) to prevent underage sales...stuff like that) - it's about educating people not to start smoking in the first place (particularly the peer-pressure smokers at the age of 11 upwards, who are then hooked for life), and putting much more money into smoking cessation clinics and interventions, etc. Get people to stop because they WANT to, get people NOT to START smoking - this way, tobacco consumption tails off gradually, revenue from the tax falls at a gradual rate, within a generation or two no-one smokes at all through CHOICE, not through legislation. Smoking DOES cause misery and illness, there's no doubt about it (and this from a struggling ex-smoker who still admits to finding it difficult 'cos I still LIKE smoking..even after years of caring for people with smoking related illnesses day in day out...what can I say, it's true!), but the answer is in trying to promote healthy choices - getting people either to quit smoking 'cos they want to (it's the only way - no-one stops smoking until THEY want to do it...you can't do it 'cos you're told to by someone else...it HAS to be a personal choice, there has to be a desire to quit there, otherwise you can never have the willpower to do it), or even better not to start in the first place (again, through FAR better education)...and providing MUCH more in the way of help to people who want to stop...Education, Prevention, Help-to-quit, and research, research, research into treating cancers and other illnesses.....put the money into THAT! There...rant over!

Mmm funny how people seem to think that if smoking was banned then smokers would stop smoking. In fact cigarettes on the black market would more than likely be cheaper without all the massive taxes.

ღ.ღDiva Loves ♥ ice cream ღ.ღ
less illnesses

the good thing is it will cut down on some diseases, but will not stop people from dying from cancer. the bad point is that the government would put up other taxes for the loss of revenue, people would lose jobs & then peoples civil rights/liberties are affected

I can understand why people are easily able to list some very persuasive and real reasons why this would be a good........ ney...... great thing if smoking was banned.

But I am always wary about the government banning something.

The thing I would be most worried about if the government banned smoking was what next?

If you are banning something on the premise that it is bad for us and therefore we should have the choice to consume it taken away then the following things could be taken out of our choices if judged under the same premise:

1. alcohol (number of alcohol and alcohol related deaths each year is astounding).
2. Any junk food (it has no nutritional purpose, is really bad for our health, costs the health care system and is not really necessary).
3. Sugar (highly addictive, causes major health issues and is not necessary for survival).

I'm sure there is more that you can think of.

As much as smoking and things like alcohol is bad for us I think it is healthy that we are able to choose whether to consume these things or not. I love the fact I have the choice to talk openly on this forum with you. I love the fact we have the pleasurable right to disagree.

Choice is a fundamental part of democracy. I know banning smoking seems like a small but very effective way of helping people to live better, healthier lives. But I can't help but think what is possible long term if we as people allowed things to be banned on the premise that they are bad for us.

Who decides what's bad? what's the criteria?

I just don't want anybody else making that choice for me........ but me.

Goodwin MD
too many good things to point out so I'll just say the bad.

All the people that currently smoke will suffer major withdrawal syndrome and some may not get anything out of the quit programs, which they will then form a mental illness.

Also the tax will increase a hell of a lot as that where they make a decent amount of their money.

Banning it wouldn't work, gangsters would cash in. you'd criminalise decent people who just happen to be addicted to Nicotine.

On the other-hand, cigarettes should be less easy to buy.

It would be like in the 1920s and 1930s
the under world would take over
and would kill a lot of people just to sell them
taking away other peoples rights because a few don't like it

It would be a complete infringement of civil liberties and yet another impossible to enforce law. Banning smoking would not make people stop they would just do it illegally. I don't understand why so many people are so keen to dictate the way that others should live their lives. In my job I see the results of people's junk food diets but you won't find me caling for a complete ban on junk food. Being an adult is about taking responsibility for the choices and decisions you make in life. I am an adult I do not need to be told what choices to make by the government.

I think that too many laws for petty little things is bad. The police have a great deal of power over us already, just look at the number of speeding tickets dished out.

Imagine the 70 to 80 year olds who have smoked all of their lives, and suddenly they are told they are doing something illegal. I believe that it can be a shock to the system giving up smoking at a very old age after smoking for so long.

Todays' youngsters should have more sense than to smoke without making it illegal. We are made well aware of the facts now, not to mention the price is very high.

Smoking in public places is often banned now anyway, but I hope that you can all see there should be a limit to how much we are controlled on the things that we do in the privacy of our own homes.

I do not smoke but have have been witness to a 60+ year old in tears trying to give up smoking and I would not like to see that again.

-People who 'need/crave' Nicotine bad enough will find it and it may be worse than cigarettes.
-It would become big illegal business much like prohibition in the 1920's. Lots of dead people and corruption. Big mafia power and money. Today, I think the drug dealers will be the big winners.
-Financial crash for companies, employees and investors.
And the worst negative of all:
-One more government intrusion into our personal life will lead to more and more loss of freedoms.

On the good side:
-Some who cannot quit today, will quit.
-Some who would have started, won't.
-Those who would have gotten sick because of tobacco will not. Cancer is caused by a lot of things. Tobacco is just one.
(Cancer and heart disease will not go away. Neither will other diseases/conditions said to be caused by cigarettes.)

andrew p
less tax for the government, so they have to make up somehow??

The good would be the health benefits. No walking through clouds of smoke when taking a break. The bad would be the loss of tax revenue and the erosion of civil liberties the ban would represent.

The Fortunate One
If they banned smoking, do they honesty think that's it's going to stop people from doing it?
Pot's illegal, but people still do it.

Good for our health; bad for our economy. Prohibition only brought us organized crime. We still have not learned that lesson.

Wicker Man
That would be a dictatorship

I cant believe people would actually like to live in one

It would not affect the black market anyway, so people will continue to smoke wether others like it or not

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